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Adjusting to single living again...

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It's been a few months now since I walked out of hell, lol. At first I thought I might break and go back but, it turns out that I'm a lot stronger than I ever imagined. I won't lie, it's been an adjustment for me.

I love to cook and re-learning how to shop and cook for one has been one of the most difficult things for me. I eat ALOT of leftovers now, Wink . Then I realize that I'm actually saving money so I feel better about it, lol.

Sleeping alone was an easy fix... I adopted a pup from a local rescue. He doesn't steal the blankets or snore, so that's a plus in my book Smile . We go to the local obedience club and have met many wonderful people. Even a few single (and yes, CHILDLESS) men. No dates for me though. Just not ready for that right now. Here's something ironic for you, I ran into my XH and one of the SK's while I was walking my new bestie. As soon as they saw us, they immediately tried to pet my friend. They didn't get 3 feet from us, when he let out this big boy bark as if to say... STAY AWAY! It worked, they turned and walked away without even a simple hello. XH looked a bit on the haggardly side. I almost felt sorry for him... almost.
Anyway, that dog must have known what kind of people they are b/c he usually loves everyone. They say, animals can sense evil.... it must be true, lol. }:) XH called 2 days later and left me a VM (I don't take his calls) telling me that it was nice to see me doing well and that single life seems to agree with me. He said he was glad I had a good protector. He even asked if we might ever get past all of the ugliness and maybe have a cup of coffee one day soon. I deleted and never called him back. No going backwards for me.

I'm still planning on moving back to my hometown after the first of the year but, for now, I am doing better. I get stronger with each new day and in those few fleeting moments of weakness, I just come here and read all of the happenings and feel grateful that I am no longer a 'stepmonster'. I owe many of you a huge thanks. For the wonderful words of wisdom you took time to share with me, and for the continued sharing of your stories.... stories that remind me of how lucky I truly am.

Best wishes to all!



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CONGRATULATIONS A MILLION TIMES OVER!!!! And yes, I shouted that! I'm SO very happy for you! And your dog, your protector, what a perfect situation. You saved him and now he's helping to "save" you!!!!

Strength sure feels good doesn't it? I can relate. I'm unsure of your entire story, but from a fellow woman of a bad/unhealthy past relationship - nothing feels quite like being out on your own and doing things for yourself.

So glad you are doing so well!!!!! Biggrin

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Yay for you! and that is one smart pup you have there! The leash is kinda like an umbilical cord- and dogs have very savvy senses. He barked his big boy bark because I'd bet a dollar to a donut that you tensed up and tightened the leash and totally changed your body language... that gave pup the message that they were bad news- and he did a great job!!