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Please do not post blog and forum posts in the comments.

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Boy it seems awfully convenient...

So.... today minibm wants to talk to DH. Let's recap the environment.

We got a ferret.

We got a trampoline.

Easter is this weekend....

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Serendipity! When fate and karma collide! Ha ha ha!

Things happen for a reason in life! Tee Hee Hee!

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Oh I forgot. Derf outfit update at court.

Well, it was a while since I have been able to give a derf outfit update. Well...

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Animal question...

A while ago, SD and I got two rabbits. She got a boy, I got a girl. They are both neutered/spayed, but I've still had to separate them because the boy keeps attacking the girl, and stealing her food.

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Depressed Today

DH and I (well me mostly) had a pregnancy scare, thank goodness I'm not pregnant, Even though I realized that at this point, I could probably care less if I have another baby, though the timing would

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