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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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Is it easier for stepdads?

I admit it. I'm jealous of my stepkids' soon to be step dad. They have adored him from the beginning, living everything he loves and fighting over his attention. Me?

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Update to counseling

So we had our first session with counselor. And I really liked her, and her approach to our first sit down.

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why ss will never get it.

Tonight was an awesome example of ss not having common sense and his father not helping to fix it.

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Refusing to be child centric

This was posted last year, but I go back and reread it sometimes. I love it. I hate living in a child centric world.

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SS10 but not SD14

I just told DH about SS10 having a google plus page. I looked through it and SS10 hasn't posted anything inappropriate, no bad language or inappropriate pics. It's all video game stuff lol.

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BM went to jail - Warning - Lots of "F" bombs!

I haven't been on here for quite sometime because I've learned to completely disengage from BM and the skids. It was 8 months of pure bliss!!!

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Totally O/T! I got my valentines gift early!

Ok, so I gave DH his valentines gift early (Mara the rottweiler). It just worked out that way.

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Court and cavities

So today was the last day for Mrs. Timberlake to respond to the writ of summons. Nary a peep from her so they are just going to go ahead and set a court date.

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I just noticed your tag line!! Bwwwwaahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

I officially have a nerd girl crush on you.