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Not ready to give up on skids... yet

Ok ok, before you laugh in my face hear me out.

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BM has no luck at all......

Her jury trial date for the stabbing is December 2 at 9AM

The custody hearing (hubby is going for full custody) is December 2 at 8:30AM.

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Rose tinting clearing up: Part 1

There's always been something odd between my BS9 and SS12. Some type of tension that I couldn't explain. Well, a few weeks ago it was all made very clear.

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Dear BM,

No. Just, no. You want to be the Mama. Go be the Mama. I politely refuse to be the ATM and taxi service for your daughter when it is convenient to you.

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Been a busy bee!

What I have been up to:

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Thursday Night Visitation Disaster

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, we’ve been having issues with BM being late for pick-ups and drop-offs (all of which we do at this point).

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Question about 50/50 Custody

Right now DH and BM have a 2/2/5 schedule. They chose that because neither one of them wanted to go a whole week without seeing SS.

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O/T - Nanny Cams on sale!!


Just in case you want to find out what your DH and the skids are doing when you aren't home. Evil Sticking out tongue

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Do We Let SS continue the destructive visits and pattern of communication and teach him how to deal? or ...

SS14 has had his mother back in his life since he was 11 - coincidentally right around the time that DH and I got serious.

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Anniversary ideas?

Sunday is mine and DH's 1 year anniversary Smiling

We are going to dinner on our actual anniversary.