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Worry about your own relationship with your kid!

I have not spoken to my SD17 in four months. I stepped out from everything and I mean everything. The only way I will ever let her around me or in my home is if I am able to go toe to toe with her.

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Do any of your skids/kids do this?

Maybe it's just me, I had a sister only, and my boys are just that, a pair of boys.

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OT: "I'll Pray For You"

The blog about blending religions made me think about this phrase, one that I've been hearing a lot lately.

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I had a nightmare last night & I fear DH is forgetting our boundaries

Boundaries. DH had NONE when we first started dating. I was young, only 18, so I didn't care. I didn't think our relationship was serious. He was 22.

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He really IS a Skidmark....

seriously.....the kid literally can't wipe his own's, the other day, im standing at the dirty laundry basket and what do I see staring back at me??????

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Nature vs. Nurture: Related Post to StepKat's Intolerant SS10

StepKat just posted about her SS10s negative bias against gay people ("they're crazy!"). A sentiment that is apparently not shared by her SS12 and SD13.

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Anyone else deal with this crap?

BM is one of those obnoxious people who believes that because I'm a stay at home mom I have no responsibilities and am able to bend to her every whim at a moments notice.

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SS10’s gay comment.

How would you handle this? SS10 got a phone for his birthday over the weekend. This is his very first phone.

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What is my place as a SM?

My soon to be SS is currently acting out (has been) and his BF & BM have got one opinion from a Doctor of ADHD. I believe it to more than that based on research i have done.

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An "interesting" Easter weekend

We had a very interesting Easter weekend to say the least. It started on Friday when we picked up the kids. We had to bring them to their church so they could help with a fundraiser fish fry.