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The Barren B!tch strikes again...

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Or maybe that should be BioHo vs The Barren B!tch...??

Yep, apparently this barren beeyotch has overstepped - in 'Ho's eyes - once again.  In case you've forgotten (or didn't read) the fiasco of SD26's graduation party...

SD and 'Ho have been talking, but (from what SD told DH and he told me) not nearly as much since the 'party'. She used to take her kids to the 'Ho house pretty much every week, but has only been there twice in the past 2 months. In part, because SD and hubby have been busy packing.

SD and family moved over the weekend (to a town that's half-way between their jobs) and 'Ho, Mr. Pinhead, and SS16 went to help while SD's in-laws watched their little ones. SD starts her new job in a couple of weeks. It's her first "real" job. I bought her a laptop tote. 'Ho saw that brand spankin' new leather tote, picked it up, saw the initialized plaque, and asked SD when she got it. Unfortunately, SD told 'Ho the truth - that "Aniki gave it to me". 

And that's when the shite hit the proverbial fan.

"THAT f*ckin' b!tch gave it to you?"
And 'Ho THREW the bag - with the laptop in it - at SD. SD couldn't catch it and it fell to the floor. Then 'Ho JUMPED ON IT and screamed at SD, "You're MY GD daughter. MINE! That barren b!tch is trying to steal my family and I won't f*cking have it!"
~jump jump jump jump jump~

SD's husband told Mr. Pinhead to "get her TF out of my house!" and Pinhead grabbed 'Ho's arm and dragged her out the door, with 'Ho screaming the whole way. 

SS16's phone takes very clear videos...


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That poor girl... yikes.

It really sucks when you have people who are literally willing to hurt their own kids in order to get back at some other person.

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So true, ESMOD. 

I honestly do NOT understand why 'Ho is so.... freaked out about me having a decent/good relationship with her children. Then again, I suppose 'Ho would prefer that they hate me. 

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This woman definitely has issues, projecting all her insecurities and taking it out on her daughter. Instead of being happy that you were so thoughtful and gifted SD with such a nice gift she gets upset and possibly damaged it. I personally think the fact that she didn't think of it 1st really sent her over the edge. Let her keep showing her @ss your SD sees for her self how toxic her mother is.


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Todo es verdad, amiga.

I honestly do NOT know what the hell is wrong with 'Ho or what has warped her into thinking I'm trying to "steal" her family. You would think she'd be pleased that I'm nice to her children. Maybe 'Ho was drunk??

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I’ve always wondered why HCBM has never once thanked me for all I’ve done for her kids or at least not been such a mean hoar.

The only answer is: crazy.

Sane people will never be able to understand crazies. All we can do is keep putting them in their place and maintaining our boundaries.

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Why? Likely because she is UNgrateful and feels like you are an outsider who got 'in'.

It p!ssed 'Ho off to no end that DH remarried (and before she did). After all, she didn't want him, but he was supposed to pine for her until the end of time. 

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Oh, Barren Bitch, you cause such trouble. . . 

Seriously, 'Ho sounds certifiable.  I hope the tote and the laptop survived.  And I hope SD26 and her husband are able to keep their new home as 'Ho-free as possible.  


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Evil Aniki, y'know...

The TOTE survived. 200+ pounds of hoppin' 'Ho is a laptop killer.

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Toxic Troll doesnt go that far, surprisingly. She allows others to take care of her kiddos, so SHE doesnt have to. A different flavor of Narcissism, albeit strong.

Sorry that happened. That your generosity inflamed her so violently, that your SD has to live with that her entire life. So sad.I think SD needs to cut her off, but we all know that wont happen, BMs can do the most horrid things and get away with it. The kiddos will still love them, still want a relationship with them, still look to them, still call them "mother".

She doesnt deserve the name "mother", imho. Neither does Toxic Troll, but there we are. You and I, 2 Barren B!tches (sounds like a rock group, lol) taking care of the kidlings that these monsters gave birth to.

Your post really resonated with me.

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'Ho has tried to get Mr. Pinhead to replace DH as father without success (except for SD23 who gushes all over him like he's the Second Coming...). I have no idea why she finds it intolerable for me to have a decent relationship with her children.

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Holy crap! I swear to god she makes Mommy Dearest look like a saint!
Poor SD I hope her moving helps create some distance from the ho!

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LMAO. Oh Ho' 

Super Classy as always. I feel I would keep my kids away from her for other reasons that because she's moving. 

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Right, PA?? But we all know the siren song of blood is strong. Even when that blood is tainted.

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Even when the blood is literally liquid crazy or tar it's strong.

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Come on, tog. Everyone knows people are on their best behavior when they start dating. 'Ho was able to hide her narc side until it was too late. Also, 'Ho's drinking has seriously escalated over the years. 

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Ah, that makes sense.  Especially the drinking. 

BM here is quietly toxic and I can see why DH missed it for many years.  She would not ever use a laptop as a trampoline out of jealousy, too obvious. 

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BioHo truly believes that "A drunk 'Ho is a FUN 'Ho!" Per SS16, 'Ho drinks every night.

'Ho is a narc and considers her children to be extensions of herself - not separate entities. Three years ago, SD26 and family moved "too far away", in 'Ho's opinion (a 40-45 minuter drive) When SS20 joined the Army 2 years ago, he escaped 'Ho's control (SS20 is 'Ho's obvious favorite and she freaked out). SD23 moved out earlier this year. 'Ho actually texted DH, trying to get him to convince SD23 to NOT move out. 

That leaves SS16 and Spawn11. For about a year now, SS16 has been talking about moving to AZ as soon as he graduates HS. Why? TO GET AWAY FROM 'HO.

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OSD should have called the cops on 'Ho. Thank goodness the gskids weren't there.

Hopefully SD's H will draw some hard boundaries after this. That way, OSD won't have to find the strength to.

Aniki, 'Ho seems to have ramped up (or spiraled down, whichever) in the last year or so, and loses it when she has to be around you or hear about you. Please, PLEASE watch your back.

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Agreed, Exjulie. However, I think he is somewhat intimidated by 'Ho and her epic wrath and worried how it will carryover to their little ones. I honestly do not know what it would take for SD26 and hubby to ban 'Ho - and it's a bit frightening to consider.

Thank you, sweetie, I will. Thanks to my psychotic exh, I have never lost the habit of "checking my six". *give_rose*

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Wait, he procreated 5 times with the crazy? HOLY effin- how did I now know this? Or did I just forget, and also WHAT the hell?



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BioHo has 5 kids. Only 2 of them are DH's.

SD26 is DH's STEPdaughter, whom he has raised since she was 2yo.
SD23 and SS20 are DH's bios.
SS16 is DH's STEPson. 'Ho has no idea who fathered him, but it was not DH. They were separated at the time. 'Ho swore (IOW, lied) that she would never cheat again. DH stupidly believed her and forgave her because he loves his kids.
Spawn11 was spawned after DH and 'Ho split up.