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OT: Buying a new mattress

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I am looking to buy a new mattress.

Our current mattress is a pillow top. So I am thinking we will get something similar to that.

However I am not opposed to buying one of the more fancier mattresses that are out there.

Anyone have a mattress style, brand that they really really like?



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We have a memory foam with pillow top on top of the foam and really like it. I think it's by Serta.

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Simmons - we have the one that goes into zero gravity. Absolutely worth every penny. Do not buy the most expensive model only difference is it has USB ports in it. The vibrating part is useless, but the mattress and the positions is great. We did a lot of research and like this. Mattress absorbs your body. A little adjustment of about 3 days, but now, we love it and between the very large tv in the bedroom and this bed, we go to bed much earlier now.

I will say this is our third mattress and we will no longer buy pillow tops, they seem to have issues with sagging and don't seem to last as long.

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My favorite mattress is an Ikea mattress. SD11 will get that one when we move, and we are also in search of a new one. Trying to convince DP to either go with an upscale Ikea or go through Costco.
And I dislike pillowtops with a vengance. Worst mattresses I have ever owned were pillowtops.

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We bought a Serta hybrid, iComfort and iSeries, innerspring mattress underneath the memory foam cool gel topper. I think we paid $1500. It is the best sleep ever. We went from a queen to a king.

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We have a Beautyrest Black series mattress that is a spring/memory foam hybrid, and we both love it. My DH suffers chronic back pain and we've been on a odyssey searching for the right level of support and comfort. Tried Sleep Number, Temperpedic, and pillowtop models before getting the Black three years ago. It wasn't cheap, but compared to all the different mattresses we've bought over the years, it's money well spent.