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Help! Therapist and CPS

I haven't posted in ages. IDK if any of you remember me or my story but my husband is abusive. Been married to him for almost 15 years

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I need prayers for DH today!!!

In Sept 2013, DH had a slip and fall and cracked his tailbone in two places...

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Youngest SS7/hearing imparied

My youngest SS7 is hearing impaired he was born at 26 weeks and had a few other issues at birth, but the main one that still effects him today is the hearing, he has to wear hearing aids.

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Just Let it Go

I just have to post this - I was at SD daugther's christening this past Sunday. BM was there with her husband. DH's family as well.

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Facebook isn't the right way to tell someone they have a child.

I know I posted about this earlier but the link didn't work for some.

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Thanksgiving worries me...

I guess I'm a terrible person, but I don't want the offspring to come to our Thanksgiving... I don't mean that I'm going to gripe and eventually allow her to come, I mean NO. This is why -

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Pick My Battles and Count My Blessings

Currently struggling with many thoughts of 15SS...while he does not appear to be a textbook "problem child"(counting my blessings), I can't help but wonder if it's ONLY attention that he seeks.

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Laughing to myself thinking about DH having to watch all these awful movies with SD

DH's "visitation" with YSD15 is usually taking her to the movies. She no longer visits in the house. (Long story, if you dont know it, ask me and I will go into details).

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contact with Skids when the Bm is near...

What are your opinions on interactions with your skids when Bm is near or within earshot? Like hugging/talking on the phone.