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Feeling crappy about the weekend

Our weekend with SD13 started out not too bad. She went to a dance on Friday night and SO took me out for a way too expensive romantic dinner.

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How old is too old to hunt Easter Eggs?

My stepdaughter is 12 and is as tall as I am. I have two baby granddaughters and I planned to have an Easter Egg Hunt for them at my house on Easter.

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Pranking my brother

If you want to laugh and read a good revenger story continue reading.

My brother has been torturing me with pranks this month. I finally got him back. *evil laughter*

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Ready to lose it....

I am so sick and tired of it all! I am so sick of the In-Laws, BM and SD13. I was involved once and everyone hated me so I disengaged and now everyone hates me even more.

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Prescription Pain Meds

A friend of mine died. He was in his 40's.

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OT- Terrified of having a C-section

I need some advice, I'll try to keep this short.

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Got shot down for getting anti deppressants. Take that DH!

Well, I couldn't get in with my family doctor so I went to the clinic.

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Top notch work BM on your house keeping skills... Not!

I haven't been in her house since I was naive enough to let her into my house but I have imagined many times in my head what it must look like, a pig sty comes to mind.

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Would this bother you?

So DH came home last night. I was already alseep. He gets up this morning and gets in the shower right away.

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