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OT - So cute and an abuse update

So BS7 came to mine after school today as I have had the hell of 5 x 12 hour 7p-7a shifts in the last 6 days, so he was with his dad.

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Speaking of Lines Drawn in The Sand!

As we all know, my DH's idea of 'boundaries' is to gently and lightly draw them in the sand he liberally and willfully places his head into anytime his precious son breaks a rule, or generally acts ag

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DH tells BM to F_Off and that he no longer has any tie to her.......WHOOP WHOOPWHOOP!!!!

So it is the start of a long holiday weekend and apparently BM has decided to start imbibing early and then drunk dial her ex-husband of (count-em)*17 YEARS* (YSD aged out of CS at age 19 last AUGUST)

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easter with skids, bios, and who knows.......

So I saw the question asked on another blog about too old for egg hunting. I am wondering the same kind of thing. I am having to approach this from two different view points as a bm an as a sm.

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Update on DH and my boobs :)

Well, I must say y'all are some great ladies! Y'all made me feel better about the frustrations DH and I have been under. DH stayed home from work last night and took a double shift today.

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Dumbass. I shall refer to her forevermore as... dumbass.


We talked to minibm. Including me for once. She sounded weird. Broken. I don't know how to explain it, but I didn't like it.

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My light dimmed... but I'm not giving up that easy...

The last of the step kids graduates one month from today. I can see the end of the tunnel. 3 weeks after that, he leaves for Marine Boot Camp.