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So much news, so little time!

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I miss you, my StepTalk friends! So much has happened these past few months and I have barely had time to come up for air. I've been dying to update you, but it seems that once I get a moment to myself, all I want to do is sleep! What can I say? I have a 6-week-old baby who keeps me up all night and a 2-year-old who keeps me busy all day! Not to mention I just started a new job, albeit part-time, because I lost my old one when I was 9 months pregnant! (That's a whole other story right there that I won't even bother getting into, but just know that the whole ordeal has been extremely stressful!)

That said, however, I think that losing my job will prove to be a blessing in disguise. You see, this job was very far away from everything. We moved from our city to be closer to this job, which brought us far away from BF's job and far away from SD, both of which have proven to make our lives quite complicated, what with BF's 2-hour commute by bus and BM's constant attempts to screw us up by doing such lovely things as denying custody after I'd fought traffic for an hour and half to pick SD up after a grueling day/week at work, for example. (This just happened on SD's birthday - it was terrible, sad and depressing. You know, the usual.) So, even though we only moved here little more than a year ago, BF and I decided that it's silly for us to stay here when we're now *both* commuting downtown and we just hate being so far from SD, especially since her mother is so unstable. So we are going to find tenants for our place and end up renting some tiny overpriced apartment in SD's town, but at least we can get to our jobs easily and SD can WALK over to see us when BM pulls her usual craziness.

And yes, BM. She is just as horrific as ever, even after 9 months of Family Based Therapy. They're being discharged next week even though not a damn thing has changed. But, a 9 month program is a 9 month program so now that they've completed it, the therapists have to discharge them. They've ordered coparenting classes, as if that's going to do any good, but BF will faithfully attend, just to be attacked by BM with nonsense week after week. We figure that since suing for custody isn't on the horizon simply for the financial and emotional drain it would put on everyone, moving to SD's town to truly provide an accessible safe haven for her is the best thing we can do faced with this monster -er- mother. When BM caught wind of this impending move, she went BALLISTIC. Seriously, I have never seen a grown woman behave so like a toddler. Anyway, all the more reason for us to live closer so we can help SD get through all that BM puts her through.

I have so much more to say, but it's late and I'm e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d so it'll just have to wait! Love and hugs to you all. You're in my thoughts, even though I'm not coming on here too often. Take care!


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I am glad that you and the babies are doing good. Although you must be overwhelmed and tired. It will get better..
Just glad to hear from you..
Take care and we are thinking of you..
"live life to its fullest everyday"

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Lovers do not finally meet somewhere, they were with each other all along.

I must admit you are a stronger woman than I, in that I know it would be best if dh and I moved closer to ss, but that would entail being closer to bm.....uhhhhhgggg and just being back in the same state is unnerving in and of itself. At least we have a good 4to 5 hours of driving between us.( Which is going to cause bm to go ballistic here too)Though in our situation it would be best if we were closer to offer a more liberal escape from our mental bm for ss, the problem is she would just become worse in her threats and allegations if we attempted to be any closer than we already are.

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Hi Caitlin! So good to hear an update from you. Congratulations on the new arrival! It has also been a very, very long time since I have posted here - there is just never enough time in the day anymore! I have had a lot going on too and I really need to post an update.

Sorry for all the drama! It is truly never ending, is it? You're right though...losing the job and moving is going to be a blessing in disguise for your family.

Keeping you in my thoughts! Take care!

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Gossh, I worry about you! LMAO!

I'm glad things are good with the babies. I'm sad to hear of the outcome for your fight on custody. That little girl sooo needs you guys. But, being closer to her, that may just give her some more strength in it's self! She may now actually have the courage to stand up and know that she can walk away from her mother's antics when she needs to. Wink

Losing your job at 9mths! Oh, that should be illegal, I would think. There are laws aren't there!??!?! Well, maybe it's because they can't let you go during your maternity leave. I'd contact the labor board, myself and ask some questions on that. That was low.

Do keep in touch! I miss you girl!

Wink StepMom

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