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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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Things You Did Not Know In Regards To A Koozie

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I want to work past my resentment for my sd

I have been in an on and off relationship with a man with two kids, 10 and 16.

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OMG what happened?

What happened? It's all blue and white and weird here

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SD19 is a trashy, classless wench!!

So I looked at SD19's instagram account today ( I know, WHY did I do that?) anyway she has posted a video of herself with a fake dick that she's sucking on and that then sprayed whipped cream in her m

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What is normal behavior in this situation?

If you have a boy or male skid this is for you! I'm pretty sure SS's behavior not normal but I like to double check.

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I Don't Want Christmas

I don't want to wrap the rest of these presents.

I just want to hide in a hole.

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What does it feel like?

If someone asked me what it feels like and why I'm so restless with a mad need to get away, I'd laugh.

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Do not want

Just found out that we have the skids for a total of 5 days this week.


Just. No.

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The SD who cried wolf!!

So if you've read my latest blogs, you know that for over 2 months now, SD10 has either called DH right before her time to come visit and told him she was sick or when she actually came to visit, she