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SD19 is so rude and disrespectful I just can't even handle it.  I had to say something to DH on Christmas Eve and I didn't care if it started an arguement.  As we are sitting there Christmas Eve with MIL & FIL SD is sitting there next to her grandma vapping while opening Christmas presents.  Seriously you need to vape that bad that you can't take an few minutes out of your morning to open Christmas presents with your family without vapping?  I said something to DH about it and as I said something to DH grandma finally had enough and told her to put it away.  She didn't like that so she got up and walked out of the room.

While opening presents, DH had bought SD a 2 different gift cards but he had 3 different boxes to put the gift cards in. He accidentally gave her the empty gift card holder and her response was "where's my gift?  Is this a cruel joke?"  When he gave her the correct one she said there better be something in this one or I'm leaving."

After presents grandma and grandpa where talking about SS and SD when they were little and the things they said that were funny and cute.  My FIL says "SD was just the perfect kid."  My MIL responds "yea she was the perfect kid back then, what happened to her?"  SD responds "Well it all started the summer when I was 11."  I knew exactly what she meant by that.  It's just a suttle dig at me.  I met DH the summer when she was 11.  I didn't say anything but as we left and it was just DH & I in the car I said to DH now you know why I didn't get anything for SD for Xmas.  This is why, it's not about the piercings, the tattoos, being fired from 9 jobs, her drinking, the drugs, her partying etc.  I can't take her rude and disrespectful comments to me.  He said "she never said anything like this before and if she has a problem with our relationship then she needs to talk to me."

SD works full time for DH.  Do you think she bought anyone a gift?  I don't need gifts at all and I don't care that she didn't get me a gift.  That's not what I'm saying.  All the things her grandma and her dad do for her and she couldn't have gotten something to show her appreciation to them?  It doesn't have to be something elaborate.  How about a homemade gift?  Something cheap?  A card?  Anything?  But you better believe she had her newest tattoo, a new piercing, a brand new Apple Watch and a new pair of Uggs on.  Ugh the selfishness of this disrespectful brat!


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I can understand your fustration on how SD treats her father and family members but just focus on disengaging and taking care of you. Continue creating and sticking to boundaries and keeping away from her. Hopefully one day soon your H will get a real dose of reality and see his daughter for what she really is.....until that happens do what brings you happiness. She's not worth the energy.