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Problems Posting???

If you are having problems posting either a blog or forum entry, please send me a private message.

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O/T He Likes Vaginas!

So here I am, sitting out on my pool patio. That is essentially half of the back yard at this house, and we are surrounded by 10 foot brick walls.

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Between rock and hard place...

This is my first blog ever and it is pretty much going to be a book. (Sorry!) I understand if you don't take the time to read it. I am actually giving the cliff notes version believe it or not lol.

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I need help I have a 7 year old stepson whom I love very much. But as he gets older its starting to get harder.

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GREAT article about most DH's and their struggle to deal with their ex(es)

This article was given to me in another post and I think it is absolutely brilliant.

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She needed to get in her ten minutes of parenting this year......

Said my DH when he found out yesterday that BM called the school, emailed teachers, logged on to the parent portal for the first time EVER, AND sent him an email expressing her concern for SS16's grad

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Can you spot the photoshop!!!!!!

Here is another one for you ladies.

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Insurance Question RegardingAdult SK

I have a ?. I have an SK19.5 that does not live with us. He lives between his girlfiends and his Aunts. He has graduated and works when he wants to for a couple of farmers.

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Do you ever answer BM's texts as DH or delete them and not tell him?

To an 11pm text, I told her off for texting too late, letting her think it was him.