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the sh!t hath hitteth the fan

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SD26 graduates from college this Spring. The graduation ceremony is next month. DH and I received our invitation yesterday. I was flattered to be part of the invite. IMO, this is more proof that SD26's and my relationship is progressing well.

What DH and I did NOT know is that invites are limited to two people per graduate. Sooooooo.....
Guess who won't be at SD26's graduation ceremony?

That's right. BioHo is NOT invited. DH just called me about the screamfest 'Ho left on his voicemail (he played it for me). Stuff along the lines of "how dare that barren b!tch try to take MY rightful place at MY daughter's graduation!".

Hellz bellz, DH didn't know that SD26 was attending the ceremony, that invites were limited, and that she was EXcluding 'Ho.

My oh my oh my. I wonder what kind of message 'Ho left for SD26... Dirol



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So glad that it's progressing so well!!!! Really sounds like SD26 is turning over a new leaf!!!

In other news... SD26 in trouble....

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Its great when we can see it in real time.


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Seems 'Ho texted SD26 asking when graduation was... and received a text saying it was next month, but she invited only DH and me. SD26 texted DH that 'Ho was having a total sh!t fit. I can only imagine what 'Ho said to SD26...

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Tuff, it definitely put a bounce in my step! It's painful, but I'm bouncing DAMMIT!!!

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I love the 10 Things I Hate About You reference

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Of course it is! I obviously brainwashed SD into doing it. Has absolutely NOTHING to do with the facts that DH helped SD26 with tuition the first 2 years and that I have encouraged SD over her career choice. I wonder if 'Ho actively discouraging SD getting a degree by constantly telling her she (SD) needs to be a SAHM and maligning her academic path has anything to do with the lack of invite...

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Some really GOOD wine! Biggrin

Me thinketh the meltdown hath begun. This oughta thaw out Lake Superior a little faster...

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I want to punch BioC*nt in the d!ck for referring to you as the “Barren Bitch.” She can’t be anymore heartless, vile or horrible,  can she? I f*cking hate that contemptible whore.

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Sweetie, you could possibly lose an arm attempting that. You'd better strap a railroad tie to your hiney before you do. We need something to grab onto to pull you back out of that cavernous gash!

It's times like this I fondly recall a meme that could have been written for 'Ho...

One baby daddy,
Two baby daddies,
Three baby daddies,
How many baby daddies does it take
To make you a whore?

Four baby daddies for five kids? Yep. Definitely written about 'Ho!

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Awful, rotten, evil, pseudo-mother, c!mdumpster, pathetic, STD-contaminated sl!t! 

Filthy, unscrupulous, gutter trash.

She really makes me deeply angry! 

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I wish! Sad I’m either raging or bawling my eyes out. Pre-menopause is a real salty bitch ffs. Sad

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If I remember correctly, SD26 isn't DH's bio, is she? That only makes it all the better. Not only did 'Ho lose out on the invite, she lost it to nurture versus nature.

I wanna high five your SD!

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You are correct, Lt Dad!! SD26 was 2yo when DH rebounded with BioHo. ~sob~

Dealing with 'Ho is like trying to catch a yo-yo made out of razor blades, on a line of razor wire, while it is on fire with napalm, and shooting out poisonous barbs.

'Ho has made a YUGE effort to discourage SD26 - in her love life, her personal life, her school choices, getting a tattoo.... If it wasn't something 'Ho did/wanted; she believed that SD26 should not do/want those things either. I'm certain that it ticks off 'Ho to no end that SD26 asks for and respects my opinion.

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LMAO!!! Something like "whn grd"?

Seeing as SD grew up with BioHo's 'illiteracy', I'm certain she can interpret. I'm willing to bet 'Ho left a screaming vm if she couldn't speak to SD.

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it’s just golden. I love it! 

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So true, Cooooookies!! For almost 10 years, I've done my best to take the high road, keep my chin up, and be a good person. When I made mistakes, i apologized. Sincerely. I have NEVER tried to usurp BioHo's place, but she seems to believe that's my ultimate goal. All I want is to have amiable relationships with the skids. I feel very blessed to have more than that with SD26.