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Problems Posting???

If you are having problems posting either a blog or forum entry, please send me a private message.

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I'm ready to walk away from the whole lot.

Apparently I'm the only one anywhere who doesn't think kids can just do whatever the hell they want.

I fucking give up. I SO don't want to hear about it when all 5 kids are rotten human beings.

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Fastest Easter on Record

SS14 got a weekend pass from his treatment center. From 8pm Sat thru Mon - DSO will be working Monday.

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OT- DH has too many single women "friends"

Ugh, I hate that this even bothers me but damnit, he's mine and these women need to find their own man instead of relying on mine so much!

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I hate this petty bullshit!!!

I'm so tired of the games dealing with the fucking clothes!

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The end of the power trip...

Girl isn't going down without a fight I guess.

She was all good with coming back for the holiday

Then BM came back from the park with 8 and 9.

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Well Bm never dropped ss12 off for Easter vacation and not responding to calls/texts. She keeps telling us her lawyer said she didn't have to.

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Something amazing happened. A SM miracle.

The skids have turned into complete computer junkies. They spend all their time in the basement or in their rooms. It's like I'm mostly home alone with DS!

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Bf is a liar??

Hi. I'm 29 sb30 In January.

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Hate Biting my Tongue and Having no Say

HATE sitting here all night, biting my tongue. Unable to say a word about how we should handle SD. Biting my tongue. And DH wonders why I have to complain on a website.