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Need another hobby

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I workout almost evry day. It gets me out of the house but thats average 1-2 hours. I have a Zumba class at noon today and it cant come soon enough. I packed up my car while DH ran an errand with dirty laundry, a change of clothes, some food and my computer. Im going to spend the day at my parent's empty house and do laundry and enjoy my day alone while DH, who is feeling slightly better btw, will be handling the feral offspring. I told him he better do SOMETHING besides watch tv while they look at screens. The reason SS12 is acting like a maniac is because he hasnt been sleeping. IMHO, i think the lack of sleeping is due to #1 his adhd causes a struggle to sleep, 2 his lack of activity due to screen time his body is not tired even if his brain is and 3 due to screen time his brain is overstimulated and sleep does not come easy to him. So I had a quick convo with DH this morning telling him he needs to stimulate the boy's body and mind today without screen time!

What DH does not know is that I am making myself scarce for the day. He will figure it out when he sees that huge mound of laundry is missing. I will tell him before I leave to have a fun daddy/son day and that Im going to do some things so I wont be back after class. I dont just disappear, although id like to at times.

Back to the new hobby. Since I can only work out so much per day, I need another productive, healthy hobby to keep me busy and happy and get me out of the house. Also relatively inexpensive since working out is starting to cost me since I pay by the class. If I dont find something productive to do, I might have to resort to day drinking which is neither healthy nor inexpensive. Most of my friends, god love them, are from my drinking days so any activity they do winds up at the bar. Ive even dragged them to a Zumba class and after...hey lets go to the bar. I know i need new friends. Made friends at the gym...instructors no less and we went out to watch football at the bar!!

Any hobby recommendations?


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Pick up a craft and then find others doing it in your area and go hang out with them. Do not mention StepHell to them nor stepbrats! Be very careful about that!

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the only person who knows Im in stephell is my mother and ive told my sis in law a few stories, but she doesnt know how i really feel about the skids

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GOOD! Smart Chmmy! There are people that know me that have no idea that I’m in StepHell.

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Do you have nice parks or trails? That’s what I like to do. Nothing strenuous just outside and it’s free!


Or volunteer somewhere. 

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I haven't been out to the trails in a whole because of weather but will for sure when it gets nicer out

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Check out groups on; you might find something interesting to do with a group of people. 

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Swimming does it for me. I set myself a distance and then swim it. The upside is that it gives me a high and I am the most agreeable person on earth for several hours afterwards. The downside is that it gives me a high and I am a danger on the road (that's why I had to stop doing it at lunchtime at work, well, that and going around smiling stupidly at all and sundry all afternoon)...

Our local swimming club gives you have unlimited access per season for much less than individual entries would cost.

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Ugh swimming kills me. A few yrs ago i could run a 10k without barely being out of breath but I couldnt swim a lap without resting after lol. Good for you for having the strength!

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I find that I can do much greater distances if I do back stroke ... just a thought. Smile

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When I started, swimming drained me, too. But now it’s very relaxing. I swim freestyle and my instructor taught me to breathe on every 3rd stroke (alternating sides). Someone suggested I breathe every other stroke on the same side. Big difference!!

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All great ideas. I just know i need to get out of the house more. I keep going to my mom's even when she's out of town but it would be nice to be doing something. Although I help my parents out as they are in their 70s so coming here is a good thing and only 5 mins out of my way to work.

Thanks for the suggestions. I might try any or maybe all...except the swimming lol

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I'm a prolific knitter. I used to go into another room away from the feral brats and knit. To get out of the house, I would go to knitting groups. No, we're not all grannies. I actually helped teach a teen knitting class. There was a college age class too and teaching that was fun. So, there's always a craft and you end up with a nice item at the end of it.

Then, there's teaching something you know. I teach knitting, karate and help teach a swim technique improvement class. I've also helped people with nutritarian cooking, but not a lot.

Another thing I did years ago, is arraned with a neighbourhood doggie owner to walk his dog a couple of evenings a week. That way, I got my canine cuddles, but didn't have to pay vet bills. LOL My friend volunteers as a dog walker at the local shelter twice a week and another friend volunteers at a local petting zoo.

Another activity is going to the library or finding an adult literacy program and helping people learn to read. I can't even tell you how rewarding that is.

I was a "buddy" for Japanese students to practice English. All I had to do was hang out with them and speak English. It was a lot of fun.

All those things got me out of the house a lot before DD was born. After she was born, I just took her out a lot. The pool, library, parks, beach, walking, etc.