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Totally done with SS & he knows it

I've been saying it for a few years as it has escalated into worse behavior from him.

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Haven't heard from BM in over a month! New record!! How to word text that I'm not doing her visit this wknd?

She hasn't called her kids in a month. ( kind of normal) but oh my goodness I feel like I'm on a vacation without the random, out of nowhere "cunt" or "bitch" texts!!

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Oh good lord

The puking emoji is sufficient for this.

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There IS light at the end of the tunnel!

Hello fellow Steptalkers! I have not posted on here for the longest time - I doubt many remember me.

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It's mini seahag weekend again... *sigh* this is long but I need help.

We had a bit of a reprieve last weekend, because she wanted to go to a sleep over and all that nonsense.

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Will BM Ever Get What She Deserves?

You know, it just really chaps my ass that this POS, worthless excuse for a human being, even worthless excuse for a mother, just keeps having things go her way.

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Making a point

This story may anger you, but you should also be happy to read about these woman standing up for themselves.

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Parent Teacher Conferences

So, how does your SO and the ex handle parent teacher conferences? Do they go together? Go separate? One go and the other just e-mail or text the report back to the other parent?

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It's in all caps because I am irritated with DH. Caught him in such a stupid lie last night - no reason to lie about it but he did.

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New Baby Coming Soon and SD10 Becoming Extemely Emotional and Dramatic

DH and I are expecting and due any day now. BS6, SS9 and SD10 have been excited about it and looking forward to it.