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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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I have been there!

Anyone fell in love with their DH Way before sd/ss came into the picture!? But couldn't be together because of distance or a complicated situation? Well I did ...

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I hate sharing his attention...
I hate having to share him at all...
I hate feeling like I'm competing with a little girl...

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Will the great state of Texas finally put the smack down on Whackadoodle?

Do pigs fly? No, they don't and nothing will happen to her.....again! Just a little scandalous info to break up your Sunday evening.

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Shutting It Down, Super Raaaaant

According to the CO, we have SD for the month of July but BM gets all day Sunday visitation. In my last blog I mentioned BM sent a lot of unnecessary stuff over. I'm going to burn it all!!!!

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new site or FB page?! any way to do it?!

It surely seems to have been highly eventful here lately, and not in a good way! Posters getting banned, more bullshit spam popping up, and more going on here it seems at steptalk.

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Please sign petition if you feel Dzty should be reinstated.

All of her blogs, her name, everything. This really should not be how she is treated admin. Have her back and please give us the list of rules you want. I for one have never seen a lost of rules.

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Why not?!?!?

since some peoples panties are in a twist and they are getting so butthurt so easily..I'll just leave this here Evil

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Damn it Tommar...fireball!!

Thanks a lot..all ur talk about it...having some now. Tis the shiznit lol..thanks...making my extend a stay skid wknd ok lol. That is all for now

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Why you got to be so rude...

I am taking a poll.....

When dealing with visitation and the custodial parent's family who's responsibility is it to inform of what the orders actually read as far as visitation goes?