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An Extra $200/mo to Pay for BM's Out of Pocket Expenses? Um, no.

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So after BM and FDH's argument, go figure he received another letter from her lawyer.

Her statement claims that she needs an extra $200/month from FDH to cover the out-of-pocket expenses she paid for the first phase of FSD's braces. Her statement claims that she asked FDH to pay his half, and he refused--hence her seeking action from the court.

Okay, let's back up here. First, BM and FDH are required to pay 50/50 for all medical/dental procedures. HOWEVER, they are also required to SHARE the decisions to proceed on such procedures, barring an emergency. BM did not inform FDH about the braces until after FSD was already getting work done at the orthodontist. She just texted him saying "FSD is getting braces. You need to pay half." Mind you, FDH has no issue with FSD getting nice straight teeth, but he should have been informed and CONSULTED prior to that decision being made.

Second, BM never provided the orthodontist bill to FDH. She wants FDH to pay her directly. No going to happen. FDH is pretty pissed anyway because he knows she didn't pay "her half"--her mom paid for it. In all likelihood, the amount she is requesting is more than "his half." She still hasn't provided any bills or receipts. FDH will pay his half, but he doesn't need to pay HER. He can pay the orthodontist directly. If she overpaid initially, then they can work out something like he pays the second phase or she gets reimbursed from the ortho's office for half of what was paid in the first phase after he pays that portion to them.

I'm just so ticked off that her lawyer would even put his name on something so unsubstantial. She has ZERO paperwork to back up anything. It's basically her whining to her lawyer, and him sending a letter to the court and FDH with all her little sniffles. Seriously woman, how about utilizing your lawyer the right way and getting your documentation in order rather than filing a bunch of unsubstantiated claims. Wouldn't it have been easier just to have the ortho send FDH a bill for his half, and a copy of the receipt for your half? UGH!


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Do what Lhenry says. By pass BM completely and go directly to the billing office, get a copy of the bill, and then send her the 1/2 along with a copy. It will piss her off, no doubt. Just a bonus. Smile