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Weddings about planned, marriage ALREADY over?

It's been a few monthss since I've been on and it's not because everything's hunky dory; just hasn't been any new developments.

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Artistic and Musical Steps

We had some posters who escape me right now but I'd really like to know how they are.

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Skids and their souls

Indigo posted this and It really made me think:

'I have never, ever, ever spent much time worrying about the state of someone else's soul' - about a stepkid.

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Getting ready for the fireworks

The SD princess should be receiving my apology and rebuttal card any day. Hope I'm at work when she does! I have an auto-reply text to incoming calls, one says WORKING CALL LATER.

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The toaster

I'm not a giant fan of toast since I do not eat bread.

The toaster is now living in a box in the garage marked "college stuff."

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BM the money leach - SOs learning a few things

Last night after SO spoke to the SDs on the phone BM gets on the phone asking SO questions about where my DS gets uniforms.

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Finally Moofasa Buys the SKIDS Beds

It's about damn time. The SKIDS have been sleeping with Moofasa for about 2 years now. Even after we offered her free loft beds when we moved. She declined and opted to buy her own.

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I did it

After the 11 years of staying out of everything to do with BM, I finally hit my breaking point! I did what she's had coming to her for a long time... I reported her to the CRA for tax fraud.

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Ugh...can't wait for this week to end

Almost thru the second day of Puke.