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Are kids an extension of them??

In speaking to my friend today, I was asking why DH, and most divorced men in general, get so bent out of shape if we don't just adore and love their children.

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Update: It's official!!!

When I saw your replies, I teared up! Closing went fantastic! My house note was even smaller than I anticipated! The previous owners were absolutely adorable. A young couple with two little ones.

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Have you popped out that baby yet??? Did you ask him if he is really who he says he is????

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Decision will come Mid-November

SS14 had his testimony in front of the judge this past Monday.

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Waiting for that stern talking to

SD18 was arrested for stealing, in July and had court in August. She was fined and released.
I found out about it on Monday and promptly told H.

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Presents - questions!

So I discussed here a while back how holidays will be changing gin our home based on who has SD that holiday. (Actually the idea came from other SMs here)

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Dude, I don't care

SS7 made high honor roll at school. He got a reward today. DH sent me a text about it and I was able to muster up "sweet" as the response.

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It's official!

I am a home owner. It's official. Woooooo!! Wow. I'm excited!

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O/T Anyone Have Advice on Visiting NOLA??

Want to head down there just before Good Friday next year. Looking forward to beignet and chicory coffee!! Am purposely missing Mardi Gras--might encourage Chef's wild side and we don't want that.

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trying very hard, not to SAVE dh from his own son

I hear the Lil arguments. I hear the "just a few more minutes dad" ugh or dh trying to guilt me into dealing with his son. I won't and will not get involved.