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Advantages Of Finding A Bankruptcy Attorney In Kansas City

Numerous Have Reported Bankruptcy Prior To You

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Avertacrisis, you are AWESOME!

Not sure how this JUST happened, but as I was typing my last comment to your post, my doorbell rang. It was the mail lady! Guess what she just handed me??????? That's right!

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Getting SD16 tested for ADD

DH and I have always thought that SD16 was a bit flighty and ditsy like her mother.

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What DH's Decided Re: SS15

For now, we've decided not to give him the option of being with BM full-time. One, we don't want to pay her CS, and a huge chunk of our income would be going to her based on DH's salary.

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Can I get a volunteer to hold my hair while I toss my cookies?

Happy Birthday to SDnow21! The love fest that is all over FB is making me so queasy. I'm keeping the path to the toilet open and have decided that today FB is OFF MY LIST.

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2 WTFs for your Monday morning pleasure

WTF #1:

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BM Really Out Did Herself

I don't know how she does it but she amazes me. BM out does herself again. She will go to any length to do it too!!

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How to give your guy a proper BJ

You know…In a way, I am kind of glad that SS’s antics are becoming more and more serious (and stupid), because the more asinine things this kid does, the harder it is for DW to keep her head in the sa

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O/T - The Walking Dead - Season 5; Episode 2 "Strangers"

***SPOILERS*** Who wants to talk about last night's episode?


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Youngest SD has an agenda she writes her homework in.