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OT - Thankful Thursday

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I am extremely thankful that my DH's surgery was a success and he is in Recovery. He was certain I'd leave a widow. So grateful he was wrong. Hug your loved ones.


Edit to Add...

I was so frazzled, I posted on Wednesday, thinking it was Thursday! *wacko*


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Great news Aniki, glad all is well and I hope Mr. Aniki gets on the mend.

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Best wishes for your DH's full recovery to fighting fitness! xx

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Hope your DH recovers well.

Quite the worry Aniki so sending prayers.


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And speedy healing

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Great news!  Healing thoughts and prayers being sent to your DH

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Great news, Ani. I nearly joined the widow's club a few months ago and it is a scary thing.

Hope the recovery is speedy.

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I'm so glad he is ok. That is great news, Aniki!

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Thank you all so much for the well wishes and support! It means a lot!!!

Mr Aniki was so convinced he would die on the operating table, he called all of the kids on our drive to the hospital to tell them he loved them. Then he told me how much he loved me and he'd be waiting for me on the other side. It was THE most agonizing and endless wait. Naturally, the surgery took longer (started on time, ended an hour late) so my nerves were twanging. I cannot remember ever having been so mentally and emotionally exhausted.  Add all of the driving ( snowing!) and the day was loooong. I'm seriously considering taking tomorrow off of work. *sorry2*

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I'm so glad Mr Aniki had a successful surgery.  Best wishes for a swift recovery.

You should definitely take the day off and give yourself some space to get over the stresses.

You will both be in my thoughts.

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I am so glad that Mr Aniki is out of surgery and in recovery. You must be a nervous wreck! Definitely take today off and spend it on you. Feet up, log fire, hot chocolate, good book ... Take advantage of the snow and just snuggle in a blanket and let the relief and gratitude wash over you. You'll have your hands full with your DH once he's home. 

Sending nought but positive trans-atlantic vibes to you both.

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Winterglow, I did. I emailed King Pita at 6am that I would not be in, checked on DH, and went back to bed. Woke up at 10ish, got a drink of water, checked on DH, then  crawled back in bed. Woke up about 12:30. I swear I could've gone back to sleep, but got up and had some toast. Made DH some coffee, then curled up in my recliner with a book. Took an hour-long nap from 5-6. Made breakfast for dinner and we watched a movie. Being emotionally and mentally drained is exhausting! I really needed the rest. 

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So glad it all went well. 

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My Dear Ani,

Forgive my ignorance, but I had no idea that Mr. A was about to have surgery. Please accept my apologies for having overlooked that important message!

Hon, Mr. grannyd suffered a triple bypass a decade ago and when he was wheeled into surgery, he was undaunted. In fact, he insisted that if he failed to survive the operation, he would “become part of everything, where we all come from.”

There are men (and women, certainly) who are physically and emotionally intrepid. From what I know of Mr. Aniki, he is much like Mr. grannyd; one of those fellows who confront danger with singular courage.

Once again, I must congratulate you on having ‘secured’ (Pride and Prejudice, Charlotte Lucas) the superior man who managed to escape the grip of ‘BioHo’. The fates blessed us, m’dear! And, your Dear Man will survive and thrive to evoke:


‘Many is the time I couldn't tell you my own name! Blush

Please, oh please, keep us posted! 


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Granyd, I mentioned 2-3 weeks ago that Mr Aniki would be having surgery. There's a lot to read here. No apologies necessary!

He's doing well today. I removed the surgical packing/dressing and the bits covering all of the incisions (arthroscopic, so no major cutting). As much as he detests taking them, he actually took pain meds today. Th doctor did a LOT of work, so no surprise he has a lot of pain. His appetite is back on track. He had not been eating as much. In hindsight, he was down because he "knew" he wasn't going to make it. Ish. He's hungry again and I was happy to cook what he asked for tonight: 3 egg cheese omelet, back bacon, and biscuits with cherry jam. 

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Grand news, Ani!

The fact that Mr. A has recovered his appetite bodes well. Although, with a superlative cook providing the eats, even a stone anorexic would be hard pressed to refuse the nourishment. Your spread sounds so damned good that you have me drooling. 

Mr. grannyd loves ‘breakfast for dinner’ and I just happen to have Canadian back bacon, homemade strawberry jam and real maple syrup on hand. Rather than an omelette, I think that I’ll whip up some French toast. Hmmm… I’ll be dusting off the grill for tomorrow’s dinner the minute that I forward this post!

Many hugs to Mr. A; remind him that oodles of your internet friends are rooting for him and sending  prayers/positive vibes and healing thoughts. He's bound to recover! ❤️

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Well... I know what he likes. *blush*

Big hugs and smooches to you, dear friend!