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Checks in the mail

We recently went from writing a check for BM to scheduling her payment to be mailed out of bill pay.


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Suck on that BM!! Now leave us the HELL ALONE!!!

So DH and I were in court Fri because BM was filing for EOW custody. It was a threshold hearing. Well, can I say I am so glad I was there!!!

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uh oh, SD wants to stay with us and BM's reaction...

Evil SD went home last night and the whole time she was whining that it's not fair she was with us for such a short time and is at her mom's house longer.

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Alert - Evil SM here

I participate in a distant but friendly way. I'm mostly super busy with DS so skid time is down to minutes with me when they are around.

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My resentment of SS is killing my marriage

I have been married to dh for 14 years. When we met, ss was three and had been living with maternal grandparents.

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what does "Jury Trial Warrant Hold" mean?

BM had court today for the stabbing. On the web site it states Jury Trail Warrant Hold and court set for December 2.

Anyone know what that means?

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Our Stuff...

SS15, SS13 and SD9 have literally no respect for mine or my SO's possessions.

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O/T DS5's school-Help :-/

So I have no idea what to do...we are moving. we managed to find a nice house in SS's school zone but not in DS5's school zone. The schools are divided by county, district, zone.

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Semi-OT Sub Teachers and Ed. Plans

SD9's teacher got hurt on the playground about 2 weeks ago. We don't know exactly what happened but according to SD the teacher slipped and was sitting on the ground crying and holding her knee.

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Am I just being petty over a few bucks or is it the principle??

Short Background: Our household consists of me, DF, BS23 (recent hardship), Sd15(fulltime) BS15 (halftime). DF has recently requested a rent/utility/situation change to have me paying 3/5ths.