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Oh, BioHo...

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Un-freakin-believable. I just received a text from BioHo asking if we can talk. That is, if I'm deciphering the following correctly...

                                  cn we tlk

Help me out here, STalkers. Should I....

  1. Ignore the wh0re
  2. Reply with NO
  3. Reply with Who is this? (or whozis or wtf r u)
  4. <insert clever STalker answer here>



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Haha! You think she's smart enough to know Klingon? I watch enough Big Bang Theory to know that that is NOT Klingon!

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I'm not suggesting BIOHO knows Klingon. It's just a funny retort to draw attention to her idiotic scrawl.

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'Ho thinks BBT is "dumb". That's because she's too damn stupid to understand the humor.

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Hola Anika!

I say IGNORE HER!!! There is nothing to talk about. She has no relevance! A non-@#$@# factor!!!


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Blck hr.  Jb dn.  Well, show your DH - then block her.

Seriously I'd love to know how many hundreds of hours she saves by omitting vowels from words.  Genius...not.

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Ignore.  I don't respond to BM even though she's not outwardly bad.  I just don't engage with her.

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"New phone, who dis?"

Then when she says who it is, ignore and block her.  Smile

You know she just wants to advocate for you accepting SD22's heart-felt apology.

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I would ignore. Nothing says, "F*ck off" like ignoring.

You don't think she is going to plead SD22's case to you, do you?

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I agree with the ignore. She knows you received the text, just leave it there with her wondering.

How old is this woman again?? 

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I have some numbers blocked on my phone. Wish I knew what, if any, message they received when they tried to call/text after I blocked them.

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I mean that both to indicate my reaction to your post as well as what would be an appropriate reply to bioho.

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My asshole side: "Who dis?" then keep telling her she has the wrong number and you don't know anyone by the name of biohore, or kids name or hubbys name.  

What you should do:  Ignore and tell DH

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She would never contact me  - her MO has always been to text DH about anything to do with me. Or tell her children. She is a bully, which means that she is basically a coward.

If it were me - ignore!

If she asks if you got her text - ignore!

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Well, she knows I'm a year younger than DH....

Maybe she wants to play Trailer Trash Barbies...

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Okay, okay, I confess. I am not about to respond to 'Ho's ass-tastic text. But boy-oh-boy, it is TEMPTING. Especially to say "sure" and see if she sends a long-arse cryptic message and then reply with "who IS this???".

I wonder what DH will say...

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Ignore.  But if you must....respond to the disemvowelment with word lengthening...."Nooooooooooooo IIIIII doooooooooooon't waaaaaaaaaaant tooooooooooooooo. 

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Nt gn hpn

She is gonna save a bundle on Wheel of Fortune by not buying vowels 

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cn we tlk

"I don't know, can you?"

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"Thank you for texting "inspirational quotes daily"  To recieve todays quote just text any letter.

HO: n

"Thank you for enrolling for "traffic updates for upper manhatten" to recieve live updates text any number.

and proceed from there.

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Advice, I'd have to immediately enroll her in something like "mating rituals of the greater sage grouse" or "nocturnal mating calls of the Vulpes vulpes, which has a call like Jack the Ripper is roaming the streets".

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My first inclination would be option 4:

Sorry, I no speakie de stoopit.

But, as an adult, I say ignore the whore.

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I could channel another member and write some supercilious, condescending tripe for which 'Ho would require a dictionary. Or a translator...

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Depends on the skid. If the skid is younger then ask her what she wants-no need to meet in person. If the skid is teen or older then absolutely ignore her because she's just trying to drag you in to skidlandia and us Sparents don't need to run that marathon more than once. 

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I vote you wait like 3 months and then respond with. "Sorry, I was away from my phone. Who dis?"

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ellhay onay itchbay

Pig Latin to communicate with a pig.



So what happened?

AND Have a Happy St Paddy Day!