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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers!

I am thankful for:

  • All of the military veterans. Since my grandfather immigrated from Finland, members of my family have fought in every war since WWI, in every branch of service. 
  • My loving DH. Last night, my feet were cold. Not only did he get me some thick & fuzzy socks, he put my feet on his lap and rubbed them with his big, warm man hands. <3
  • My Dad, who is still calling/texting every night to check on his Whozit (childhood nickname).
  • You. Thank you so much for the PMs and well wishes for my continuing recovery. 



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My mom- no matter what crazy things happen she always gets it

DH- he worries about my happiness and fusses over me when I'm stressed. I love that man

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Today I'm especially thankful for my DH. To read my posts on StepTalk you might get the impression that he's less than terrific. That's because StepLand is not like real life and he is blind and weak when it comes to his kids. Disengagement has saved my sanity, and probably marriage.

But real life is different. Every morning he asks what task he can do to make my day easier.  He tells me I'm beautiful and smart and strong. He's a huge intellect and a good cook and mixes a nice margarita. He plays the piano and sings to me. This morning as I was leaving for work he came outside just to give me an extra kiss. Made me laugh, and that simple thing has stayed with me all day.

Is he perfect? No, not nearly. But's perfect enough for me.

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Thankful that I am healthy

Thankful to be living a peaceful life

Thankful for my sister, who has been through hell and back with me

Thankful for this site. Without it I may have caved and gone back. My ex DH is blocked but he "runs" into me near my work, my grocery store I go to, even at the cemetary where my twin is RIP. I always ignore and look the other way. 

Thankful Aniki is recovering from the dreaded C.

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I'm thankful that today is Friday and I'm working from home.

I'm thankful that DH is cleaning the dishwasher.  

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TASM, initially, I did not care for WFH. I have acclimated nicely and now dread the day I have to go back to the office!

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Pre pandemic, I refused to WFH.  Even if I had stuff to do at the weekend, I'd go to the office.  I didn't want work to "infect" my personal space.  Like you, I've completely changed.

The only thing the office is good for is increasing my steps dramtically.  Its about a mile overall in communiting walking time and then add on the running around the office just to basic things like get a drink or leave the office to find a place to buy lunch.

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The office increased my steps because I was fleeing annoying people! LOL

It's so much nicer to get up a little earlier and walk around in the dark/quiet. Biggrin