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NYS Downward Mod--Even the OLD Form is OBSESSED with Health Insurance . .(General Rant)

Backstory: The BM and skids used to be on Chef's health insurance. At time of the split, he had a job with a major, global company so health insurance was relatively low cost.

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This guy learned he is a dad/about paternity on FACEBOOK

So sad. I hope he can have a good relationship with his child.

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Dinner with SD18 tomorrow at the dining hall...Hey, at least it's a free meal!

My step daughter rescheduled the dinner plans she thought we had two weeks ago but were never made official. Maybe she's finally learned not to put things off until the last minute.

I doubt it.

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When DH's coworkers think you're awesome, it helps..

A few months ago DH and I went out to dinner with one of his colleagues who was in town. It was a half work dinner, half catch up personal dinner, so DH brought me along.

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What are some of the things BM has done?

I will start top 3.

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SD14:Basketball Pee Jersey-Make you Chuckle

(I posted this is discussion by accident, so this is a double post.)

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what nice, thoughtful gesture will you give your spouse today or this week?

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Its me or them- Is this wrong?

Let me start off by saying, I have not had to have this conversation with DH and have not had to do this. But because of the situation and the possibility, this may come up.

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Why do I bother??? (rant)

Haven't been on here in a while because I've been trying to resolve my issues on my own.

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Well I thought things had gotten better....

I had a very relaxing 11 days off of work. I work 3 days 12 hours so with 4 days a week off, a week vacation and then flipping ends of the week...11 days off.