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O/T -I think this may be it for us...

*update* Thanks for all the replies, it's been really helpful. I'm not going to leave him the letter.

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Of course it was too good to be true!

A while back I posted how DH went off on a 4 day holiday with SS13 & I couldn't go with as the 2 good catteries in our area were full up so I couldn't leave my furkids.I was delighted with this and ha

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9pm after 1st day of school

I am so tired of being dragged in to stuff with ss11!! It's 9pm the Lil brat is acting like he is tooo tired to brush his teeth and then can't find his remote to his TV to set his timer.

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Another Step ..........let's see if your idea works!

Joe Biden son Hunter Biden had an Ashley Madison account. Lol he is saying his ENEMIES created it to discredit him. Eye-wink let's see if your deny deny deny works. Thought you'd enjoy this.

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Show of hands…

… How many of you as adults – – by which I mean 21 or older – – seriously told your parents that you think they shouldn't have had (insert younger siblings name here) because that meant that your pare

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Security and blogs

I'm worried about security with this flying monkey man harassing us on the internet so i'm taking down my past blogs.

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DH, for the love of all that is holy stop talking to me about SD15

I have pretty much been ignoring DH whenever he brings up Puke. Changing the subject as soon as I can. Seriously I don't want to hear about Puke.

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Ashley Madison questions

My first things is where on the internet do I go to search email address to see who was using it? (Y'all know you want to see if remarried BMs are on it) The next is people paid for this site??

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Getting attacked by a BM from hell

And it's not even my husband's crazy ex this time! lol.

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O/T- can I file a complaint against a doctor for this?

I saw a doctor on 8/14. First time I've ever seen this doctor. Haven't been to a GP in the last 5 years.