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Stepmom - 3 BM - 0

The BM decided she wanted to go to ss9 appt. with his psychologist yesterday.

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New Question about Money

Our lawyer told us we were going to end up having to give Moofasa more. That we should think about that amount. Told us maybe $500 more per month.

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Your stories have made me appreciate my situation.

I've been here for awhile and I've noticed I am a minority here. I have read so many blogs about SM feeling like the kids are ruling the house hold and there DHs are not willing to step in and help.

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What is reasonable for kids chores?? 9yr old boy and 10 yr. old girl

We have come to the table on several occasions (bio mom and bio dad and I) to address this issue.Dad always agrees that they should be responsible for a few things around the house as does mom, howeve

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Wonderful Skid Free Wednesday

Hope I have my days correct this week Sticking out tongue

Skid free talks, if you could pick a era to live in,

What era would it be - Wild wild West era

Why - cause I just love the dresses

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Just can't get No Affection!

It's been awhile since I've been on here and I have deleted a lot of my old entries for privacy sake but here is the latest.

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Still having the gatorade problem

SD wanted to eat crabs for dinner today. She wants the crabs because last Sunday while she was with her mom my SIL (my brother's wife) bought them over to me.

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The frustration!!! The anger!!!

SS14 was SUPPOSED to go to football today. They have their initial court date tomorrow. DH goes to watch him practice and guess what???? SS isn't there!!!

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The Verdict Is...........

Moofasa won!

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To Do...

DP has quite a lot on his plate. Most of this is his idea..