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How A Kansas City DUI Lawyer Can Help You

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Why You Must Locate A Good Kansas City DUI Lawyer

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Step Moms on Mother's Day

The post about Step Family Day made me think of this.

Does anyone have step kids or husbands who celebrate them on Mother's Day?

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Anyone's BM a SP?

BM isn't a SM.

But the man she is dating has at least 1 kid (that I know of).

I dont know much about BM's BF (as I dont even know much about BM)

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OT-What do you do to keep the spark in this crazy step/blended family world?

DH & I have a great marriage (mostly..def not perfect) and for the most part a pretty healthy sex life. But there are times we go from fantastic to Meh to nothing.

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Court, court and more court. Sheesh!

So today my exH and I had mediation regarding his request for a change in parenting time to EOW.

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Stepfamily Day is Today

Just saw this on the web. I say we all have a drink. Make that a double!

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Last year we had a boy on our u12 soccer team that was tall for his age...tallest in the league.

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OMG, forgot to tell about the 'cat allergies' update

So Skids were here this past weekend, even though it wasn't a skid weekend.

About 1/2 an hour after SS13 walks in the door, he comes up to me -

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Oh MIL, you're such a gem!

MIL came over last night to see Dd and during her visit we got some interesting info regarding Bm.