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Blocking Private Messages

Users can block unwanted private messages by going to their user page, clicking the edit tab and scrolling to the bottom.

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I wish MIL would just butt out once in awhile

I know there is realistically nothing that I can do about this.

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cancer scare for the ex husband

So my ex husband asked me just now on a facebook message if I could keep our kids Monday September 14th. He says today he had a ultrasound for a lump in his breast.

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completely disengaging

After this past weekend I am completely disengaging. I'm 2 weeks post-op, still in a lot of pain. We had the skids. Saturday, we go to the grocery store for some dinner things. PigPen goes with.

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Its been a while

It's been a while since I have been on here. Things are going well. Havent had to deal with any step kid issues (not to say that there arent any, just that they have not affected my life).

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So, yes, I think BM is a loser. And yes, I think her habitual weed smoking contributes to a lot of it, along with just flat out bad DNA. She is a lazy person by nature.

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SM Bill of Rights

See this and had to save it so I could use it later.

Step Mother's Bill of Rights
Submitted by Marbear on Sun, 06/20/2010 - 9:14pm

Stepparent Rights

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SS has to everything my daughter does

Ss and my daughter are in the same grade at school. They have some classes together. They do band together. They go to church together.

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Emancipated Pumpkinhead (OSS stb 19) Has a Seasonal Job at an Outlet Mall In the BM's Hometown--Possible UN-emancipation Looming

Last year at this time, Pumpkinhead emancipated himself by "secretly" moving out of the Girhippo (BM)household and into his paternal Uncle's house which is about almost an hour away from the Gir's hou

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O/T- Loaning money to family

So, I was just looking at our bank account and happily surprised. We are ahead on bills and still have a lot leftover. We should be able to put $300 into savings since he gets paid again next week.