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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers! It's a balmy 51 degrees outside, a nice breeze, and some clouds (rain coming in). IOW, it's shorts and flip-flop weather! Yes, yes, I'm a Finn who has shards of ice running through her veins. I'm in a quirky mood, so... Naturally, I am thankful for the basics in life: home, job, clothes, food, car, health, etc. Today I want to express my thanks for the atypical. 

I am thankful for:

  • Raspy throat issues. No, I'm not sick. But sometimes when I'm stressed (today), my vocal chords tighten up and I sound like Lauren Bacall after she smoked 50 packs of smokes. It doesn't hurt, but my boss just gave me the day off from Zooms. Feels like I pulled the Molasses Swamp card in Candyland on my first draw! *yahoo*

  • Good listening skills. Especially when my friends are concerned about me. I may not like what they have to say and I may disagree with them. But when multiple people tell me the same thing, I have to consider that *I* am missing something key and I need to sit my arse down and face the facts; pleasant or not.

  • Crappy and/or toxic friends. Yes, they are all FORMER friends, but I am extremely thankful for every single one. They have taught me what kind of friend I do NOT want to be and I'm grateful for the lessons - even those which were painful.

  • Ability to retain colors in my head. "Whut, Aniki? Like red, blue, etc? DUH." Actually, it's more being able to "see" colors in my head, go to the store and find something to match. Like seeing a sweater and KNOWING that shade of green is identical to the green skirt I have and taking it home to find it's a perfect match. Freaks my sister out. We were shopping for paint and I kept telling her the colors she wanted were too peach/orange. She grabbed those paint samples anyway. I concentrated on tan/light yellow. Sure enough, her samples clash horribly and mine were spot on. *dirol*

  • Having bat ears. No, my ears don't look like bat ears, but I have sensitive and keen hearing. I could hear a sporadic dripping sound no one else could hear (SS18 has damn good hearing). Turns out we have a teeny leak in the attic around the vent pipe. Even the handyman couldn't hear it when standing 5 feet away!


What are some atypical things for which you are thankful?


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I am just thankful it's Thursday - yesterday was insane at work; 8:30 to just after 6. No breaks but bathroom and a food/water run around noonish. And that was working remote from home!  Today I only have ONE urgent thing going on so I can take my time doing other things that need doing.

* I never, or very rarely, sugar-coat advice. But I think it's why people come to me for it. I'll give them my opinion no matter what if they ask for it. I usually always ask them first, "Do you want my straight opinion or a softer version?" Usually they take it straight. But they also know I won't BS them or lie to them.

* i can do the color thing too!  I just know colors. And I can move objects around in my head spacially. Probably why I do most of the house repairs here.  But I enjoy it too.  Maybe it's why I somehow always know where N/S/E/W is. It's rare I get lost.

* I can keep multiple lists going at one time in my head too.  DH hates this ability as I always remember things. I do NOT keep grocery lists in my head most times though because I don't want to.  "Write it down!" or I don't get it.


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Cover, I also have people asking for my opinion because I give it to them straight. I do think there is a YUGE difference between being straight/insensitive vs straight/diplomatic. No BS or lies, but the truth as nicely as possible. On rare occasion, there IS that person who needs to hear straight/insensitive and be told they're acting like a complete asshat, etc...

Ha, I have that built-in compass, too! And I give directions as N/S/E/W; not left/right.

My head has sooooooo many lists in it! *kiss2*

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Damn girl you got me laughing!

Me too with the bat ears but mine are tuned for engines. All kinds. When they don't sound right theres always something "off" with 'em. Never failed me yet!

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WarMachine, I am very thankful for your bat ears. You saved my Dad's lawnmower! *drinks*

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Ok, I can do quirky. I was in a car accident leaving work on Tuesday, waiting patiently at a red light. And WHAM, hit head on by someone who "didn't see me." I drive a red convertible, folks. But here is what I'm thankful for.

*No injuries to me or the people in the other car.

*The other driver's young children were well behaved.

*My uninsured motorist coverage.

*The professionalism of the body shop person who had to tell me that they're backed up with work for about a month

*The helpfulness of the rental car company guy who was apologetic about having no cars available in the entire region. Everybody is driving again, and apparently lots of people have forgotten how. This is consistent with what body shop guy told me. Rental car guy will call me when something is available.

I am NOT thankful, however, for the likelihood that my car will be totalled. It's not worth very much but it's paid for and I love it.

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Good grief, Merry! So glad to hear that no one was injured!!! I fully believe that people have forgetten how to drive. Had some near misses myself. Not a case of forgetting, but the guy whose brakes fail at a roundabout, which stopped traffic. Freaky stuff.

Fingers crossed your car can be fixed. *give_rose*

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Wait, what?  They hit you head on in YOUR lane and didn't see you.  Holy cr*p.  That's some bad driving!

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My DH has a serious hearing problem. Sometimes this works to my advantage if you know what I mean. My hearing is 100%. And I am thankful for that.

I am thankful for spring and hopefully April showers. I love the smell of rain. I find it calming. And it will help my gardens. Another thing I am grateful for.

I am with you about not liking hot weather. 70's is it for me.


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Queen, my DH has hearing loss (I keep telling him he's getting a hearing aid for He often asks me to listen to/for something. 

Gardens are a wonderful thing. Feeding yourself or feeding nature (butterflies, bees, hummingbirds). 

I'm ready to go swimming with it's 70! *biggrin*

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Thankful that it is almost the weekend!

Thankful that my DH is patient with me and my horrible tinnitus.  Some days are worse then others.  And he is great at holding me up when I cry that I just want 15 minutes of silence.  

Thankful for SS22 who made a dermatologist appt for us both. I have been putting it off for years and finally went.  Full body scan next week.  I think he may like me a little :) 

Thankful for the nice spring weather today.   It's NJ so I'm sure it will snow tomorrow.  But today is nice warm sun and coooool breeze!

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Aw, classy. {{hugs}}

I have tinnitus, too, and can relate. It's baffling that my hearing is so good despite this damn high pitched, constant noise. I sleep with a fan on year 'round and am miserable if the power goes out. 

60 here tomorrow. Snow in the forecast next week. Lol

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I'm thankful that tomorrow is an e-learning day at school.  My kids go to in person school but the schools in my district are closed tomorrow so the teachers and other staff can get their second COVID vaccination.  I'm tired.  I am not a morning person at all and need a break from getting up at the butt crack of dawn.  

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Petspoiler, I'm not a morning person, either. Much prefer staying up into the wee hours and sleeping past 10am. *give_rose*