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Just Wondering

How many of you have to deal with BMs who constantly get involved in random home businesses and get-rich-quick scams.

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My turn in the barrel

Ok well things have been really bad for a long time and today my h. said he is leaving me. We have had horrible fights and said horrible things and I guess this is really it.

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FINALLY watched Blended last night...

They make it look so easy, eh??? LOL but I actually really liked that movie...cried at the end hahaha

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Today's eyeroll moment - and it's only 8:45 AM

I get up this morning, come downstairs, turn on the TV in the kitchen and start making breakfast for DH and me. There are two bowls and a couple of glasses in the sink.

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Right again, DH. Optimism wins again..... Nooooooooooooo!

So last evening DH and I were watching "A Walk in the Clouds" (yes, he likes romantic movies), and we got to the part where the woman asked, "Would you marry a woman if she carried another man's child

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no, SHE wasnt the one i wanted to run over...

After BM tried to corner DH at soccer practice last week, she managed to come to the last 10 minutes of practice on our day as well (prob hoping DH would be by himself again).

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Advice Needed....How would you handle? I'm at my WITS END!

Not sure if any of you on this site have their step children living with them free of charge. However, I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle the situation.

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BM is so lucky to have family like you.

I sometimes wonder where do I fit in. I know with my family, but with SD and SO's family I really don't know. SD is 4 so I don't know what goes on in her head. She always asks me when I'm going home.

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You wait 8 months to talk to tell her happy birthday...MOTY...

Not to mention it's been over a year since the last visitation...the only reason BM saw SD in January is because she needed a place to stay during the coldest days, my guess is because she got kicked

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Yes there is really a hashtag for this on IG.

My niece19 follows YSD on IG. (From before when we all got along).