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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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Eff off Friday!!

Traffic, it's always traffic. It's just rain, people, not 6 inches of ice.

Drive already.

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OT teenage dating..any thoughts??

BS13 has a gf. Which at 13 means they talk on the phone & see each other at school. He plays on the football team, she's a cheerleader..it's cute. They've "dated" one month.

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OT: 10 hours of silent walking in NYC video

I have to go on a super angry rant, and my DH can't handle it anymore. Not because he doesn't support me, rather because he does.

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She is the monster who hides under my bed at night........

I wrote these words in my last blog and have been dwelling on them ever since.

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opinions on carrying skids on your health insurance

It's open benefit election season. Dh is required to carry sd7 on his health insurance. This year his employer provided insurance has gone up quite a bit.

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Breaking Bad News - Advice Time!

So, it's done. I am going to have to move, probably by the end of the year if I am to keep my shoes.

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crazy BM requests

DH and I just returned from an amazing vacation to the Caribbean to see my brother get married. Such a wonderful time, and technically our honeymoon.

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No shit Sherlock

Went to pick up SD11 at after school care, and as I'm walking up the counselor yelled, "Skid, your mom is here,". And SD said, "she is NOT my mom. That's my step mom."

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OT - What's With The Creeper-Face Selfies?!

I am not here to rip on people who take selfies. I've indulged in one or two myself while feeling particularly cute.