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A time of reflection--look how far we've come

Before I take my “Step Talk hiatus” at the close of today I wanted to take an opportunity to reflect on the good things.

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A little "snorty" humor for your Friday

My DH brought up the exchange that happened between BM and SS about SS living with us.

Apparently SS asked BM if he could come live with us, and her response was, "That will take some work."

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O/T: Come On Baby Light My Fire!

And just when I thought I got rid of my passive aggressive, crazy ass SIL....

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I'm in a spot I don't want to be in, and I can't seem to get out of it.

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Yeah.....Uh...No......Battle of the Big Screen Part Deux

So, I plugged my Direct TV back in so that I could watch college football this afternoon.

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Went in to SD15 room to put her curling iron away, went to shut her draws of her night stand and that is where I saw my vibrator.

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Dh is competitive with me over the kids

Does anyone have a situation where whenever their biokid accomplishes something or gets a compliment,dh has to point out something real or imagined that skid did. It is so predictable in my house.

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Must be back to school- cuz SM and ExH are making ABSOLUatELY

Zero sense with scheduling.

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Plea deals and other ramblings! Happy Thursday Friday!!!!

It's my Friday, 4 day weekend coming up!