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The nerve part 2

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Well ss just got home from school and asked me if i picked up his game card for his computer so i asked what he did with the 40.00 he got to go to his moms for bus fare and a haircut.Guess where it went 20.00 for gas money for bm to drive him home which she isnt allowed here and is our money and the other 20.00 he spent on god knows what.I am so pissed.This is also the same day i took him out and spent 70.00 on a new pair of shoes for school!!!


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a $10 hair cut from supercuts, and NO GAME card. Where's MSloan and his avatar of an ATM machine????

Grrr, I'm mad for you!

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

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getting a friggen haircut he can grow his hair long or shave it off himself!!!I wont ever offer again.

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UGH...what's wrong with these kids...nevermind, I already know!