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Walk down Memory Lane: "You have a Mickey Mouse car."

In December 2005 DH and I bought an '05 Dodge Neon--well technically it was me because that was the year DH filed bankruptcy, so anything we purchased like this was always in my name.

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Reality Check Please

Hi, sometimes i worry i am being too hard on SD16.

This month so far shes had.

200.00 holiday spending money.
Cinema trip with all the trimmings.
New iphone 5s
40.00 pocket money.

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My ankle hurts so bad I've been awake since two am. Sad

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Crazy never changes

exH is still screaming at DS13 over the phone when he feels the need. His family is going to suffer the consequences of letting him live at exMIL's house.

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Supima Design Competition Adds Two Schools To Lineup

The Supima Design Competition is growing.

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Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! I left my Ipod on my desk today. I haven't needed my damn IPOD in like FORVER!

Tonight, I need my best buddy because I am about to BLOW THE FUCK UP!

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I know it's juvenile but....

I absolutely love those "yo mama's so fat" jokes. I think I'll start substituting them with "BM is so fat..."

Here is my absolute favorite:

BM is so fat her cereal bowl came with a lifeguard.

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Good job BM!

You got your kid to school, on the first day of middle school, late...then had to walk him into the building...I'm sure every new middle schooler wants to arrive late on the first day and have mommy e

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BM and her messed up logic!!

Background info: DH works 12 hour days every weekend so his visitation is Mon night and returning Skids Thurs Eve.

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Drac0's Inferno Part III

*sound of ruffling sleeping bag*

It’s Tuesday, August 19th. It’s about 20 minutes after 4 in the morning.


*more shuffling sounds*