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I'm ready for it to be December 26th

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I just want Christmas to be OVER. We didn't put up any decorations this year. DH has been working overtime 3 out of 4 weekends every month. He's exhausted. I'm still in PT for my shoulder (surgery). I'm tired and sore. Both of us got sick last weekend and are still not 100%. This skids and my MIL are all coming over Christmas day. We're having food. We have PLENTY of Christmas presents for the skids to open. Is that good enough? Apparently NOT.

PigPen13 whined to BioHo that Daddeeeeee "cancelled Christmas". Huh?? Just because we didn't put up a facking TREE?? So BioHo calls DH.

Ho: WTH is going on and WHY did you cancel Christmas?
DH: What the flying f*ck are you talking about?? I didn't cancel Christmas.
Ho: PigPen said you cancelled it. You don't have a tree.
DH: Since when is a tree a requirement for Christmas? We have everything else. We don't need a tree.
Ho: He's a kid. He needs a tree.
DH: This is MY and ANIKI's house. NOT YOURS. You want the kids to have a tree, have one in your own GD house. What we do in ours is none of your f**king business. ~click~


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PP is 13 with the emotional maturity of a 2 yo. DH told him DECORATING was cancelled this year, so PP, in his immature fat head, thought that meant no Christmas. Re-facking-diculous. We have almost 50 gifts for Christmas (for everyone) sitting in the living room. SMDH

And yes, 'Ho thinks that she has a say as to what goes on in our home. I'd like to do to her what Hulk did to Loki in The Avengers... }:)

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As do I, Monchichi. DH and I both know that PigPen tells 'Ho every.single.thing. I swear, if the dog farts, 'Ho hears about.
~rolls eyes~

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Sweetie, he's not MY kid.

I'm disengaged. In fact, I've disengaged to the point where I spent the past 2 skid weekends OUT OF TOWN. I haven't seen PrincASS or PigPen for a MONTH. Their room has clothes and video games on the floor and PigPen's sheet smell like a Port-a-potty. I opened the door, sprayed half a can of Lysol in there, and closed the door. Believe me when I say that the Lysol stench is STRONG and will stay in there for 2 weeks because we never open the door! I will no longer vacuum in there. The vacuum stops at the doorway.

Christmas day should be interesting because I have no plans to say anything to either one of them. Unless they speak to me first. And my replies will be brief. It's a whole new world. }:)

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PigPen is not MY child. He is my stepchild. It is neither my place nor my responsibility to punish him - it is up to my DH to handle.