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I nearly killed him

DH is lucky to be alive today. I almost went bath salts zombie on his ass last night and ate his face off.

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Said no for the first time

And it felt good. SS12 has been an extra lying,mean jerk lately. Even DH is really tired of him.

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Oh skid weekend, how I've missed you!

NOT. . .

H really wonders sometimes why I don't just jump for joy any time he gets his kids. Because of instances like this:

BM2 and H had a text exchange this week:

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this child is a ticking time bomb....

oh yss(stb12).... this child has so many issues its not even funny.

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So dh is not backing down and neither is puke so she is not coming for her visitation this weekend. Bm called dh last night to rub it in his face in her own passive aggressive way.

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aniki ...

Does anyone know how her surgery went? If she's okay? Did it go well?

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I was really embarrassed for my stepdaughter

Tonight we had a block party at our community pool and we were talking to a new family who just moved in. My husband my stepdaughter and me.

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Soooo over my DH

So yesterday my spineless DH drives 20 mins to and from BM house. You would think the only thing that warrants this on a non-skid night would be an emergency.

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Looks Like Dominatrix Will Be Repeating the 10th Grade. . .

Which is HIGHLY unusual because she's been passed up a notch every year. She's in special ed classes as well for her "learning disability" which I call L.O.B.