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Bratty McBratFace Has Mono

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She texted SO last week during our vacation that she was at a clinic waiting on a test.  We were visiting Grandma McBratFace (who already cancelled one Bratty visit a couple of months ago) and you could hear the anxiety creep into her voice when she found out. Bratty had rescheduled her visit for August so Grandma was understandably concerned.  I think she would have cancelled again except this time Bratty got the hint and cancelled herself so Grandma is safe once again.

Bratty was also stuck moving out of the room she subletting since her lease ran out on Saturday.  She finally badgered GF into moving into her place (also a rented room) temporarily while they look for a bigger place together.  Since Bratty was sick she tried to recruit help to move but was only successful in getting her 63 year old Aunt and her 71 year old partner to move her stuff for her.  Grandma was not pleased about that either, or the fact that Bratty was nearly homeless.  

Bratty also starts her post bacc program up north at the end of August, so she has a couple of weeks to find a new rental with GF.  So I'm safe for another year or so at least and maybe longer if GF doesn't dump Bratty.  While I am sorry Bratty is sick I am stoked that she won't be near me or Grandma anytime soon!



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Mono is still a thing? I haven't heard that term since I was a freshman in highschool. I don't see the GF and bratty making it. Sounds like the GF is already getting annoyed possibly... 

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Yes apparently mono is alive and kicking!

Unfortunately I think your prediction is probably correct.  I was hopeful that GF would be a positive influence on Bratty but it turns out that GF is not exactly mentally stable either and her recent medical treatment in our area was at some type of rehab facility (not sure if it was substance abuse or a mental health issue).  So yeah it's a recipe for disaster.

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When I saw the subject I thought you were telling us about Bratty deciding to get a monobrow.  And I read through the rest of the post completely bewildered.  *ROFL*

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I think grandma realizes how much chaos she causes and sucks others into...

Glad I'm disengaged!

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Mono .... Will she recover or will she acquire long term fatigue that will affect her post bacc program? It's hard to look for new accommodations when you are soooo fatigued. Will she be so tired that she can't focus on her studies?

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I had the same thought - she has a new excuse to add to her Greatest Hits collection...

I can't study because...I'm tired from mono

Along with her chronic pain, depression, anxiety, etc etc etc....

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Bratty files for permanent disability payments...

Film at 11

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Mono ?   It has to take six month of as* kissing , loads of veggie Boston market .  And the whold world sending her get well wishes to get back to her self. 
SHe is not going to school.  She will willl have everyone .?  Help her. 

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She will go on disability and need intensive theraputic phone calls to help her through this travesty.

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Yes and don't forget the laying around binging Netflix therapy too

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Don't believe anything she tells you.  Satan loves to fake cancer when things aren't going her way.  She's been "dying" for at least two decades.