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And now on the topic of spoiling kids...

We all know people who spend outrageous amounts of money on their kids.

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SO is irritating me AND "It's so great that your mom LOVES minihag"

I have two things that are getting on my nerves today...and both are relatively petty.

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OT - Am I being a bitch?

I have a friend who's 10 years younger than myself. We get along well but sometimes, I feel like she takes advantage of SO and I.

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Need opinions on this- Update from taxes, back child support issue

Update to this post yesterday:

Kind of thinking out loud but would like any opinions or feedback in case there isnt something I thought about.

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Just my opinion

When I first got with DH, BM was NOT happy. Although they were divorced and it didn't appear that she wanted him back, she was still..let's say, less than nice to me.

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making myself crazy

I love my husband more than life itself. However, on days like today I get so angry at him for no reason really. The skids don't come around, don't call, text, or acknowledge us at all.

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17 Yr old SS is Ruining my marriage

Long story....

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Why even have a court order????

Sorry, this is my second blog in 24 hours Sad Things have been HELL in my home life with DH and skids.

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Called The Principal... Wish I Hadn't. Gross-out warning.

Along with SS12's little parent notification yesterday there was a note from his principal asking that I call her.

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Nine years in, it never, EVER ends

I'm just so tired. You would think after nine years it would get better, but it never really does.