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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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Bm had a stalker. Part two

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on my previous blog.

Dh has decided just to let it all play out. He is not sending SS to his moms this weekend. End of story. Period.

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BM never enforces punishments!

SD14 is never going to start acting right if BM doesn’t follow through with the punishments she decides on! BM pulled SD14 out of color guard (read previous blogs about that) with DH’s support.

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BM Choosing the easy way out... I had a feeling this would happen.. = /

Let me start out this Blog by saying it may be a little on the long side, and I'm sure I will have a few rants with in. I just don't get what BM is thinking...

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BM found SS16's currency

I guess Whackadoodle has packed up her Chinese bling jeans and relocated officially to Colorado.

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BM & Her attorney suck big time

DH and BM agreed on Sept 16 for him to have sole legal and physical custody and she has supervised visitation bc she is a freakin mental case, alcoholic and possible methhead.

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Just to get it off my chest....

Both SD have out right fits when told to brush their teeth and hair. Both admit to doing it daily with BM, but I get to be crowned evil SM because I expect them to do the most basic of tasks...

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Last minute crap again

Here it is 3:30 in the afternoon and I just got a phone call to inform me that SD 16 has a concert this evening. And to ask if I have any problem with DH going.

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RO renewal - SO has video of BM sitting one person away from him.

But, is this worth even bringing up?

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O/T - yes, I'm still pregnant

Today alone, 7 people (yes I counted) have asked me stupid shit like "you're still here?!" "Still haven't had that baby yet?" "You look ready to pop!" "Omg you've gotten even bigger"