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So, my BF's ex hates me and has posioned SS15 aganist me for no reason other than she wants to control BF. She has moved on and has a daughter with her current boyfriend. She is a real peach. BM and the BF argue 95% of the time. BF will not put BM in her place because he is afraid she will withhold visitation, although court ordered.SS's b-day is in two days and BM invited BF to go out to dinner with all of them, excluding me. The reason is that there is a buy one get one free promotion (so she says) going on and need one more person so they have an even number, BM tries everything to break us up. SS will be 16 and in the 9 years they have been divorced they have never celebrated his b-day together. He told her NO. She should be happy because I treat her son well even though I get no respect back from SS or BM (I could be a big bitch instead) should I say anything to BM since BF is afraid too? My ex and I get along great but I would never ask him to celebrate a b-day with us and and if I did I would not exclude his girlfriend.


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I wouldn't say anything. Buy one get one thing is dumb there had to be more to it than that. But if I were you I would just let it go. Jeez, I think I say that a lot--but really it is about picking and choosing your battles. This one just doesn't sound that big, I guess.