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Lazy BM dropping kids of in PJs

Friday morning all 5 of our kids are off of school, so I bought some train tickets to take everyone into the city to enjoy some attractions.

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It Never Ends!

I thought with SD23 being done with college (undergrad at least) and CS is finally over, it would end with BM except for big occasions. Nope!

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Spring Break with SD

We have SD12 full time. We have a trip of a lifetime planned for spring break. I should be so excited for this but instead, I'm already stressing about SD.

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BM cries unfairness

So in the midst of talking about hot lunches (previous blog), DH tells BM he signed SS14 up for drivers training and her half is due in a few weeks.

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OT - my 57 year old father is dating a 36 year old woman

I just got news a few months ago that my parents were splitting up after about 35 years of marriage. I was supportive of their decision, after all I just want them both to be happy.

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New solution to cereal dilemma

A couple of posts back I posted about how SS was eating three bowls of cereal a day and how I would frequently run out of cereal to feed BS and BD.

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Take advantages of binary options trading

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I Knew Something Was Up With BM/DH's Family

Yesterday, I posted this blog about BM being overly friendly to DH's family on Facebook (read here if you bored:

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Of course, I want to cook for SD on our first date anniversary*first blog*

Hello officially! I've been lurking with some occasional comments but this is my first blog.

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Where to go first? II

Last night DH sat SS12 down and told him that we read the texts and asked him about it. He said that she had cut herself a few times but promised she would never do it again.