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Now it's my health due to BM

Last night DH and I started out with a discussion about me and my health, that turned around into an argument about BM and court.

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O/T Thank you for your support

Posted in comments since it would not post normally again

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blow it out your ass minibm.

So DH gets a text today from the cracked coconut camp. Minibm suddenly wants to meet DH for dinner for one hour 4:40-5:40 tomorrow.
She dictates the terms
She gets to go out for a meal

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Does BM Drama Ever End?

CO Holiday visitation schedule, we have kids Good Friday at 10 to Easter Sunday at 4, alternates each year. BM has the kids calling all week for DH to pick up at 8:30 Good Friday morning.

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Some days not sure why

Honestly I am starting to wonder on a daily basis I left my first shitty marriage. It seems these days I'm not in a better position, just a different sort of shithole.

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My own mother cutting me out of the family

I just need a second to vent my emotions before I get tears all over my keyboard at work.

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Which is worse: DH that has "checked out" on caring about skids or DH that says "how high?" when they say jump?

I really feel like SO has checked out for the most part. The struggle is just never ending. We basically had the skids two evenings for the last two weeks.

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When the Problem is Really DH

My last post centered on my bios and I not being invited to SS's sports banquet.

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Had a momentary glimmer of hope last night

I came home from BS's practice about 8 last night. I left BD and SS with AHH since it was so nice out and BD wanted to play with her friends.

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Quick update!

Things have been SO busy!