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How E. Coli texts goodnight to her SS15...

"Love you, baby."

Yuck. DH says that to me. This is not something a mom should say to her teenage kid. EEEEWWW.

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Raising a glass to all the "steps" in my life.

The posts lately about adult Sks not being kind to the stepparent got me thinking about all the steps in my life.

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Who wins? Playing fair vs playing dirty..

I really wish SO was one of those mean ppl that did anything they had to do to get what they wanted.

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But I don't WANT to!

So I'm sitting at the table with OBD assisting with homework...into hour two btw...when DH comes by on his way to get dressed for work and says "hey hanging can you come here?" Now I will admit...slig

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Apparently the Cell Phone Issue Isn't Closed....This Mother is Poking a Bear Right Now

Grrrrrr.....As if I don't have enough fucking drama and stress in my life, I get a police officer on my doorstep that was LIED TO by another parent. For real.

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Bruno Rico is in the house everybody! Hot diggity!

And did you know you can repair your love life through spells and herbs? What is the matter with us?? How have we been walking down the wrong path for so long?

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Closing the Issue of the Missing Cell Phone

***Names have been changed****

Mr. Student Dean of the School,

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Went to a golf camp with DH this weekend. Well, the guy in charge has a daughter that flipped off his wife behind her back yesterday. I'm sure there are some of us who are familiar with this as SM.

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Is BM stupid or evil?

SD6 came over this past weekend. She knew BM was moving and that she'd be going to her new home after school today.

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Well hells bells

DH actually called & apologized while I was on my way home from work... Off to therapy we go tmrw so we shall see.