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I'm going to scream... and possibly commit murder

Guess SD16 is going to the prom tomorrow night.

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Bitch It Out Thursday is here!

and I will start. My bitch is my office building. I am trying to prep a trial that starts on Tuesday. Multiple defendants, a crap ton of exhibits to create and load into the trial laptop.

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Do other SMs expect more from SO/DH because you've taken on SKIDS?

I know it sounds bad but as a child-less SM I think I've always expected slightly more than I would from a child-less partner.

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Light bulb moment regarding BM2 and her insistence that DH makes a will

She has been pestering him from minute one about it. I have been blowing it off because, in my mind, it's ridiculous. At this point in our lives, we have both started over.

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Step Family Dictionary!

I figured for shits and giggles, and maybe to turn the hell into some fun times, let's start a step family dictionary of commonly used terms and what we consider the real definitions to be! Laughing out loud

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OT-been gone after CS stopped but had to laugh

After years of the CS crap I left this site to recoup from the BM nightmare...not think about her anymore...but just yesterday checked out her page on fb...holly cow! She looks like crap!

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need legal advice please

In 2012 dh and bm agreed to get a passport for ss7.

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The interesting things you find out on facebook

I don't post very often anymore so here is a quick recap for those that don't know my story. SDxtb21 dropped out of HS to move in with her much older druggie boyfriend.

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I am suffering of depression because of this....

I know everyone will tell me to leave.... I've read step monster it says we are more at risk of this.... The truth is and I can never tell anyone this is u suffered from depression as a teen.

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Anyone been through a Brief Focused Evaluation for custody?? I have no idea what to expect.

So back in October my husband's ex filed for full legal custody and tried to give him visitation only every other weekend and a couple weeks in the summer.