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Rules Chart!

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I haven't been on here in a couple of weeks but decided to post how making my rules and consequence chart far....AMAZING!
it was almost like dad didn't know how to parent...he has told me repeatedly over the last few weeks how those charts have helped him as much as it has helped the kids.Don't get me wrong everything isn't "fixed" but a dramatic difference.
My first rule was lying...if you have to write a paper to who you lied to and if it was also someone else you threw in there for good measure you must write them a paper letting them know you lied on them....2 wks have went by and last night was the first paper to be written by SD10..she had to write 2 papers because she included 2 others in her lie(1 being her teacher)1 to me because I was who she lied to...and to her dad cause she lied on him!!! The first paper was almost funny because she blamed everyone else....and she was ok with the first paper but by the time she got to the last one...she realized it wasnt to fun anymore...lesson taught...lesson slowly being learned!


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Beebusdriver could you share your whole list? I have been trying to come up with some and need some inspiration! I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!

BTW, I want the list because it sounds perfect since it is going so well with your family!! Smile

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No I didn't say perfect! I said it was working! And dad has stepped up and doing what he should have done without the charts...Ladies I didnt mean to offend if that is where this is headed...I came up with this idea because all others had failed...and it seems to be working!

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I was not being sarcastic... I am sorry if I came across that way. What I said in my post was the utmost truth.

I sincerely would like to see your list! If you wish to send it to me PM that is fine. I have been looking for inspiration. Our rules in our house are so haphazard. It would give me a foundation to build mine on. Of course if you are not comfortable with this I understand.

I feel so bad, I did not mean to cause any bad feelings.

I am so sorry.... forgive me?

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This sounds brilliant. Isn't it funny how something that sounds so simple and obvious can make such a difference to day to day life. When things are written down and agreed at least everyone understands the rules. The paper idea is clever for making them think about what they've done and explain it.