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Update on stepdad vs bio dad (bday drama)

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What happened... Bio mom continued to send text after text saying the kids REALLY want to come to step dad's bday party that she planned to be over with at the exact time the kids were to return back to her, per court order. Despite not wanting to put them in the middle, they were with us... So we asked "So, stepdad is having a big party & you want to go?" Yes they said they did. We let them know that was all good, but because of our out of town plans they would have to go back on Saturday morning. Not Sunday evening. Because we were not altering our plans. We were celebrate dad's bday because this is the only time with ALL the kids home. Hmmmm. MOOSE LODGE with old balls or CABIN & CITY with step siblings, partying like rockstars?! Durrrr.

We did not dangle carrots. We simply said: we had out of town plans, bio mom says you really wanna be a part of the bday party for step dad, that's awesome; however we cannot get you back. (More like bradymom is having a breakdown over this & her kids don't wanna spend another 3 hours to get your butts back) So if you really want to, that means you go home in the morning. They asked what are you guys planning? We said, out of town stuff for bio dad's bday. We didn't say this, this & this. But they know we are always up for FUN! & not sitting around drink Ensure & talking about regularity.

Turns out they didn't care to go, they knew it would be a geriatric time at the Moose Lodge & said "Mom says we will feel left out if we don't come." My response, "Well, you might, but right now someone is ice skating in New York in Central Park, & I'm feeling left out too."

So texted bio mom, we are going to city on Sunday, I won't be able to have the kids to step dad's party, they want to go with us & if they do i'll actually have them home an hour late. Her response, & God love that greasy crow, cause somebody has to, "If that's what they actually want then ok"

Swaaakkkk. It's what they say, if they are telling the truth, then it is. Dumb ass. Ugh.


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You should be lucky she didn't cause a lot more drama. I could imagine how our BM would ERUPT at the text that you guys sent your BM. For no damn reason other than she's insane.

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She usually throws a huge fit. But I think she a. Knew they didn't care to go to THE MOOSE LODGE. b. Didn't really want to deal with them at the Moose Lodge, c. Didn't want to hear them bitch about how bad it sucks & how they coulda went snowmobiling & partied like rockstars in the city. & d. Maybe somewhere in her pee crow brain she realized step dad vs bio dad bday was really a shitty game to be playing. (Doubtful on that one, bc she's not a normal person) or... e. Custody order says parent & NO ONE can be consuming alcohol in front of children. Perhaps the moose drink a lil drink? Idk but it went fairly smooth. & for that we are happy!!!! Woohoo.

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Also it was easy to text that bc we had let go of the NEED for them to be included. We, of course thought it was appropriate & legal-- he had them during that time, says the order, but decided if they really wanna go, that's fine but it shouldn't change what our entire weekend looks like to jump thru bio moms hoops to get them there. If we weren't going out of town... Non issue.