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How long do the steps carry on visitation?

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My SS18 is an adult now but has still been staying Friday to Sunday at least every other week. He's now got a girlfriend and since the last disaster visit, he's not allowed to stay over (see previous post, Christmas misery!!) 

im just really interested to see if this is quite normal? He only lives an hour away and drives lending his mothers car. He has no job and attends college only Mon-wed. My husband and his family help him out financially with fuel and insurance for the car. I suppose he feels he doesn't need a job with all the help. 
I've had this for 10 yrs, it was weekly visits until a few years ago. I insisted it went to fortnightly!!! We couldn't really afford it as my husband did the driving until he passed his test. He also eats a lot and I couldn't afford to buy all the food he needs. He's around 20 stone and 6ft tall now. 
Can anyone tell me when it's ended for you?? I would really like to know.  


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Sd18 graduated last June and still comes for her visit EOW with ss17. Sd18 was going to community College but dropped out cause part time at Starbucks seemed better. Ss17 has made comments that he doesn't want to drive or get a job... he's the toys r us kid. Plays video games 12 or more hours a day when he's here. Was flunking 2 classes in highschool. Dh doesn't have the balls to end her visitation and they have 0 intent on letting daddy go. Sd18 will come and ignore us, basically just sleep here and I pretty much think it's so they don't lose their financial claws in daddy. They only call when they want something and the asks keep getting bigger. They won't launch and bm is unemployed, so when cs is done, I have a feeling ss17 might come here. They get away with murder and can do as they please as long as their not overtly rude. They are extremely passive aggressive and I'm sure they can tell I don't like them either. They won't launch and it's going to be a mess. I've been around for 9 years without successfully blending and it's not going to stop. Pregnancy, graduations, weddings, holidays... it goes on and on. 

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It depends on the state.

In my state, visitation ends at 18yo.


This has nothing to do with child support which ends at 18yo or graduation whichever is later.


Court ordered scheduled visitation ends the day of the 18th bday. Child support may continue until graduation if later or even further down the line if the person has a disability or goes to college and still lives as a dependent with the custodial parent.

SS16 graduated early and thought visitation was over but i had to explain that visitation continues until 18 unless he is legally emancipated before 18. Even if he does not go to school and has a full time job,court ordered visitation will continue.


In your case, court ordered visitation should have ended unless your state has a different age limi. In some states, it ends at 19yo or at 21yo. 

Whatever it is doesnt matter because you will have to do as your SO and steps decide. They are in charge no matter what

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under a CO. Though for some States the regulations vary.

For my SS, visitation and CS continued until 18 or HS graduation, whichever was the later.

He graduated at 17 and turned 18 10wks later. CS ended on his B-day as did the CO visitation element.