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Site Related Problems??

If you are having any kind of site related problems, please send me a private message. I will take care of the issue ASAP.



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An étiquette blog got me thinking...

Another poster was talking about wedding etiquette and I didn't want to highjack her blog. I have found that proper etiquette has all but been lost lately.

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Poor SD. BM is so heartless.

So SD had a school conference on Monday where she shows the parent all the college readiness projects she's been working on all year and goes over her planned schedule for future classes and how it se

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Taxes and 50/50 Custody

Does anyone know what happens if both parents in a 50/50, week on-week off, custody situation claim the child. We've had the custody order since 2013.

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School Concert

SD9 asked me SO nicely last night to come to her school concert on Thursday. It's during the day, but I have a very laid back job and it's easy for me to take time off.

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Definition of "Skid Activities"

Apparently for BM, the definition = Hockey. Nothing else. LOL!

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It's not even a step thing...

So yesterday we get a call that BS5 (in Kinder) has been misbehaving on the bus and not listening to the bus monitor. After dinner, DH and I sit down to talk to him.

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ok im feed up w/ Bull S***

i have been w/ my DH for 5 and half years my ss's bday is tomorrow... he will be 6 we are all super excited well i also have a child that just turned 2 and my In laws treat the kids different...

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Conversations in StepHell

SO has been talking about going to TN to see his mom for years. That's all, just talking.

In the car on the way to work today

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Damn Weather!!

I'm so tired of all these school delays and openings. The mornings are my respite, and to wake up with the Disney Channel blaring drives me bonkers!