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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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O/T - What do you think of this verdict?

I've been watching this case for awhile. I am very pleased with the outcome. Some may say "vigilante justice."

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Bitch It Out Thursday !

My bitch is to our agency policy on cell phones and iPads. It's just stupid. We can have them with us, sort of.

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Would you just leave it alone part 2

Carried over from this topic.

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Pack Your Imperative Items Properly Through Movers

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Drac0's Inferno Part VIII






Oh man…I am so done with this camping trip.


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So I am away on vacation and it is anything but relaxing, at this point.

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Making use of Of Relocating Trade For Transferring Of Goods

For those supplying and also going similar questions, the very best answer should be to pick greatest employing packers along with movers company if you take evaluations as a whole regarding switching

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Do I keep quiet or blow OH's world apart with possible revelation on SS17

Okay, SS17 (as previous blogs) has been at it as per usual. I think I mentioned previously that we had been told SS17 was taking cocaine, and OH was devastated and angry.