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Blocking Private Messages

Users can block unwanted private messages by going to their user page, clicking the edit tab and scrolling to the bottom.

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Recent Site Abuse

StepTalk Users,

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Web Design and Its Importance

This is a tech-savvy world. People are dependent on internet for all their work. Digital business has made a remarkable impression in the world.

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It's a learning curve gets easier. To say it straight.

This morning, while making coffee, DP says to me "I need to do something about SD11 being online so much."
I have heard this sooooooo many times now.

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Need advice calling for police escort tomorrow at BM house

Once again BM wants to interpret the court order her own way, this has been a constant thing, yes even after getting a court order#!! Still acting like she can't understand or switches it up.

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Inner Turmoil

I've been sitting here, for over an hour staring at this screen trying to think of a way to vent without it taking 903482093 paragraphs to do so..and with it making sense.

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Really BM is an idiot!

Well BM spent Sunday night in the hotel.. We just found out that SD stayed with her best friend from Sunday until Thursday evening when SO got back into town and picked her up..

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Well this changes things

So today DH had his son in law over. We got to talking about how picky SGD and SD are. SIL made the comment that at least he knows the kids with his DNA will eat whatever.

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Should I be responsible for babysitting my husbands children

I married a man with three kids and I accept him with his children. However they are three small children age 10 five and three. I have one 13-year-old boy.

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Reason #422 why your ex should not work where you work

VD works where DH works, she got the job just this year. She's been trying to get hired on since her and DH split but he had her blacklisted.