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So this morning BM came by and picked up SS and asked if she can do the walk through I of course said NO BF had to be at work at 9 this morning and I was alone with my BD5 and SS3. I did tell her I would look through the court paper work to double check if its madnatory for her to do the walk through she said it was I told her I would double check anyways to make sure. Anyhow I started going through and found nothing stating she can do the walk through what I did find was an old letter that BF wrote to her when they first split that she attatched to some court paperwork and what I read just hit me in the gut bad. Sad What it said I will make it short is that he was sorry he said it was over that he loved her and that he had names for thier kids etc. That is what hurt me the most because I have brought the fact that I would like to have one more baby. I have 2 kids from a previous relationship BS9, BD5 and SS3. We dont have one of ours I am only 30 we talked about it once but he keeps on insisting that it would not be fair to his son that he will be able to be there for another child and not his I remind him that it is not his fault FYI they broke up when he was only 3 months old he missed out on alot. I understand but why not give us an opportunity and let me tell BM is kind enough to throw it in my face once in while they have a child and not. Deeply hurt. Sad


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That is why is so confusing to me..I know I have 2 and he has 1 but not having one with eachother and the fact that we both are young enough to just boggles me. Like I said I understand that he went through a very a hard time missing out on the important things in his sons life 1st step but why not give yourself another chance with some one else.