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Growing of a Backbone. The DH Chronicles

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So, last night was a big night. We got cable and now Dh can sit in his man-cave and watch multiple channels. In fact, he can channel surf. Swtch between multiple football games.

But, I still hang out there too, with him sometimes. Its our "talking" space, where Munchkin SD14 doesnt get to overhear and subsequently chime in on our discussions.

For example, last night. DH recieved a text from Toxic Troll. I saw it and scrolled up the conversation because it looked like an argument and I love those. Apparently, Toxic Trolls crazy sister, Crazy Troll, has been shacking up with her Homeless Husband, who has cancer, and is ready to go to the rainbow bridge any day now. Again.

Toxic Troll was arguing with Dh about wanting Munchkin to pet sit the new puppy at the apartment, because TT wants to be there to support CT's huzzy, HH, as well as CT. But she didnt want to have to drive the 20 mins back, to pick up munchie and take her to apartment and then drive back. She also wanted Munchie to stay overnight. 

Her texts were kind of amusing:

"Munchie was crying because she wants to be there, and wants to be more grown up, and be on her own more."

"So, what you are actually saying is that you dont want to drive the extra 3 miles to drop off munchie. I promised I would pay her $20 and an amp".

"well, nevermind, Im driving back now."

#1. I was like "yay! you did not stop everything to drive munchie to TT's apartment, after getting comfortable in the mancave, just because TT wants you to"

#2. "You stood your ground. You expressed your not wanting Munchie to stay alone overnight in the apartment, and not being comfortable about that."

#3. I pointed out to BOTH dh AND Munchkin that last time she stayed overnight she cryed to both of us about it and it wasnt that long ago.

#4. Its our time. She wants to do this, do it on HER time. If DH had done this, he would have to also transport back to our space. TT can provide her own transport. DH has done full transport houses and school for over 6 years, now its time the Troll bust out with some trasnport, especially for her own plans.

#5.  I told him Im so proud that he refused her. And she actually respected it, by not coming over to pick up Munchkin on our time, for an overnight alone.

I know Munchkin was bummed because it would have been easy money and easy amp. Im of the attitude that she will get over it.

So, I will lift my glass to DH and his solid backbone!



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Good work! That's such a bizarre request to me. "Hey can you send the kid back so she can watch my puppy?"

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Well, maybe. But not in our world. She got a puppy - a shiba inu/husky mix, and this was back in march, when the lockdown happened here in California. Puppy is not potty-trained yet, 6 months later and still goes in the house. Destroys things. is not kennel trained. 

Yeah. Toxic Troll is not the brightest bulb in the box, but somehow she managed to corral DH many moons ago...

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It's not that she respected it, it's that she was too damn lazy to come get Munchkin herself. All these years, DH has jumped and done her bidding, so she hasn't had to lift a finger. Now you see what her real priorities are - and it's not her kid. If she really felt so strongly, she'd have come to get M herself.

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Shes got this medical condition called LAS = Lazy A$$ Syndrome.As long as Ive been in this, shes always depended on DH to do the transport. Its a rare day that she will do transport. I actually prefer DH do it because I do not like seeing her black bmw parked in our driveway. Out of sight somewhat out of mind...I can pretend she doesnt exist.

She is upset that DH doesnt "hop to it" like he used to. Back in the day, he was more compliant. Would do whatever because "have to keep the beast happy so she doesnt get ugly (shes already ugly), and file for child support". Now shes getting her child support, so theres not much else she can actually do except text...