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SD21 claims she was an abused child...

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...because she got yelled at a couple of times.

I have no words... Where's the tequila??


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Sorry but I drank it... I was so traumatised by this poor child's life. I hope she gets the therapy she needs ha ha!

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Damm!t, fairyo. I was planning to save the Wild Turkey. Sigh...

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The Girhippo claims the same about the skids because Chef disciplined them by putting them in time out. . . .(drum roll please). . . . .(wait for it). . . . ONCE!!!

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Yep and the CPS worker in our county came out and told us that you can only put children in time out one minute per year of age.

We had put them in time out for 15 minutes.

That was abuse according the the CPS report launched by the Girhippo.

So basically we were only to put SD in time out for 9 minutes because she was 9 years old.

Hell I remember being locked in my room for the entire day. No TV, no nothing.

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What a crock of crap!! No wonder this generation is a bunch of namby-pamby, whiny wusses. :sick: :sick: :sick:

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Oh, Jesus.

Is she saying the abuser is your DH? 'Cuz perhaps she should just stay away from her "abuser", then. Ya know, instead of asking him for money all of the time.

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Oh, no. BioHo "abused" her, too. In fact, BioHo luuuuuuurrrrvvvssss fighting and yelling, but typically with her boyfriend/husband. When 'Ho yelled at DH, he walked away and would not play her games. However, 'Ho and Mr. Pinhead have regular screamfests.

You know what? SD has come to our home several times and YELLED at DH. So she's guilty of abusing her father. Dirol

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My DH actually said that to SD then 20. She was the one always yelling and having a fit to get what she wanted. Passive aggressive non compliance with simple requests etc. After she accused him of 'psychological abuse' he actually replied to her email listing her behaviours and told her that she was actually the one abusing us and our goodwill.

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I. Hate. False. Abuse. Allegations.

It makes it so much harder for those who actually have been through it to get the help they really need to move on!

Also discipline isn't abuse. All these special snowflakes prancing around like they own the place and being told no means they're going to be emotionally scared for life. *eye roll*

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I do, too, PA. SD is "scarring" herself, IMO. She did stupid sh!t and she got yelled at. Boo-fackin-hoo. She got spanked once, too. Call the Waaaaaaah-bulance!

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OH NO! Being spanked??? You mean someone told her no? 6 years of therapy minimum.


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OH no! I'd probably say you might want to up it to 4-5 times a week at least! This kind of damage is going to take some serious attention!

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She should spend the first 6 months in a psych ward with several therapy sessions each day.

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LMAO Is this the same girl who was planning a wedding without a boyfriend? Does she live on earth or some other planet? I never realized I was abused my whole freaking life. Biggrin My parents yelled at me all the time.

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Yes, queensway! I am beginning to think she's a Pod person and the real SD is being held captive for alien experiments.

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Yeah, Winona was accusing SO of abusing her, because he yelled at her. If she listened, and did as he asked nicely, and without snotty commentary, perhaps there would have been no yelling.
But whats the fun in that?

And this is after her mother had choked her, body slammed her, called her a b!tch, and then slammed her against the wall.

I wonder if these people are programmed a certain way at school, or by the media, and then LOOK for things, and when they cant find them, project them on to any one available? Part of that victim mentality.

Right now, Winona SD18 has no communications with her father. Or mother, or cousins, or sister. EVERYONE is cut out. Problem is, she isnt really missed a huge amount by those she bullied (me and Munchkin).

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Wonder how this poor snowflake could have handled growing up in the days of when children were seen and not heard.

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Or spare the rod spoil the archaic as that is its now become spare the discipline worship the child.

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Well, please start a go fund me account to cover her therapy costs. That girl has suffered abuse rarely experienced by others. Forget the children that are starved, physically or sexually abused and those who have addicts for parents. They got nothing on SD whose parents yelled at her.

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What's sad, robin, is that SD really DOES need therapy. Because she's f*cked in the head!!!

Absolutely vile that she considers one spanking and getting yelled at as abuse. She's a bloody idiot.

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You should know I’m still sobbing over how awful SD has had it. Nonstop tears streaming down my face that may never stop.

Victim mentality. Hope it’s a really skilled therapist.

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She needs a therapist will who look at her, eyes bulging, then burst into uncontrolled laughter.

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My brother now likes to talk about how our dysfunctional parents basically screwed him up. I'm like.. the drugs probably didn't help. I mean, my parents were not perfect, but we have free will right?

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I'd like to know how BioHo having 22 men move in and out of her home in a 2 year period didn't screw up SD and her siblings. Or the screamfests BioHo had with her fuddies and still has with Mr. Pinhead. I'm sure that having to chauffeur her younger siblings is especially cruel...

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SS told his school he was afraid of us, especially me. Why...because he got yelled at.

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WOW. I should have been taken by CPS than. Seriously my mother has tried apologizing because she hit us with a spatula a few times. Well more than a few but DAMN. Just yelling?

I told my mom that she got me through childhood, I have a degree, a job, and am no in jail. She did pretty damn good shes 1 for 2. My sister still lives at home.

Whats SD trying to claim was the outcome of this "abuse"? Can she not work because of it? Is she traumatized and having flashbacks? THE POOR CHILD.

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Aww does the precious need a holiday in Malibu and a bit fat cheque to make up for being yelled at?? You do realise these sds are delicate little flowers that need to be nurtured, coddled and pampered. I’m surprised she’s not rocking in a padded cell from the effects of her childhood!! Immediately give her $1000000 as compensation for her heartbreak so she can spend it on a decent therapist and shoes x

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Appalling, thinkthrice!! Pwecious wittle snowfwake SD needs to be submerged in therapy with these children. With her mouth SHUT. But I doubt listening to REAL abuse victims will get through her thick skull.

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I knew it ...... blame the SM as the abuser, they always abuse the special snow flakes }:)

I'm waiting for the day dear Aergia claims she's been abused cause her parents got divorced.....

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Acra, it's been over 11 years since DH and BioHo split. SD21 claims she is still "traumatized". As an adult, she has no one to blame but herself for not getting therapy to work through her freaking trauma. Stupid twunt.

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This 'abuse' thing is getting out of hand. It's fuelled by the 'child centred' parenting style and the entitlement era. My DH was accused of being abusive by SD then 18'ish. It was all about revenge because she could not break us up. She was backed by BM and her cronies. My DH never once shouted at her, he is a mild man but very firm. She just didn't want to hear 'no' from him.

The worst part for us though was when they (SD backed by BM) got their flying monkey friends involved and we then started getting nasty fb messages, emails and threats. A lot of these people use the 'i've been abused' thing to bully people into doing what they want or to take revenge when they don't get things their way. It's a real shame because what happens is that people who really ARE being abused are less likely to be believed.

I find myself withdrawing from the world these days as I just don't understand it anymore.

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It's been out of hand for a few years. "Child centered" parenting is a bunch of hooey. Those type of parents are the PROBLEM.
Here's your trophy for:
Being awake during class
NOT bullying (wondering if being honest constitutes bullying...)
Pooping in the toilet and NOT in your skivvies
Pooping in your skivvies and not smearing in on the wall
Putting your dirty dishes in the sink (that's a trophy AND a $25 gift certificate to McDonalds!!!)
Telling Mommy or Daddy that you have dirty laundry (of course you don't put it in the laundry room! parents will get it!!!)
Showing up for a job interview
Actually doing your job without being told or needing the boss to hold your hand while you do it

And so on...

Scares me to think these idiots will some day be running the world. (Where's they SOBBING emoji?!?)

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Sigh. Sometimes I am thankful that I am 60 and will be gone in 20 years, goddess willing Wink