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Livid.....Just Livid

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I get so sick of going back and forth with BM. I realize that she is a mother and I do honestly try to always see and make DH see that side of things. But this woman takes the cake on crazy. She is constantly threatening that SD is "old" enough to tell the judge that she doesn't want to come for visits anymore yet tells us that she doesn't think that SD is mature enough to be home alone for more than thirty minutes during the day and not at all at evening time. SD is 13. She is immature. Totally do not dispute that. But we don't leave our kids home alone. See, I do not work outside the home. I have a son on disability so I have to stay a homemaker due to all the time away from work I would miss on him. Anyway.....BM doesn't let DH know where and when they do places and do things. Today she actually had the audacity to ask DH for an itinerary of what we will be doing while SD is here. She added that it didn't need to be "definitive" but an idea would be great. UMMMM, NO!
None of her dang business.
So we got SD a new cell phone last summer. It is not a smartphone but a touch screen phone. She doesn't call us enough or respond to texts to warrant that kind of expense in our book. If she respected it for a communication device to ALL of her family then we would consider it we told her. About three months ago I noticed that SD no longer has any phone or text messages on our bills. She isn't using the phone other than our texts to her or calls to her. I have suspected that she had a new phone. So she is packing to come for the summer. She matter of factly says "oh, I got a new phone in the mail today from my grandparents". (BM's parents) Its a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone. Smartphone like she wanted. But was not thrilled with excitement or ANYTHING!
That's great but now what with the phone that we pay for that is on a contract for another YEAR? If we take it away then they control that we don't get to have contact with her. They do not have a home phone. If she keeps it then we are basically paying for a paperweight I know because why would a 13 yr old girl carry two phones? She wouldn't. What do we do? Have not brought up to BM because she was well aware of the 2 year commitment on the phone when we got it for her last summer. The year before SD had a prepaid only phone. I just wish we would have stayed with that. :sick:
Oh....sorry for the rant but haven't been able to get on here in a while:
So BM and DH were only married one year. They divorced before SD was a year old. Lately SD has been talking about her "mom and dad" being married a lot. She even had this misguided notion of what kind of wedding they had. Um, they got married in street clothes inside a friend's apartment by a JP. DH was half drunk. But BM has told SD that they got married in this beautiful church, blah, blah, blah. I know that I sound petty but seriously. DH and I have been married for almost 10 years now. And so has BM! Why can't she just get happy and leave us be? I get so anxious and my stomach just twists when it's visit time. I hate it. I know that she has conditioned SD to go "report" every move that we make. Makes me sick. I just wish that I could live my life with my DH and our children without any of the bad evil drama. URGH!!
I just wish.....
Oh, and BM doesn't want SD to be picked up at their house. Wants to meet in a parking lot somewhere. Is that weird? Well, when it is here turn to bring her to us you can bet she will be mad when the same treatment is given to her.