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I've been home for lunch for not even 20 minutes. SS13 says "I'm bored. My xbox is crap, all my games are scratched. I need to get new modern warfare, new grand theft auto and new roblox. I can't even play my guitar cause it's not tuned. I need an acoustic guitar, not a classical one". Really?!? If I complained about something when I was little, my parents would take it away. They said I didn't deserve it and when my attitude changed, I would get it back. Ever since SS16 moved back with BM, DH has SPOILED SS13 beyond belief. Just buys him $40 silkscreen posters for his room for no reason. Buys him a guitar out of the blue. Buys him games for his xbox like they're free. It's insane! This kid has no value of a dollar and 80% of the shit that comes out his mouth is complaints. I wish he was going to his moms this weekend Sad


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He reminds me of Dudley from Harry Potter when he chucked his playstation out of the window because he was upset with his mega mutilation game.

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Lol! I've never really watched Harry Potter but it sounds about right! I told DH that he's creating a monster and told him basically what I've wrote here. I told him he should deal with it and do SS13's future wife a favour by rectifying this. He actually just texted me back "you're right". :jawdrop:

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Now his phone is a "piece of crap and doesn't load anything". I'm going back to work. Happy Friday stalkers Wink

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sounds like kaos when he gets in one of his hateful moods. usually ends it with "fine then i'm just STOOOOOPID" before stomping off to his room.

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Isn't Christmas coming? My answer would be exactly that - Christmas is coming and you will be getting presents then. FH's answer of course would be very different. In fact, he would not be there to answer because he would already be in the car on the way to the mall to buy whatever Princess has decreed that she needs. Ugh...

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Oh I'd probably just tell him that all of his stuff is crap because he's crap too. And that he doesn't deserve anything better.