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Uh oh, is DH trying to pave the way for a reconciliation?

So yesterday we were talking about plans for the next few weekends.

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Anyone heard from UFR?

I am so curious about the results and how everyone is doing....

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Ils ont souvent rencontré dans un café, boire du jus de pomme, une reprise d'un de fumer à l'extérieur de compréhension inhérent

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Drives me crazy when DH tries to text about arguments!!

So last night I got a text from DH at work "Are we ever going to be able to save this or is it just doomed because of our personalities?" I responded IDK.

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Solution to call schedule?

"I want the children to develop a better relationship with you while still minimizing interruption of their evening routine.

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O/T - To be a bitch or not

My cousin contacted DH last night via FB to ask if he would buy her foodstamps (aka sell her card for cash).

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Will SS15 Ever See the Light?

SS15 has made no improvement in his treatment of us since I last posted. He continues to ignore us all. In turn, we do nothing for him but the bare minimum.

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I was nice enough to pick up the SKs from BM and let DH sleep since he works nights. As we are pulling out BM is waving bye to them and I said wave to your mom she's waving at you...

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Need help getting started..

What type of info is needed to hire an attorney to establish a custody agreement?

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The drama is too much for me.

SOrry to blog hog. I found out this morning there is no legal action we can take. I am just screwed. Went to the high school and asked for a meeting with OSS and the principal.