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Different parenting styles

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I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years and he has two kids. His ex wife and him had a nasty divorce and plus the aunt is involved too. I have try helping, hell there was days the kids did eat if I didn't buy them food. I have been accused of beating the kids but now they're spending the night at my house because their dad and I live together. I have certain rules and stuff I want done because of the way I was raised and he wants to be the fun dad. We get them every other Sunday and we started getting them one weekend out of the month. I love them and him but I feel so lost and anything I say is either too mean or too strict. I have no idea what .y place is. Family time is not a thing and I feel like the maid and nanny


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This is your BF fault.  He allowing his kids to disrespect you.  The kids want to play the GAME !  If they plaing BF against BM. They get everything they want and have to listen to no one.  Your relationship is doomed if this continues,  If he doesn’t make them respect you, by listening to what you say,  it’s only going to get worst as kids get older, and have more power. 

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First of all, there is no way that I would live in a situation where I was accused of beating someone's kids.

I would also not live in a situation in which I felt like the maid and the nanny.

You are too young for this bull.


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Why are you being forced to feed his kids? Failing to feed them is neglect on both your BF & his exes part, there is nothing ok with that. I agree with hereiam, if you're being accused of beating the kids get out now. You're 22 years old, accusations like that absolutely can ruin your life & neither your BF or his kids are worth that.