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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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I honestly think I'm done...

So, DH & I get along fairly well most of the time, until SD comes to visit. She spent the nite the last two nites. I was sound asleep when she came banging on the door last nite.

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it's skid weekend and I'm hiding in the bathroom

SS12 is driving me nuts. BM this BM that. She's a great cook, I miss her. Is she picking us up?

No Ss12. She's not picking you up til Tues and DH and SS14 says she's a shitty cook.

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"Call me if you ever need bail money."

We were all in the car today and DH was joking around with the skids about what they will be doing later in life. DH makes the comment "Call me if you ever need bail money." with a smile on his face.

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Do all skids with Krazy BMs ditch their dad?

Tog's blog got me thinking.

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O/T Witches of Eastwick

Just flipping through channels and hit on Witches of Eastwick. What a great movie! The book is beyond amazing and they actually stayed relatively true to it. Hmmm.....I seriously need to get laid.

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What are you eating???

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I have spent this weekend rolling my eyes and keeping my mouth shut

I dread every weekend that DH visits with SD, age 12. He doesn't bring her here but there are always things that he feels the need to tell me about there visits.

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Going Forward

So after BM's little ambush Friday night, we have had a good weekend. I'm thrilled that SS15 is not here and DH is getting less and less bothered by it.

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BM inviting people to a party she's not hosting

This year it's my DF's turn to host the party for SD9. His ex is obsessed with the invite list because she doesn't have anything else to focus on in her life, being unemployed and all.