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BioHo trying to be clever

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When BioHo calls my DH, 9 times out of 10, he won't answer the phone and lets it go to voicemail because it's often stupid shizzit. Especially when she needs something fixed (Mr. Pinhead is no handyman). DH NEVER responds to her texts - I think the last time he did was 2011. Guess she took a Smart Pill since she didn't try to call from HER phone...

This was a skid weekend, so DH was waiting for PigPen to call on Saturday to say he was on his way over. 11:27am, DH's phone rings and it's PP's number. DH always answers on speakerphone (entertainment for me!).

DH: Hey buddy!
Ho: It's me.
DH: Is PP okay?
Ho: He's fine. SD22 is having some money problems.
DH: Not my problem. Are you bringing PP over soon?
Ho: She can't pay all her bills.
DH: NOT my problem. When will PP be here?
Ho: Noon or a little after. SD22...
DH: ~cuts off 'Ho~ Is on her own. ~click~

Yep, DH hung up on 'Ho. She immediately tried calling back - it was PP's number again, but DH was certain it was her so he wouldn't asnwer. Left his phone in the bedroom, went into the living room, turned the tv volume back on, and went back to his computer game.

Then MY phone rang - PigPen's number. PP has only called me twice and the last time was almost 2 years ago. We all know who was really calling. BioHo was using PP's phone to try and call me so she could talk to DH.

DH: Give me that, please.
~handed DH my phone~
DH: Yeah?
Ho: Listen...
DH: ~cuts off 'Ho~ You do NOT call MY WIFE about our daughter. SD22 is a GD adult and needs to deal with her own GD problems. END OF F*CKING DISCUSSION. ~click~

PigPen arrived at 12:08pm.

DH: Buddy, I'm sorry your mother used your phone like that.
PP: I'M sorry, Dad. I didn't even know she had it. I was in the bathroom. Is Aniki mad?
DH: Not at all!


I'm darn near certain that SD22's little (and I do mean little) apology note the other week was a prequel to trying to get some "financial assistance" from Daddeeeeee. Epic fail. Guess it's time to stop eating fast food and drinking $$$ coffee drinks and Monster energy drinks so you can pay your bills. Dirol


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Go DH! That is how it should be done Smile

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OK, maybe I'm crazy, but why doesn't she just GET A JOB?! Or get ANOTHER JOB?!

I can't believe the nerve of that woman.  If you have to go around the fact that someone ignores you, they are unlikely to be willing to speak to you, dumbass.

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SD22 HAS a job! And makes damn good money. It has nothing to do with needing more money and everything to do with budgeting properly.

Tog. It's BioHo. She thinks she's being clever and that will force DH into having a conversation with her. 'Ho thinks EVERYONE wants to talk to her, hang out with her, BE HER. ~eye roll~

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Only if it's similar to blood donation so he doesn't lose any!

Maybe he could retire and become the professor of Spine Class...

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^^^^5 to DH!  This is titanium-level III whiney bitch force field.  


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Siempre, it's so... stimulating when DH gets all bossy like that. Makes my heart pound. Sigh...

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Unfortunately, crazy never changes. 

Speaking of crazy, BM2 told SS tonight that I've always been mean to her and jealous of her as well.  Riiiiiiiiiiiggghhhhttt.

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I get little glimpses here and there of this with DH...and I encourage it 100% 

Lucky you!

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I love how your DH cursed. LOL. He stood strong because hes been Burned too many times. I think BioHo was trying to be MOTY, "our baby! Our child! It bonds us together like nothing else could!"

Yeah, bite me.

Toxic Troll had the nerve to try to pass her spawn off to us. Im like no effing way. DH was STRONG. Very sexy!!!!

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I'm sure 'Ho will do everything she can to try and be a factor in our life. After all, SHE thinks she is MOT Century!!!

BTW, my DH swears like the jarhead he is and I have no f*cking problem with it... Dirol

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I find his practicality with cusswords refreshing. I’m constantly having to self-censor and that shit gets old let me tell ya.


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I am swooning over your DH!

Can he please take my SO on a man-date? I actually do have hope for my SO, believe it or not. He's been doing some hard-core Disney'ing, but if there's one thing my SO is not, it's consistant. He changes like the wind. He has a spine, he just needs to find it again.

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SG, it took some doing for my DH to finally kill of the Disney Dad in him. He slipped up and caved at times, but he has is NOT pleased with SD22 and her mini BioHo persona.

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Aniki, any tricks to beat the Disney out of them? Nagging? Hypnotism? Actual beatings?  Or must we wait and let them figure it out their own damn selves?

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SG, I don't know what to tell you. In the beginning, *I* picked up after DH AND the skids. DH works a physically exhausting and I have a desk job, so I don't mind picking up after him. In fact, because he works so hard (and I sit on my arse most of the day), I WANT to do things for him so he can rest and relax.

I got tired of picking up after the skids. After all, my siblings and I were raised with rules and expectations and leaving shizzit all over the house was NOT acceptable. I brought it up to DH - that the skids were capable of cleaning up their own messes and that they had to walk right by the damn trashcan or sink multiple times a day, so it was annoying that they weren't throwing away trash or putting dishes in the sink. But, hey, Children of Divorce! DH was a typical Disney Dad and didn't want the pwecious snowfwakes to do anything they didn't like because they might not want to come over! (This was after BioHo constantly withheld the boys and did her best to PAS them against DH.)

Anyhoo, it was irritating me to no end, DH and I were arguing, and I was starting to be cranky all of the bloody time and realized that I didn't much like my "new" personality. Me being cranky - okay, fine, I was downright BITCHY - was affecting DH's mood and we were arguing so much, our marriage was rocky. I wasn't going to change anything by being a bitch, so I did the only thing I could and disengaged. I told DH that I would continue to pick up after him, but I would no longer pick up after the skids. For a few weeks, DH did it (poor delicate COD!). Well, one day he didn't and missed a styofoam cup of pop on top of the entertainment center. A few days later, he realized that cup leaked out and there was sticky pop aaaaaaall over the wood, down the front, and all over the carpet. DH was NOT a happy camper! After that, he started making the skids clean up that stuff. Another time, he walked into the living room (no lights) and stepped on a gaming controller that had been left on the floor. That's when the rule was made that anything left out would be lost. Leave the tv remote on the floor? NO TV. You should have heard him lose his shizzit when he found a piece of bacon and a partially eaten piece of pizza under the couch and a pop can stuffed down in the sofa. I had to muffle my face in 2 pillows to cover my screams of laughter! From there on out, the 15 minutes before they were due to leave to go back to the 'Ho House became cleanup time.

So I guess when you have a physically exhausted man have to pick up after kids, he gets damn tired of doing it. That, and the SDs acting more and more like BioHo, which was/is totally cringeworthy and off-putting.

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I am so angry ho keeps trying to talk to YOUR DH about stupid sh!t I am spitting tacks!

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If only we could clone him!! Or somehow make an ‘Aniki’s DH magic potion’ and send it to all the STalkers who have DH’s & DW’s with no spine. What a hero!!! 

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No cloning! I'm keeping his sexiness all for myself!

Wouldn't it be nice to give them chip implants so that they feel like they're getting a big ol' kick in the arse every time they act like a Disney Dad? LOL

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I know I felt such a huge weight off when DH showed me his texts to Toxic Feral Eldest, stating "grow up. you need to work things out. you cannot move back"


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Well done to Mr Aniki!! Woohoo!!  It is quite apparent SD got her stupid gene from her mom.


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All too many people are reluctant to just hang up the phone on a jerk.   Decades ago in the time of land lines and no caller ID my roommates (early 20s) taught high school. A favorite pastime of those teen boys was to make an obscene phone call to one of their young teachers. I got really good at hanging up if I even thought I heard a syllable that I didn’t like.  Click is a perfectly good response when dealing with an ahole. 

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I admit that I occasionally string along some arsehole telemarketers with some crazy shizzit...