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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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O/T - To be a bitch or not

My cousin contacted DH last night via FB to ask if he would buy her foodstamps (aka sell her card for cash).

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Yay for DH!

Okay, so I want to tell you guys what DH said to his douchey brother.

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Will SS15 Ever See the Light?

SS15 has made no improvement in his treatment of us since I last posted. He continues to ignore us all. In turn, we do nothing for him but the bare minimum.

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I was nice enough to pick up the SKs from BM and let DH sleep since he works nights. As we are pulling out BM is waving bye to them and I said wave to your mom she's waving at you...

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Need help getting started..

What type of info is needed to hire an attorney to establish a custody agreement?

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The drama is too much for me.

SOrry to blog hog. I found out this morning there is no legal action we can take. I am just screwed. Went to the high school and asked for a meeting with OSS and the principal.

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Ramble, Ramble Ramble

just letting off steam. I have admitted to myself I wish my osd was not living in our house. She is getting under my skin more and more every day.

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Who Put these Ideas in my Daughter's Head?

Last week my DD8 was having some trouble with her homework. She had to write six sentences, three about what she has already learned at school, and three about what she would like to learn about.

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Drac0's Inferno Epilogue

Sorry I’m a little late with this. I had one VR entry to transcribe and it’s really just an epilogue. After I do this I think I will be taking a break from STalk for a while.