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Blocking Private Messages

Users can block unwanted private messages by going to their user page, clicking the edit tab and scrolling to the bottom.

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Recent Site Abuse

StepTalk Users,

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What personality are you - Wacky Wednesday


Well well - this was fun doing it, it's so spot on it's unbelievable.

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The edmonton web design for online marketing

The web designing is an important aspect about to promote your business or anything like to promote your online service and information etc.

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Stupid SD power games

I posted a few days ago that I thought DH was checking out from skids. I misspoke. It turns out he has been calling her at the scheduled time but she hasn't answered the call or called him back.

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Does anyone know

if the gentleman (don't remember username) whose wife wanted to be poly-amorous has posted an update? I was curious about what happened when she returned from her trip with SS.

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Does anyone live with a Narcissist?

If so I would like to have some information on your experiences and how you deal with it on a daily basis.

See my previous blog for more background.

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Fun Little Twists ... EVERYWHERE!

So my SS11 is back home now since school will be starting soon. BM was very upset he chose not to live with her for the next school year. The transition from her to us was much easier this time.

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Tone Up Tuesday!

Heyyy guyyyys!!! Laughing out loud how's everyone doin! Anyone taken up hula hooping? or trampolining? Eye-wink anything else fun?

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Looking for opinions

SD13 is about to start 8th grade. She's been shaving her legs since 6th grade.