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Time foooorrr D-R-AMA!

One thing I cannot stand is when people say, "I know you are busy, but let me go ahead and bug you at work and also can you do something for me that will take up hours of your time and in fact you wou

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Weepy Cadet

I'm at a loss here. The last two weekend visitations Cadet has come home with the whole "I miss daddy" weepy crap. It's not like visitation just started.

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In which I have a problem with confrontation: I want it.

* could be retitled: My life as a BDSM mushroom. (bound up and kept in the dark surrounded by shit)

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I don't do liars

SS12 has been busted big time. Absolutely in the biggest dog house ever.

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I'm venting!..warning..this is loooong!

Friday night – SO had a work function which meant he wouldn’t be home ‘til after 10pm. I got home round 6pm.

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"Daaaaaddyy I want 2 costumes!"

I am disgusted right now because we were out looking for our Halloween costumes. Sd8 already has one that she will wear,but as soon as we got to the store,the whining began.

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Teens, drama, exes and then having to worry about BD12

So less than 12 hours after leaving the courthouse from the custody hearing with exH my BDstb15 texts me and says "we have a problem, mom I'm really worried". So I ask what's going on.

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Name ONE nice thing about BM

I am really at a loss on this one. I tried to find one, just one, nice thing to say complimentary about her. Zilch. Nada.

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What do you think of it and why?

I think it's ok, but should be phased out after a few years. If the person receiving it has chosen to not try to find work, it should stop.

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Case of the missing sock.....and a pathetic ride!

As I've mentioned before, I have 2 skids. One of those skids (20 going on 5) lives with us full time.