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Pointless Activities For Stepmoms

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Feel free to add:

Looking for skids names in the "Top Scholastic Performers/Honour Rolls" section of the Newspaper
Trying to avert your eyes from the "Police Blotter" column; knowing that your skids names are bound to show up there at some point


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LOL! This totally fits DH's kid. I still say outside of DH removing it from the package, her toothbrush remains untouched by human hands.

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Worrying about toothbrushes being left at grandma house for the past month.
Worrying about lack of a night diaper for a 5 and a half years old cause daaaaady says : " WE had an accident last night and Princess peed in the diaper when lying in bed, but I TOLD her not to wet the bed tonight"

Geee wonder why that did not work out :?

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telling her to write down anything she needs on the shopping list that hangs on the fridge all week long. why would she bother writing down what she needs when she can just take mine? (whatever it may be).

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Yep. GG is famous for taking the last of something and not telling me about it AND buying DUPLICATE items that I already have. I so cannot wait until the EXIT!!

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Planning birthday parties.
Planning special holiday dinners.
Buying birthday or Christmas gifts.

All now pointless. If DH wants a special day for princess, then DH can plan it himself. Same with gifts. I do not give him money to spend on her nor do I buy anything for her (except by default like ice cream as a treat for all of us).

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i got the monthly supply crap, too. don't bother telling me on friday when i'm going shopping that you need tampons, wait until tuesday and then demand that DADDY go get you tampons because you are completely out and need them RIGHT NOW. or just steal bd's and leave her with none when it's her time. grrr...

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A pointless thought...that Dh will ever stop financially supporting the skids after age 18 and thinking Dh will have the skids clean their bedrooms :?

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Waiting for the report card.
Having meaningful educational discussions as a family.
Keeping healthy food in the house (Oh wait, no those are all for me. Nice that no one touches my food!)
Discouraging SO from spending yet more money on skids.
Telling SO that SD's interest in her grades won't last.
Actually providing advice to SO when he asks for it about skids.
Waiting for SD to get her dishes out of her room.
Waiting for SD to get her dirty towels out of her room. Hell I guess I should have just said waiting for SD to clean her room.