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DH hired a hooker while I was out of town.

So, I haven't filed for divorce yet. Mostly just because I haven't had time, but also because DH kept saying he wanted to go to marriage counseling.

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Well this changes things

So today DH had his son in law over. We got to talking about how picky SGD and SD are. SIL made the comment that at least he knows the kids with his DNA will eat whatever.

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Should I be responsible for babysitting my husbands children

I married a man with three kids and I accept him with his children. However they are three small children age 10 five and three. I have one 13-year-old boy.

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Reason #422 why your ex should not work where you work

VD works where DH works, she got the job just this year. She's been trying to get hired on since her and DH split but he had her blacklisted.

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Currently waiting for the cops

So, there are definitely kids in this world that are way more fucked up than my skids and probably most of our skids.

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need some advice

Ok, putting it out there, I'm first time pregnant. I feel like I know when my hormones are on the rage andwhen they are not.

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"Point of honor to bring her to tears before main course arrived"

Googled "wicked stepchildren" and a host of interesting results came up. This is my favorite one so far. She is writing as a stepchild who is now adult.

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SO and I are done.
I love him dearly but clearly he doesnt feel the same way.