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Distraction blog

I haven't really ever posted about my own step-situation. Because, it's not even my situation. Technically it's my DH's. But we're totally fine with it... it's just a bit odd.

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OMG you guys

You are such JERKS!!!

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Hockey Mom's are paying attention to BM's actions - Uh-oh!

Hockey Mom #1 (HM1) met us at LazerTag with her clan so that the skids could actually get some form of exercise this weekend.

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Bored at work...So

Some of our conversations this weekend

SD: I think I'm getting a pimple
ME: Do you wash your face
SD: No

SS: I'm gonna be a cop when I grow up

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Classy BM

FDH drops 3 year old...he was telling her about SD behaviour.

BM looks at SD "SD, your father is a fucking dipshit"

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Finally...I'm happy about something :)

I spend a lot of time on here complaining about every little last thing in my life (which I know this is a place to vent, but sometimes I go overboard) But today is a good day.

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Dominatrix Makes a Breakup Video on FB to break up with her BF!

WOW This guy lucked out!

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Storage tips for a small apartment

We are taking everything electronic out of SD14’s room this week (we get them this weekend) and we are also taking away make up, jewelry, razors and more (she’s been acting out at her BM’s, being obse

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OT/Has anyone ever been to Oak Island, NC?

I have been looking at booking a house there for a week in August. It's more affordable than Myrtle Beach or the Outer Banks and I found one that is dog friendly.

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Score: Action 1 Talking 0 or How DH Got It RIght

Winning the second class citizen wars over SD15 at last. Arena of battle? Adult conversation.