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Fack Off Friday

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It's been awhile!

Fack off to:

* Crowded stores (we do NOT have enough toilet paper to last 'til the end of the year so I will have to go to ~gulp~ Walmart).
* Arsehole drivers. You were driving UNDER the bloody speed limit until I passed you. Then you get a wild hair up your arse, speed up, and tailgate me. ~eye roll~
* All people who believe this is the season of GIMME, not GIVING.
* 24 days 'til I have to spend several hours with all of the farking skids. :sick:


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Blonde, what IS it about people who come into work sick and contagious?? Puh-lease! We CAN do without you while you keep your cooties to yourself. Sheesh.

I hate itchy shirts. Why do we keep wearing them? Because we spent money on them and hate to throw it out because that's wasting money.

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I have a thing with tags. Makes the most comfortable shirt a tool of the devil! It's like a hot poker digging at the top of my spine.

I cut most of them out but sometimes even the little remnants that are stitched on still bug me. I have had co workers put tape over them just to get through the day!

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Tags drive me crazy. I have uber-sensitive skin and tags will actually rub me raw. I've always found it doubly irritating when I have a tag purposely sticking OUT of my shirt and some doofus tucks it back in. Um, hello?! For one, that's damn personal. For two, I don't have that tag tucked in for a reason!!

Tape OVER the tag?? That tape would make me itchy/rashy!

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Right. STAY THE EFF HOME with your collection of Petri dish greatest hits. YUCK.

And I so agree with you about those pecker headed motorists who are Sunday Driving at 45 mph then suddenly switch into turbo mode when they are legally passed and gunning for your bumper. Ridiculous. I can't figure them out only to think they have some kind of impotent aspect in their driving habits.LOL
AND most of the time they are older men.
Go figure.

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Hey you facking SS, fack off! Last Christmas, you played your last card and lost. This Christmas???? I hold all the cards....fack you.....shew, thanks Aniki, I feel much better now LOL!!!

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Funny story about TP

After my Grandma passed we were cleaning out her house. She didn't drive and neither did any of her friends. There were some people from her church who would occasionally take her to get groceries. She'd get small things that she could carry on the bus on her own, but whenever she had a drive, she'd get the bulky things like the 20 pkg of TP.

We found 180 rolls of TP stashed around the house! Every closet, under every bed, even in the attic there was TP.
It was the one thing she didn't ever want to run out of. I guess those childhood memories of having to use the Sears catalogue in the outhouse scared her forever!

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We all took at least one roll home, for a laugh.
My uncle took the majority of it, he was the only one who lived close to her. We joke that he was able to do some upgrades to his property because he didn't have to buy TP for 10 years.

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A tale of 2 hoarding Grandmothers:
My grandma hid wine bottles all over her place.Some half empty, others full .
And money.

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Fack off to SD 32, her boyfriend and gskid 8 who apparently want to come up for a visit. She wanted to come this coming month, but DH said summer is better. I haven't seen SD in over 6 years and was hoping for another couple of decades of not seeing her face. She wants DH to meet her boyfriend, so I have a feeling a wedding is coming up next year. Oh joy.

And fack off to skid weddings.

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Frack off to scum bags selling fake and counterfeit items as real items then claim you, the customer, altered the item....Yeah riggght????, I can turn water into wine as well... and Frack off to sisters who do the same thing, and scam other family members in the process.....DO NOT associate your shit with mine thank you very much! :jawdrop:

Frack off to family who bring their sick pets when they visit and not tell you the animal was sick until they are about to leave and you now have to pay vet bills because your kitty is sick. Sad
Feel so helpless when kitty is coughing. AND nothing is worse than a cat that climbs up on your lap, snuggles in for comfort then sneezes snot all over you face! :sick:

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I have no idea why people do that. I can't and wouldn't.
It's the same type of people who drag their skids to your place with high fever, projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea. Yes that has happened more than once... sigh.... :?

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BioHo once brought PigPen over while he was running a fever and barfing. DH ended up taking PP home early because that's what the kid wanted. I realize it was DH's weekend, but the kid BEGGED 'Ho to stay home and was actually crying when he arrived. All she did was make him more miserable. WTH.

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My cat does that but only to DH!
With me he'll turn his head and sneeze but with DH, full on facetime!

I tell DH it's because kitty loves him. Hehehe

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FACK OFF you dead beat douche bag and your pompous ass of a husband.

Fack off to SS15 for being a miserable shit and just having an attitude.

Fack off to the sub shop who gave me NO onions on my tuna sub when I asked for EXTRA :O

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NO onions? Why, those farking iceholes!!!

I'd be perfectly content if the SDs would fack off for the rest of their unnatural lives...

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Eff off to Medusa - no specific reason, just in general because she is a twunt.

That's all }:)

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WOB, that's pretty much an eternal thing, isn't it? IMHO, BioHo needs to eff off for life. Dirol

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Fack off to all people who think others "owe" them something (this especially goes to BM).

Fack off to all people who feel like they can meddle in my life (again, shout out to BM on this one, but also MIL).

Fack off to people who think their kids should get special treatment because they are kids (this one goes to BM, but also to DH).

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I hear you, strugglingSM. SD21 is one of those who thinks she is "owed". Typical millennial.

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Fack off to hubby and his ideas of “parenting”

And fack off to his off spring

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WTF, at this point, the only skid I have no 'fack off' for is PrincASS. As for the SDs, like BioHo, I wish they'd fack off for life.

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Fack off to this stinking hangover; two days is far too long. And fack off to my stupidity for buying 100 proof spirits in the first place. I'm old enough to know better.