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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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It's that day again, STalkers! Tone-up/Tubby Tuesday is here. Someone asked me if there is a full moon. Well, aside from my white hiney when I'm nekkid, the REAL full moon is April 19th, which is also Good Friday.

Speaking of good... have you been? I've been good at being bad. That dirty rat, Insomnia, has had me tightly in its grasp and I've been working loooooong hours. Translation: Aniki has been eating sugar to be alert and functioning. I feel like a kid whose had free rein in a candy store. Bad Why can't SALAD wake me up? Sigh... The temps are in the 30s, so I can run outside for some fresh air for a pick-me-up. Unfortunately, I've only been able to manage that about once a day because work has been NUTS. Anyone else ever ferel like the phone/headset is rooting into your head??

I'm going to try adding some berries to a big salad to see if the natural sugar helps my energy/alertness.  And since I'm pretty much chained to my desk, looks like I'll be doing some of those desk exercises I posted awhile back.

How goes it with YOU?


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Hola Aniki!

I hope work gets better for you and that the long hours come to an end soon. Along with berries why not try a banana for some energy? Do you like coffee? Maybe a nice short walk outside will help clear your head and regroup.

Work has been ok and focusing on what activities I want to start this Spring/Summer....

Have a great day Amiga!

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Hola Siempre!

It's been cuh-razy around here! And being tied to the desk is NOT helping my back. It's a bit of a clusterf*ck, y'know?

I LOVE coffee (I'm a Finn!). Unfortunately, caffeine has NO effect on me. I could (and have) drink 4 shots of espresso and fall asleep. Bananas don't do anything either. Unfortunately, sugar has been the only thing that keeps my mind firing on all pistons. Without it, I'm completely scatterbrained. Total suckage.

What activities?? Tell us, please! We plan to go canoeing soon. I may have to whack myself with the paddle to stay alert. LOL

Gracias, amiga! xoxo

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Hi Aniki

Yikes...30 degrees. 

Great idea about the banana.., it's  a daily thing for me. Sometimes a teaspoon of peanut butter makes it easier.

Now about the berries...LOVE LOVE LOVE berries. Especially black berries. Not sure about you but I have to eat them with a glob of fruit dip that has mostly fluffy yummy cream cheese. I have been known to eat a container of berries for lunch minus the dip. Wink

Hate to hear your stuck at your desk.



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GL, I luuuuuuuuuuuv cold weather and find it invigorating! Warm/hot weather makes me sluggish and I want to hibernate.

Blackberries, blueberries, thimbleberries, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries.... you name it, I eat them. I can honestly say I have never had fruit dip.

I'm ready to go full rebel and run down the hallway, screaming, "WHISKEY ME!!!"

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Been doing good about getting back to the gym. My biceps are more defined again. I'm doing harder exercises. It's a good process. I'm doing at home workouts starting this week when I can't get to the gym too. My sister and I are holding each other accountable.

PLUS my coworker brought some of her kid's clothes for me that she was getting rid of (kid is 19. LOL) Super cute and super expensive crap. Everything was smalls. And it fit! So that feels great!

But besides all my mental and emotional issues, I'm actually really getting some progress in over this last week!!! Plus I've been running DH's dog and he really seems to be perking up. Hopefully we can get some of his fat off of him and down to a healthy weight!!!

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Good news all around for you, PA!! The ONLY person I can buddy up with to hold each other accountable is in Texas. Sigh...

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That's where my sister is... It's more of a "hey, remember to do the thing."  So it's still distance... But better than nothing for now.

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The last time my buddy and I spoke was over 2 months ago, then he emailed me yesterday. So we're not doing too well for holding each other accountable. Sad

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I'm sorry Aniki. Any chance you two can talk more frequent to help with it? Sad I know things get busy.

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That's the problem, PA. He's starting up his own business and is really busy right now.

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I mean amazing for him to be able to do that!!! BUT, that does make him busy enough to make it hard.

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It goes well, just started a new job and have been running 3 plus miles every other day, sadly I don’t think the running is doing anything other than shifting the fat around!

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Now, now. You're building your cardio!! Congratulations on the new job! *yahoo*

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Advice, I read this as "I figured it was just FART loading."

Aniki needs khavi!!!