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Good news and bad news

Good news: toilet has been scrubbed clean and smells of bleach.

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Is Food Stealing A Typical Preteen Thing or What?

I found a food wrapper under SS12's pillow while taking the bedding off to be washed. He ate it last night after he went to bed.

Me: Did you sneak this last night?

SS12: Yes... sorry.

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BS19 Graduated...and I'm not mad about anything but MIL and DH.

Good last vestiges of the evening before it turns into tomorrow!

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Basic concepts of agile project management methodology

Agile project management methodology is the order of development, organizing and administration resources to bring about the completion of projects and goals.

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Quick Note

Just wanted to say that I'm feeling super encouraged by the warm welcome I've received so far, thanks again everyone!

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Update to calling cps on family member.

So drug test came back earlier and family member's child has been taken into protective services. When family member went to take drug test earlier she told her mother that she had passed.

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DH Insists On Providing Fresh Victims to SS

DH, why? Why, why, why? Why did you have to insist on keeping this stupid cat? Why do you insist on letting him keep every little fucking animal he comes across?

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SS14 might have finally done it...but DH is still a little wishy washy.

My SS14 is currently suspended for the 3rd time this year, for five days.

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OURS Children

How does it work in your house?

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Update on calling CPS on family member.

CPS showed up to family member's house a little bit ago and made my family member go take a drug test. That was pretty fast because I just called earlier today.