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Just irritated

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I got an email from BF. I know it is pety that I'm annoyed. But I AM!!!
Email is ( summarized not word for word)
BM, I got a bill from dental insurance, they paid all but xyz. I'll call and pay my half in the next couple of days, the rest is up to you.
Also I found a power floss on TV for DD I bought one and got one for free so I'm sending home with them.
Why am I annoyed? Insurance doesn't send bills, they send statements. Always have. The dentist sends the bill. And how does he not know that just because insurance doesn't pay it all doesn't mean you owe anything? By law if they take your insurance they have to take the insurance reducations. And I have another insurance on kids because his is crap anyways. And how in the F&@! Does he NOT know he is responsible for 80% of unpaid medical/dental?!?! And if he can just jump on paying dental bills how is he $12,000 in arrears on CS?!?!?! Like I said I KNOW it is a PETY annoyance!!

Secondly, you know nothing about her braces, because you don't have legal custody because you have NEVER taken the kids to any doctor. Orthodontist provides everything, everything is paid for. They actually suggest you don't use anything not provided by them as it could damage her braces. Besides the fact that my dental insurance on them pays more then his and saved him $3,000, he pulled a dick move an the weekend prior to her getting braces spent the weekend killing her excitement with horror stories about braces. On top of that, he threatened to brake anything they brought over there from my house. So no, I'm not playing your double standards.
Grrrrrrrr. Yes. I'm annoyed. Yes it is pety. My response was very civil. I told him,

What their insurance sends is a statement, not a bill. All dental costs are covered.
The orthodontist supplies everything she needs and actually suggests she doesn't use anything else,as it can damage to her braces. Thank you though, that was thoughtful.
Please don't send anything home with them.
Thank you and have a good night.

Then came here to announce my annoyance. and now I'm done venting.


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Thanks!!! Yep pretty much what was going through my head!!!
We have a priority list with my attorney. CS is after reduced time!!

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You have every right to be annoyed! I remember your previous post about him scaring her with all his negative talk about the braces. What an idiot. Good job on your response.