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E. coli. Grr. Just a VENT.

I'm filled with a fresh, new rage this morning. Ugh. E. coli is one of those people who works just enough to squeak by and save enough to do what she wants to do.

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I laid down the law... let's see what unfolds

Yesterday I put up a post about not being ready to give up on my skids. After taking some of the advice and thoroughly discussing with DH here is what happened...

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Dh meets with the lawyer today.

I'm hoping with all the nonsense as of late that dh's finally headed down the direction of getting a parenting plan in place.

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What to think of this?

DH's 3rd GB was born Monday night??? I was being nosey on DH's phone yesterday morning (skid nosey, that is the only reason I check his phone) and noticed that OSD sent him a pic of her baby.

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Do you think that some SK's can be classified as homewreckers?

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O/T (kind of) - Parent's Night Events

Our School routinely does a parent's night for each sport season. Nothing too special just an introduction of the athlete and parents. They announce each as they walk across the field/gym.

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Good Morning All...

So my BS25, God bless his heart, said to me yesterday…

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A solution has been found

We have come to a resolution with skid dumping this weekend. I know y'all will be proud of my H for this one.

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"I'm changing my major." Part 2

DH got text from SD last night saying she is going to change her major today to art therapy. This is a field I don't know much about.

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Another "...that's not MY Son"

I've been following Morgan Harrington's case for awhile now (she disappeared during a Metallica concert in 2009).

They finally found the jackhole.