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Setting Stepmom's Perception Back a Hundred Years

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Way to go SM for making it that much harder for the rest of us! Although I can't see ANY skid OBEYING their stepmom to empty a waste paper basket let alone run up and down the street for three hours. VD would have put her hands on her hips and said "screw you! at the suggestion that she walk a few extra steps to the bathroom and not pee outside.


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that is terrible!!! i could understand maybe 20-30 min of running but not without a bottle of water. they should make the gma run for 3 hours in prison and see if she likes it.

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That's what is so weird about this story. Seldom do skids EVER listen to what stepmom says. I can see her listening to her grandma though. I feel bad for that little girl but all you see in big glaring headlines is EVIL STEPMOM KILLS HER STEPDAUGHTER!! The grandma will point the finger of blame at SM and all will be forgiven for grandma.

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I just read that article before I logged on here. I can't believe that people are so stupid.

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Poor kid. I read that article earlier today - it's not like she even did anything that bad...just ate some candy. What kid wouldn't at least be tempted to do the same thing? Also hate that it happened in Alabama. Way to make the South look even more po'dunk. I swear we aren't all like this!

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This is so sad, I agree with dtzyblnd, where was dad? Why was SM there even if they had filed for divorce? where is the bio-mom? There are a lot of unanswered questions. I personally think that if they are going to put a story like this out there we need to know ALL the little details!!

May she rest in peace...