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Mattress Mayhem

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So we have been trying to set up an essentially a guest area, mainly for a junior high aged relative. I have been trying to decide the most economical way to get a bed in this place before the holidays, and we finally went mattress shopping today. After going to a few places and discussing the beds we already have and places we shopped before we started talking about the bunk bed we got for our girls when we lived in a 2 BR condo. When we moved into our house 2 years ago, SD8 got the bunk bed in her room, AND was given the "better" mattress. The one my daughter got was refurbished and looks like crap because she spent over a year collectively sleeping with just a mattress on the floor. After spending a few hours shopping and not getting anything, SO starts talking about buying SD8 a new mattress and putting the one from her bed into the "guest" area! WTF!? NO! First of all, I reminded him that his child has pissed on that MORE than once, which he conveniently forgot. Second, I am paying for whatever gets purchased because the guest area is for MY relative, so I sure as hell am not buying SD8 a new bed and putting a pissy bed out for my family member. Third, I am now going to have to buy my daughter a new bed again because the one she got when we bought beds was essentially a bunch of worn-out springs covered with new cloth. Geez, sometimes he really irritates the crap out of me.


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My 12 year old daughter is sleeping on my grandmother mattress. I've had the for 7 years. She's had them most of my life.

Ss had 2 mattresses in 14 years. So has SD. I feel you pain.

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IMO you should buy your Daughter a new mattress and give hers to your relative...

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I agree. Buy a new mattress set for your daughter. She deserves it & you can put out her old one with a nice memory foam cover on it, to spruce it up, for your relative!!! There is ways around it, for the short term. How often will this relative be spending the night? If not much, a futon off Craigslist, would work well, plus add seating. Just a thought.