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Bratty 'may not' move to our area after all

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SO filled me in on some of his dinner conversation with Bratty.

Apparently she had one front tire completely blow out and the rear tire was flat.  He thinks she ran over something but if the rubber comes off a tire like that I think it was probably just bare.  She probably doesn't look at her tires or measure the tire pressure much (neither did I at that age to be honest).  She did purchase 4 new tires instead of her usual stupid logic of trying to take shortcuts so maybe she is getting a bit of common sense now.  And she didn't ask SO for money so paid for them herself, good for her.

SO also mentioned that Bratty still hadn't heard from the post-bacc program she applied to near us, that was her top choice.  Since its now mid-July and classes would probably start mid-August she is beside herself trying to figure out what to do.  She told SO if she doesn't hear from the program 'soon' then she probably won't go even if accepted.  It would be too 'stressful' trying to locate housing and move on short I guess we'll know one way or the other in the next couple of weeks.

Bratty is also saying she may want to remain in the Bay Area to continue to help her uncle.  I think that's an excuse really just to make her feel better about changing her plans since she told everyone she was likely moving back to this area at the end of summer.  I also think she now realizes that our boundaries are firm and things won't just 'blow over' or change with her crazy plan of the day - so she knows she won't be able to stay in our home on short notice and would be on her own to find a rental.  The last place she rented on short notice was a real dump and she ended up moving after 4 months so she's probably snake-bit on doing that again.

I do kinda hope she stays up there...but either way is fine.  It would be nice to know one way or the other.  


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Admit it: you'll be heartbroken if she doesn't...

*lol*   *lol*   *lol*

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I'll be heartbroken if she ends up browbeating GF to move in together...and then she 'loses' the dog again Sad

Heartbroken about a few hundred miles of seperation between myself and Bratty's drama...nope nope nope nope!!!

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So how does she manage to get by on the day to day? Work, money, housing... she seems to be all over the place with no set path... 

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She was working as an entry level medical assistant (which doesn't even require a degree but at least she was gainfully employed).  She isn't working now as she claimed she saved up her vacation days for a year and a half and is now able to take all of July off (which I call BS on but whatever).  August she was going to move and I assume take out loans for tuition.  She has some money saved from grandma and b-day money over the years (about $20K i think) so she has some money to live off of.

She pays her own rent but lives in a dumpy place subletting a room.  That is why she is trying to convince GF to move in together - she is sick of living in a dump and would like to get a nicer place, but can't afford to since she doesn't make a lot of money.  GF has a good job so has money.

I think she'll still take some classes and keep saying she is planning to apply to med school - but I give it 2-3 years.  I think she'll get below average grades (just like post bacc 1.0) and score average or lower on MCAT (if she gets that far even).  She'll eventually reckon that it won't work.  I think she'll end up in nursing or public health so she'll probably go back to school for one or the other later on - but both of those options would make much more sense than med school for her.

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Do ya think Bratty is maturing just a little bit?

She is still with the same GF after #doggate? Hmmm

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I would have dumped immediately since dog >>>>>>>> Bratty but maybe GF is also a nutter!

I do think Bratty is starting to come to terms with the fact that making it in the real world takes effort and focus - and running around crying victim doesn't get it done.  I think she's also starting to comprehend that you don't always get a second chance, e.g. flunking the first post-bacc makes it harder to get accepted to another; burning bridges with me over stupid stuff won't just 'blow over'; etc etc etc.

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So, thats good that she is starting to respect boundaries and not expectign SO to jump when she "victimizes herself" into a corner. The flat tire and the arrangements made.

Baby - brat steps!

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I have a feeling it will be one step forward, one step backwards for awhile.  Then we'll see if she develops into a fully-formed adult someday...fingers crossed.

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Keep those boundaries up! It's good she's realising you guys are standing firm.  Gaining independence isn't easy but having goals and working hard goes a long way - fingers, eyes, toes and legs crossed she succeeds.