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BioHo is FURIOUS with DH

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BioHo's brother passed away last week after a terrible battle with cancer.

The brother's will has been read and 'Ho is absolutely incensed. The brother left things to MY DH. 'Ho called DH and left a screamfest voicemail, beeyotching that those things should have been left to HER so she could SELL them because DH no longer pays CS and 'HO NEEDS THE MONEY.

Call the waaaaaahmbulance! She actually TOLD my DH that he needs to give her those things OR sell them and give her the money because her brother is not HIS family member. Sorry, 'Ho, but people are allowed to leave their wordly possessions to people OUTSIDE of their family. Sheesh.

Coffee, anyone?


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Oh to have been a fly on the wall when that will was read and to watch BioHo turn 50 shades of purple!!!

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50 Shades of Rage

^^THIS would be an excellent title for a book! "50 Shades of Rage: Stories of GUBMs Losing Their Shite When Shite Doens't Go Their Way".

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Two of your kids aren't DH's technically, should he go ahead and stop taking visitation and doing things for them?  They aren't HIS family after all.

Fracking hypocrite.  DH's kindness and dedication to relationships works fine when it suits her.

You reap what you sow. 

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I'd let her know that the matter is done and any future communication will be seen as harassment.

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So I'm sure your DH promptly took all the items he received in the will and sold them to give money to BH right, since she left a nasty message demanding he do so? Lol, what nerve. Nutjob.  

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Well, DH still has to communicate with 'Ho regarding PigPen. If he ever responds to her, it will likely be a simple "NO". He's a man of few words.

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Zero response is required if she's not the executor. It's none of her damned business.

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Oh, that is absolutely hilarious.  An opportunity for a wonderful bit of schadenfreude and no mistake. 

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Schadenfreude, indeed. Brother also left things to the boys (SS19 and PigPen15), but absolutely NOTHING to the SDs. Hmmmm....

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Well she just continues to sound like a GREAT person...

Bleck! Aniki I think she needs help...

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Now, now, PA! The only help that 'Ho needs is $$$! A narcissist doesn't need "help". ~snorty~  Dirol

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If her brother had wanted his sister to put his items up for sale ,he would have left the items to her.

He obviously gave what he thought would be appreciated to the people he desired to share his items with that actually would appreciate the items for not just what they were but who they had belonged to. . 

Very nice of him to think of your DH nd the boys. 

BM? LOLOLOLOL   Greedy, much?

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Exactly! I find it interesting that he didn't leave anything to the SDs...

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He should respond:

"I will pick up MY stuff the next game night. We're still invited, right?"

I can't say I'm surprised. I have a feeling BM will do something similar when FIL dies (as will BIL and MIL who isn't married to FIL anymore). Thank God DH will be in charge of that and can tell them all to fly kites.

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LOL, this is hilarious!  Even BM's brother likes her ex husband more than he likes her!  He obviously knew the true BM and gave her a final FU in death!  I love it!!!!!!  

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This is so awesome!  RIP to the best ex BIL ever!  Hahahahaha!!!!  Bet the 'Ho and SDs still can't make the connection as to why they were left out....oh the entitlement.....

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Ahhhhhh... that had to be funny as heck! 

Her brother obviously had her number.


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GUHCBM wants to control people’s wishes after their death now too? Just wow.

There a country song that sums this up nicely (including willing your entire estate to non-relatives) ;). :


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I can't even laugh this is so disgusting. DH stopped talking to his dad (divorced from his late mother) and half sister (exSD of DH's late mother, FIL's daughter) after his mother passed 11 years ago. The day of MIL's death, DH's half sister stole MIL's car because she "wasn't going to get anything out of it" and FIL showed up with his girlfriend, the woman he cheated on MIL with, to get "his" things even though their divorce had been finalized.

My much younger DH threatened to kick FIL's ass and reported MIL's car stolen so his half sister (I've never met her so I don't call her SIL) couldn't have it. His mother just died and those POSs only cared about her possessions. BIL and his girlfriend also emptied MIL's debit card and DH's aunts, MIL's sisters, showed up to get some of her items. 

DH lost his sh*t and told everyone that they can pick up "their" things from the Goodwill and get off of his mother's property. He's since made up with FIL and their relationship is very rocky but I don't think he'll ever talk to his half sister again even though she's tried to weasel her way back into his life. Nope, never gonna happen.

Oh and did you get a "thank you" from BM for the condolence card that was sent to her home?