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Scheduling frustrations

Do you ever feel like you aren't in control of your own life because of the skids schedule? Well I have and I decided that wasn't working for me.

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What Happened To: "Don't Change Your Plans for Us?"...Inlaws Part Duex

Okay STers. I did my part and my kiddos had a great dinner with their grandparents. My MIL is fucking loony.

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I'm glad DH stood his ground...

But why do I have to suffer for it? Whenever Thunderfoot is grounded she stays up my ass constantly! I spent all day cleaning. I am tired.

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Orphan Black

It's on tomorrow night.

It's a show I sneak watch with my OSD. It's a real SM bonding show. LOL! Not really.

That is all.

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Uugghhh…I just need to get this out real quick...

I have no relationship with my MIL, SILs or any of DH's family.

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I think I found the Troll!

Could you even imagine being SM to this BM?!?!? Hell. On. EARTH.

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It's not an opinion you're asking for, is it?

Your spouse says: "I'd like your opinion." (and it's about something with the skids, BM, their parenting)

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Trying to muster some sympathy....just so hard to do.

My brother's 4-year old step daughter is being bullied at her pre-school (according to her mother, my SIL)...I hate's one of the things I dislike most about the world today....I'm trying

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To Disengage or Not to Disengage

I feel incredibly conflicted. I just started using this site yesterday, and it has already proven to be a tremendous help.

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10 year relationship, not married

I have been in a relationship with a male for 10 years. During that time, I moved in, moved out, moved in, then moved out again. On my own now for 2 years.