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Moving is almost as big of pain as dealing with BM

I'd love to say we moved somewhere warm with tons of employment opportunities and the ability to grow a vacation trees. But I'd be lying.

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Clothing Deflection...

This school year it's been made clear that I will not pay anything towards SDs clothing.

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Out of the mouth of SS13

When dealing with bedtime, he says "You guys are so strict."

My exact response. "Yup. Suck it up buttercup."

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OT/What is a good time for an 8 year old Saturday bday party?

I want to throw DD8 a birthday party on a Saturday in October. Since it is so close to halloween she has requested a halloween themed party which makes it super easy for me to pick up stuff!

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I have a friend and she is THAT BM

Not really a friend, I know her because SS12 is friends with her son. She has been going through her divorce for the last year or so.

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Thankful for one small thing

The previous blog about comparisons got me thinking this morning.

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I'll stick with my own

SS9 has a project due tomorrow about himself. He wants to take family pictures with him.

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O/T BIOT... freaking Synchrony Bank (warning bad language to ensue)

I now know why people "go postal" as they say. I just went postal on the phone, I did apologize to the gal when all was said and done.. but GEESH!

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BIOThursday - Is that still a thing?

Cause I need to vent. How can you BREATHE with your head jammed so far up your ass SD17?

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Am I involving xh too much?!

Dh and I are having a disagreement about that. He says I am involving my xh too much in regards to my girls.