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Performing The Best Quality Summer Lawn Care In Belton Possible

In Case You Are Not Conscious, Belton Summer Time Takes A Cost

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Has anyone here used Parenting Wizard?

I'm looking for any experience you may have with Parenting Wizard as a means of communication with a high conflict non custodial BM.

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Today, my husband actually followed through on everything he said he would do this weekend in regards to SD.

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I Need To SHUT My Mouth!

After being with DH for 9 years and married for 7 years, you would think I would learn BUT apparently NO Shocked

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So jealous of anotherday2

I've had three glasses of red wine and have resisted the urge to shout at dh that I no longer love him and that's it's over. I wish I had the balls to do it.

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Wow, bitch.

So we had to take SD today to the dentist, and we brought her older sister because SD asked. It is not our weekend, we were literally JUST taking her to the dentist because her mom won't.

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I am Lucky that I have the DH I have

My DH is an amazing husband, partner, and friend. We are happy. He spent so much of his life miserable with miserable children and an awful wife. He was mistreated and disrespected daily.

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Do your skids expect to be in all the pictures in your house?

So dh worked today and even though I told him to leave Ss with Bm he still got him and I'm watching him.

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First Annoyed, Then Angry, Now Terrified By SD16's Choices

SD 16 couldn't make stupider choices for herself if she tried.

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Please tell me my day will get better even if it's a lie.

I woke up this morning feeling like today was going to be a good day. Well I was lying to myself I guess. My Husband's plans didn't go his way so he is taking everything out on me.