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So this morning BM came by and picked up SS and asked if she can do the walk through I of course said NO BF had to be at work at 9 this morning and I was alone with my BD5 and SS3. I did tell her I would look through the court paper work to double check if its madnatory for her to do the walk through she said it was I told her I would double check anyways to make sure.

In need of some ADVICE

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In need of some advice to deal with BM..BM alwasy sends e mail to BF regarding SS nothing urgent and to top it off she will cc her attorney on some of it not all of it. Should he respond to her e-mails. I.E she wants to come to our house and see SS room when I am not around and lets keep in mind she is always saying that he intimdates her and bullies her yet she wants to come inside our home when she perfectly knows I am at work and he is alone. WTF!!! BF did not respond to this e mail and it was cc to her atty I know why she does it but should he even respond? :?

DH Seems not to get it!!!

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DH seems not to get it either he just does not want to fight with BM or he blindfolded. So BM enrolled SS3 into a preschool program 2 x a week Tue. and Thurs. from 1 to 5 pm. BM is working with his schedule since he does not have set days off his court order parenting time is Wed. and Sat. So DH picks SS3 as schedule if he gets him on Tue. and Thurs he needs to take him to his preschool here is the catch BM says she needs to be there when he drops him and picks everytime if DH days off fall on those day beacuse BM is the only one that can sign him in and out. Full of it!!!

New to ST

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Hi not sure how to start but lately having issues with my BF due to BM. Just today he got upset with me becuase of BM switching his days for parenting time. BM enrolled him in a program at her college stating that it was a pre school but I went to open house they are accredited but the litle guy who is 3 trs will only be going 2 x a week for 4 hrs so that sounded more of day care that would be cutting into his parenting time plus the taking him and picking him so I suggested for him to ask he can make those hours up.