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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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O/T - Drinking

My SO has a nappy braai coming up. I won't let him take the girls with him because he will drink. He is now ticked off with me. This view of mine has not changed in 3 years.

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Other people's children - book

I read this in the synopsis and thought how true it is:

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Close your legs and open a dictionary!

BM2 has several degrees. She has nursing degree(s), a Masters Degree and whatever degree(s) you need to earn before getting a Masters.

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Foul mouth little twit & annoying BM using lawyers

I was nice and baked cookies bc dh said that everyone had been good..so all the kids are standing there eating cookies and it turns into YSS calls OSS a fat ass or something of that sort.

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Dont you hate it when it works to be like your mom?

I'm 4(mumble mumble mumble) years old and the little part of me that's still 16-years-old me hates it when my mom turns out to be right...especially when it's a current situation similar to one when I

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Dishes for dummies

So making dinner and pull out the lid to the rice cooker, and it's filty dirty. Like it hadn't even been washed, but it's in the cabinet with the clean lids.

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Happy Anniversary - NOT

Today is supposed to be my and DH's tenth wedding anniversary. It's been a day from hell.

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O/T For Anyone Who Needs A Smile Today

This is beyond adorable. I hope the link works. Smiling