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Update to Strange Girl at Gramma's

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HURL ALERT! CPS Worker BM Sings the Praises of CPS!!

Backstory: BM has been a CPS worker for about eight years now and has been made a supervisor but can't manage to keep her own three children from barely passing school (administr

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O/T For Those of You Older Ladies. . .

I just want to say that Bioidentical hormones are GREAT!! I went into perimeno around the age of 47. Then around 49 the hot flashes, night sweats and sleeplessness hit with wild abandon.

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"It's important!"

I received an email from SD23 yesterday. It reads:

Hey when u and dad has time can u call me I have something important to tell u

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Say it ain't so...

SD9 was supposed to be at the SO and MY house from July 1-July 31st. Which (don't know if anyone read my thread in the forum a while back) made my skin crawl.

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Selfish Mother and Graduation Drama (I'm still mad about this)

Well Mom aren't talking much right now due to events from SD18's graduation last month. Against my better judgment I let her hang with us at SD's graduation.

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OMG BM, DH and I agreed on something and I'm not sure when I got to have a say in anything.....

This is funny and weird and I wish it would be like this all the time.

BM asked me to set up a conference call between me, her and DH.

BM: SS, go head and ask your dad.

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My SD7's teenage uncle killed himself. Sad for her!

BM called my DH to tell him the news (BMs only sibling is gone). None of us has told SD what happened yet.

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DH told me that he was taking SD16 to get her permit today (finally after their fuck up previously and not having the proper paperwork) Whatever, couldn't care less about that.

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If I could turn back time...Part 2....Rules DH and I should have had for SD from the beginning

I'm sure many of you will appreciate this list. Enjoy!

1. Your dad and I are a TEAM. If you disrespect me you are disrespecting him. Neither of us will tolerate this kind of behavior.