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Serious drama with the in laws, please advice in how to cope

So since the last time I posted here I have been at the hospital, I'm suffering from several flare ups from different serious health problems I have and I'm currently on very strong medication, I got

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Why do BMs get worse during the holidays?

Reading all the posts I can’t help but come to the conclusion that there is a connection between BM’s acting crazy and the holidays.

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Shut your friggin pie hole!

An issue I have always had is that I cannot stand being around people who are what I like to call "financially challenged" meaning that they do not know how to manage their funds.

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DH treats me like BM

So BM got the judge to put in the last order that all communication was to be via email unless it was an emergency.

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It's like BM is actively trying to screw with Skids

Last week SS8's teacher emailed a list of items needed for their holiday party and said that the 18th was PJ day.

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Those in Glass Houses......

Yesterday BM called DH to see if DCBS approved her sister to supervise her with kids if they could have the kids on Sunday for a few hours to do Christmas at BM's dad's house.

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Not interested vent

Mainly disengaged from SSstb20 who met up with DH late last month.

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The terrible 6's?

So I have heard of the terrible 2's, but I'm beginning to wonder about the terrible 6's!

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And Here's a Funny...I'm Trying to Keep My Head Up!

We spent last weekend with DH's family to celebrate Christmas. We spent most of it with his sister, seeing MIL and FIL for a grand total of about two hours.

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OT - A Friends Ex/Step Issues

My friend found out she is going to be a grandmother for the first time about two and a half months ago.