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Must be back to school- cuz SM and ExH are making ABSOLUatELY

Zero sense with scheduling.

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Plea deals and other ramblings! Happy Thursday Friday!!!!

It's my Friday, 4 day weekend coming up!

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Gettin' my Blog Hog on - This is what I get for half-ass bragging on the kid.

It was because I dared to brag on him just a little, wasn't it?

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Stuck in the middle

I have a SS10 with severe Oppositional Defiance Disorder and a hubby with ADD, Diabetes and I suspect anxiety issues.

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Dh and his double standards

Dh wants me to gush and fawn over sd8,the way I do with my bs and niece. I am very nice and thoughtful with sd, but not maternal,how he wants me to be with her. I just don't feel that deeply for her.

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Leave when SD comes?

I already posted once today, but I got such good feedback and support that I wanted to see what people thought about this situation. Sorry, this is kind of long.

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Does BM HAVE to update her address to CS???

Sorry to be a blog hog today but I'm just curious if Bm HAS to report her new address to CS? She's been there now like 5 months or so. Does it matter?

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Change of address WWYD

SS used to live with us in our current house. He however has not lived here in over 2 years. He still has not gotten a change of address.