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BM and SS's plan is for us to pay the first two college payments

Then in October they will "figure out" how to get the rest of the money. DH is just sick because he doesn't want to be the bad guy but no matter what he will be.

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Thank you DH!!!

When I first noticed the mini wife we have in the making, I brought it up to DH real quick.

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Circumventing DH

We might only have til the end of the month but I'm cutting straight to the chase with SD. I've been going through DH in forms of discipline for SD6.

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O/T - Finally a diagnosis

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Thumper Thursday

Thumping is awesome Evil

and my other Thump goes to "Freedom of Speech" being a myth and over emotional people being a pain in the butt

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I want to SCREAM!!!!! SS19 has been kicked out of Aunty's!

He, became very disrespectful and now he's job less.

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Does anyone's evil BM work at your bios school

Just found out that the BM who made false sexual abuse accusations about my sons (a year a go, she has never addressed why she did it nor apologized) is starting work at my sons school as support staf

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I deleted my blog

I deleted my last blog. I was asking a question about why I wasn't able to post to a fellow step talkers blog. Unfortunately my blog was hijacked, I see that to often here and it makes me upset.

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If I have to hear, "My mom....."

My mom likes this or my mom has this or my mom watches this...omg I'm going to scream. I have a purse.

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BM shouldn't have a child!!!!!! She is worthless!

Well I have figured out why SD13 has no physical boundaries!..