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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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Anyone else have a teen SD they were once good friends with but now you've been sidelined?

I thought everything would return to "normal" after all the bs that started in the beginning few months of the year (see earlier blogs) with FSD16. Well, what counts as normal in our lives. Nope.

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Walk down Memory Lane: What a difference a year can make.

DH was sitting in the breakroom at work one day and a woman came up to him who he'd known from high school. Luciferette was dating and that this point was now engaged to this woman's brother-in-law.

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Do They Listen to What They Say?

SD16 has been bugging all summer to have a friend come spend the weekend with her here. A week ago, DH finally allowed it for this weekend.

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Middle of the Night Ruminations

Of course, I didn't sleep well last night. DH and I talked some last night and in the middle of the night and he apologized for getting angry.

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Eff Off Friday!!

Live from my hospital bed, it's Eff Off Friday!!

Eff off to infections. Eff off to IVs. Eff off to blood draws.

The silver lining? No skids Smiling

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SD18 says, "My mom wants me under her control."

SD18 came by the house last night to pick up college textbooks we ordered for her through Amazon (this saved us more than $300.00). She stayed for a while to visit before DH had to go to work.

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Tell me how to describe these behaviors

My husband's cousin is visiting us, and this female is either crazy, or she hates me AND she's crazy.

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Mange kunstfilm indeni, ser man ofte en melankolsk mand iført en læderjakke gik hurtigt, mens du går, mens du holder en papirspo

Læger vrede, angst, tænkte den unge mand kæmper med en begrænset levetid døende, for sent at ringe til politiet, bilen hurtigt at finde deres vej, indtil han endelig stoppede bilen for at bære ham til

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I am Evil.....feeling sad about NEVER getting a break from SD coming up....wahhhhh

Blahhhhhhhh...I am sure we will win the custody case. I know there are many of you fighting to win your custody case. Please forgive me...however, I really LOVED my breaks.