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Bratty McBratFace and GF Move In...To A Commune

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Or a communal house, to be more precise.  12 people living in a 5 bedroom house and 'sharing resources' whatever that means.

Bratty sent out an email to SO's whole family on Saturday saying they had just moved in 'together' (she actually neglected to mention the communal house thing - it came up later).  She attached some pictures of a lovely old large house (exterior photos only) with a nice front porch overlooking a green front lawn.  Bratty also told everyone she had invited GF to the family Zoom call the next day to 'meet' everyone.  And of course, being a hypochondriac, Bratty also complained that her recent bout of mono has lead to various other vague ailments (sinus infection, fatigue, etc etc etc) that make her want to sleep all day before her classes start.

On Sunday we had SO's family Zoom call and GF joins - but no Bratty.  GF explains that they were out in seperate cars and Bratty is on her way.  Then there are some awkward introductions, etc. and someone asks about the new place.  GF explains that is a communal house with 12 people, they will be 'sharing resources', and that her and Bratty will each have a bed in the master bedroom with a couple of other roommates.

Bratty (who did join the call later) said they will be there for 'at least a year' while she attends her second post-bacc program (which is 15 minutes away and starts August 26th with in-person classes).

Bratty has squabbled in the past with most roommates, mostly because while she's happy to freeload off of others she also complains about 'shared' stuff.  For example, in one apartment a roommate wanted to add a roll of paper towels to the 'shared' items for the kitchen.  Bratty complained and said people can just use the cloth napkins (like two of them) that they already had.  This then lead to a big argument and that roommate ended up moving out (I don't blame them - paper towels doesn't seem like an unreasonable ask for a kitchen LOL).  So we'll see how long the communal thing lasts and if Bratty makes it the full year or not.

On the plus side, the lack of private space will probably encourage Bratty to not procrastinate with her schoolwork.  When she has her own room she tends to watch hours of netflix, mess around online, etc.  With the lack of space maybe that tempation may vanish and she'll actually spend more time in the library.  

Also - GF unfortunately seems like a nutter.  SO pondered after the call that when send out our wedding invitations for next summer we'll have to include the nutter GF but by time of the actual wedding they may be broken up.  I shrugged my shoulders and said probably true but I doubt GF will travel solo to the midwest to attend our wedding on her own and I assume Bratty would know the invitation would then be for her and a plus one.  If she even bothers to go of course.  I can't even shake my head at this stuff anymore!

But - at least she is temporarily settled somewhere far, far away....


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You know it won't go smoothly so just relax and get your popcorn ready.  

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I wonder how long it will take to unravel...will she make the whole year through her Post Bacc 2.0 or will it fall apart before then?  Only time will tell.

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This is bound to be entertaining. Considering the nutter GF, she probanbly joined a cult. Living in an actual commune requires hard work and sharing - not Bratty's cup of tea, no? I predict grifting "cult leader" as her future occupation.

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Luv these tidbits of info on Bratty. She becomes more entertaining by each blog.

Id send her paper towels for a house warming gift  Wink


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Nope - they would go to waste anyway since Bratty doesn't clean.  She would just leave the spill there for someone else to clean LOL.

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Can be on, one of those TV shows,  like Hoarders.  Where she just dirtys up the place And other people complain about cleaning up for her.  Two week old pizza. It's fine. Just cut off the mold . 

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Maybe the communal roommates are worse than Bratty - who knows!

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Nutter comment is spot on. Who joins a family zoom call, before even meeting them, without the family member who you know. 

I predict she'll study less. The complaint will be about the lack of quiet needed to study at the commune and the college library will somehow detrimental to her health. 

Buy some delicious add ons for that popcorn. 


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I thought it was odd as well - especially since Bratty was physically headed over to where Nutter GF was - so wouldn't you just wait for Bratty to get there first, then join?

And in any case its hard to tell how serious the whole thing really is.  If I were Bratty I wouldn't have invited her to the Zoom call and if I were Nutter GF I certainly wouldn't have agreed to join it yet, but that's just me.

My feeling is that Bratty will muddle through the year with average to below average grades.  Then take the MCAT and get average to below average score.  Then apply to schools, get rejected, and find some way to make herself the victim (she was discrimated against, etc etc etc).  But we'll see...

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She is so freaking odd!

Does your husband think this situation (and his daughter in general) is odd - or is he ignorant to these facts?

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He has a way of taking her behavior then painting it in a positive light.  So in this case, well yes it is odd but she's probably saving soooo much money!  Isn't she so smart?  

He has rose-colored glasses.  Every once in a while they come off and he'll admit she's a drama queen but then the glasses go back on.  Sometimes people prefer a fantasy over reality and that's usually the case with his opinion of Bratty.

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And still does from time to time.  But all my Bratty-related anxiety reduced exponentially once we kicked her out for good.  So when he makes these comments from time to time I just accept them now, rather than try to change them.

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Who when got married, was moving into his mums 1 bedroom home and he and his wife were sharing the bed with his elderly mum.

it was laughable that this was their newlywed set-up. Definitely no ability for intimacy, sex and no privacy... yeah pass on that!!

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Sharing the bed?  Ick ick ick!

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Aren't all dorms like communes also though? Lol  

I really find odd the whole gf getting on the family zoom call, like who does that?

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It felt really awkward especially when Bratty was late.  And SO's family are reserved mid-westerners so not warm and welcoming conversationalists either.

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Dorms are just roomate/housing situations. Communes (hence Communism) are serious about everyone putting in hard labor to make them work. Too many of them, however, eventually turn into abusive cults. California, land of endless cults. Bratty will be heading one up in no time - or trying to anyway. Silver lining: cults generally require disconnecting from family. Best case scenario for future stepmom, LOL.