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Oh the stress free life

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I just thought that I would stop in and say hi Smile It's been over a month now since I left DH and I haven't been happier!!! Words cannot express the way I feel. I have no stress, no panic attacks and life is great! I'm even seeing someone! And, HE HAS NO KIDS!!!!!!!! OMG! I think hell has frozen over. hahaha. DH used to always tell me to "go find someone else" and "good luck finding someone with no kids". Well, I took his advice and did just that Smile I just wanted to let those who are half way out, GO FOR IT!!! Go and don't look back!! It was so hard for me to get to my breaking point, but I finally did and I have no regrets!!! Happy Friday Stalkers!


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I am very happy for you. It isn't easy walking away, but you did and it was worth it!
Congrats on the new love.

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Glad that you're feeling more solid than you were feeling a few weeks ago.

My eyebrows are in my hairline regarding dating so soon after moving out. Watch the knee-jerk, rebound relationship even if he is a relief for not having children.

Give yourself time to breathe.

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Girl. It's been a year and a half since I left. I don't miss anything about anything of them. I rarely even think about the skids. The exh puts himself in my path way too frequently so it gives me the opportunity to pretend he does not exist. It can be fun as it runs him insane. Hahahahaha I've been on one date since I left. It's been a slow recovery process. Glad you're happy! Never look back.

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I'm very glad you are happy. Take your time and nurture yourself before getting too serious too quickly.

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You're an inspiration. I can't wait to be well on my way to a divorce. Raising someone else's kids sucks ass BIG TIME. Good luck with your skid free life Smile