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The Fair

Anyone have a kid that sits with her legs wide open? Or a father that defends it?

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NOW She Wants my Help??????

I do not get people. I cannot tell you the number of times I have been back stabbed by someone who later decided they needed my help. My cousin was the last one and I told her to go screw herself.

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Here's how to make your own beauty sheet mask

Here's how to make your own beauty sheet mask

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Went downstairs to prepare coffee for AM after last comment and realized:

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So freaking sick & tired dealing with my stepson as well as my husband !

I just wanted to share this anger & hates I am feeling. I felt like nobody will ever protect me not even my husband.

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Update on the convo with SD

Long story short, SD told DH she wasn't doing okay because of the situation with the dog. *sidenote* he's doing better.

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OT-Maybe I'm being spoiled or selfish...but I am only seeing red right now.

My younger sister (33) has been doing drugs since high school 4 years ago, after 4 kids and 2 failed marriages she hit rock bottom.

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O/T-Shingles Anyone dealt with them?

We just found out that BM has shingles, quite a sever case from the sounds of it.

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Opinions wanted on telling SD..

More than likely, we will have to put down our dog...well I say 'our' but technically he's not mine. He has been with dh and skids all his life and I've know him a short while.