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Why is hubbys ex MIL asking for his social security number????????

She called and asked me for it. I told her you need to talk to hubby about that. I have the phone to him.

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She made it too easy.

DH actually came up with a great idea, he asked Inbred if he could get them a different night this week so that he could go with us to OBS dinner.

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BSgoingon's blog reminded me of my thoughts recently and a blog I was going to make.

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I Don't Know Whether To Be Thankful Or Annoyed

Here it is almost noon where I live and the SD20 is still asleep!! She doesn't work a late shift or didn't stay out all night.

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OT-OMFG-I'm going to kill exH

Ok. So, I was on exH federal BCBS insurance until the divorce. He was supposed to remove me from all the policies when the court finalized.

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Need to vent... I have so much anxiety and I hate it. :(

I have a cold so I've been feeling extra sensitive and so I know that what I'm blogging about is totally stupid and irrational but I just feel like I need to vent somewhere that I won't be judged...

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I think BM is completely enjoying NOT having SS.

She picks him up from school twice a week, and bring him home by 7. And has him every other Sunday afternoon for a few hours. And it seems as though she is perfectly content with this.

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This is the LAZIEST crap ever!

What is the laziest thing a person could do? Text another person while in the same house instead of actually talking to that person.

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BS16 and me….

BS16 will be 17 in the next 10 days or so. We spend a LOT of time in the car together because his school is all the way in West Bubbafuck and we sit in major traffic, day in and day out.'s picture

Disengagement backlash?

Has anyone had disengaging come back to bite them in the ass? Has Your spouse thrown this in your face later, when the skids are blaming you for not loving them, liking them, interacting with them?