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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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Loaning money

So DH and I have created a new budget.

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Just heard Iyanla say

Extended and extensive pain will render you unconscious.

Wow, that was profound.

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Should your DH or SO let you know when he's run into BM somewhere and interacted with her?

If your DH or SO is out with skid during his/her parenting time, and BM shows up where they are, would you want to know that there was an interaction with BM and how it went?

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Do bio-parents have to coordinate with each other how old kid needs to be before staying home alone?

Do you think bio parents should agree on (or even discuss) how old the kid needs to be before he stays home alone in either house, or do you think this is purely at the discretion of each parent & ste

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My first experience with disengaging

SS11 continues to have atrocious table manners, despite my genuine efforts, and DH"s half-assed efforts, over the last 2 years to help him at least appear civilized at the table.

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SD is here on BM's weekend... Again

So SD8 went pumpkin picking with her cousin last weekend. FDH stayed home with me and BS7mos. Not sure why but I did point out that he might want to go with her for the purpose of memory creation.

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Stand up for me!

My husband and I are recently married, but have been together for 4 years, living together with his half time 9 year old son for 3 years.

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Am I the voice of reason? Convo 2 of 2

The other night DH and I were having a conversation about what to do this weekend while the kids are here and allowances and chores.

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Am I the the voice of reason? Convo 1 of 2

Convo 1 was with DH about BMs request to have skids for Xmas. It's DHs year for it. DH wanted to know if I had a problem with it (we have nothing planned yet so no).