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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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Anyone have nice skids that you still can't stand? Feeling terrible :/

SS4 is a sweetie.

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Need advise

I started dating this guy because I saw how much his kids mean to Jim. He is a truly awesome man. We moved in together. At the time my D was 4years old and his s 8/9 & D 4y.

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Games and Lies

DH and I were on pins and needles a bit this morning, wondering if BM would cause Thanksgiving Day Drama after yesterday.

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Quick Thanksgiving Rant

Does anybody else get angry at holidays because their DH doesn't help at all??

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Wow... these people...

SO FIL came over last night to help DH put his winter tires on.

He came up first, but DD was already in bed (9 oclock at night - duh) and we all ended up talking.

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My own special Disney Dad

I always knew that my husband struggled with "raising" his children, which is ironic because he is usually excellent with dishing out discipline.

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Just and update and addition....SS19 has been entrusted to sort his housing out...

I spoke with SS19 last night, gathered more info regarding his eviction. It is based on his ignorance and lack of maturity and knowledge (he is a very immature 19 and does have dyslexia).

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Turkey day hell part 1

Part 2 is likely to come tomorrow, after we have hosted our own Turkey Day.
A little background will likely be necessary for you to grasp my extreme annoyance.