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YIkes. CPS is making a home visit in a few hours!

I am freaking out! Advice!?!

I seriously don't want to have a panic attack in front of them.

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Are men better at being step parents?

Are they more open to your children than you are to their children? Does it seem like they love/like your kids while you can not love/like their kids?

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So... parenting classes

So I get to have a Diagnostic Assessment and Parenting classes (well, we all do)

So here's the issue for me.

I can be as honest s the day is long, I intend to be, there's nothing to find.

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This post might seem a bit morbid, but......

What would you do if something happened to your DH? My DH has full sole custody of SD12 and I know for a fact that I would NOT continue to raise her.

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When SS is 18 and done with high school...

Will it be OK for DH and I to tell him we never, ever, ever, ever, ever ever want to hear one effing thing about his BM and her family or friends or pets? Can we do that?

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I've read that a lot of you ladies work from home. I'd love this option. What kinds of jobs do you guys have?

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Is it too much to think.....

As long as we have the skids that we have. As long as the skids are who they are...then we will always have to deal with them and their b.s. It just never goes away.

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Maybe her future isn't as bleak as I thought...

SDstb10 could always make a career in acting. Not movies, but maybe a trashy afternoon soap opera or a novella.

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report cards and summer camps

So, another SD-school related issue came up yesterday/this morning.

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My childhood friend is a fucking BM....

background - friend (we will call her Anna) and her boyfriend (we will call him Bill) dated for something like 25 years.