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Don't know what's the matter with these teens ... Oh ya: HORMONES - and SS can't seem to keep his story straight

I literally just finished a talk with DD13 about appropriate cell phone and internet behavior.

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SD21 finally "remembers" BD8's birthday?

Text on DH's phone from SD21 asking if she missed BD8's birthday. Um, yes, it was nearly two months ago. Sheesh.

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Acceptable Phone Calls

Last Monday was SD's 6th birthday. SO got her this year. This is the first year that he was allowed to have SD on her birthday.

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Kerri Kasem backs new bill to help children visit ailing parents

Looks like Kerri Kasem is turning cut throat for rights of children/adult children of previous marriages, for visitation with parents. I hope this law never enters Canada.

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Not for SS16 - rules that is...UPDATE

Some of you know some of this but I am interested in a group opinion. SS16 is an asshole. Obstinate just to be obstinate, doesn't think he should have to follow rules or use manners.

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Options in dealing with a high conflict, insecure, self-centered, obnoxious BM

What are the options for DH in dealing with a high-conflict POS BM who acts like a 3 year-old? I deal with her by literally ignoring her, except when she came to my door uninvited.

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I shouldn't be so happy

To hear about BM melting down in the court house. I shouldn't. But I am.

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Difference in Relationships: His vs. Ours

Before I got into a relationship with DH I asked a fellow SM about her life as a SM. I should have listened to her. Ha.

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Has anyone heard of or seen this?

I read an absolutely ridiculous article on and someone put a link to this in the comments...

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The birthday dinner is over...

The day did not start off well, as I've come down with some type of cold. So I wasn't in a great mood, but I sucked it up. We went to a seafood restaurant for SD8's birthday.