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The boy needs to get some friends, stat

BM's and SM's of teenagers, can you tell me if this shit is normal?

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DH thought with his heart and not his head

My husband has three children from two previous marriages - two girls and one boy. The oldest girl lives in PR and the other two lived in Texas.

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Important Factors To Be Looked At As While Constructing A Home

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Need advice - due to see dh in an hour and think were getting a divorce

So our relationship has been so rocky in the last year if I'm being honest, maybe even longer than that but two things have happened this week which have really put me over the edge.

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Possibly a breakthrough with DH in regards to that psycho who call herself his mother!

I walk in the door and within five minutes, I'm getting the irritated, angry voice and pissed off attitude from DH. Why?

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Update - we are sending ss14 off with the aunties

Aunt # 2 offered to play plane fair for ss and her to visit aunt #1 for a five day visit. So it's a go.

Dh thinks aunt # 2 is trying to redeem herself for not being involved.

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Nerves calmed down a bit

I kept thinking it was friday yesterday. Jeeze.
Our CS modification hearing is actually in 4 days, not two.

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Ever wish your SO was as scared of you as he/she is of the Ex?

The title says it all. That's what popped in my head yesterday.

In the Blender

TickedOff's picture what the hell?

Have you guys heard about this mess? DH saw it on a youtube video and told me about it. I went and checked out the site.

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Trying to Disengage

DH has assured me we will seek counseling this time...if not I am out of here. Cannot continue to live under the scrutiny. In the meantime, I am trying to disengage.