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One Week To Appointment... FINALLY

SS12's psychologist appointment is one week from today. I'm nervous, but so very glad.

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BS14 is sooo dead and GRRRR...I hate teenagers!!!!

Good Afternoon STers!

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Is this Legal.... in a Court Order

So I have been getting a bit of anxiety lately I have no idea why but now it makes sense....I always get sick-physically, whenever BM is somehow in our lives.

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And now she emailed him

So after the stupid meeting and having a conversation about it, BM is now emailing SO a spreadsheet with the percentage points each prospective school has in each learning area.

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My Youngest Furbaby Is Ill

Poor eight year old Bombay cat. He had the runs, vomiting and now violent sneezing, bad breath, lethargy and eye discharge. The vets have him overnight for tests, most notably feline leukemia.

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What the.......????

SS12 has a 27 in math and is also failing science because he didn't turn in his projects that were due last week. This kid is normally a straight A student. What is going on?!

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Why do I want to know??

Last year at this time, YSD got into my apartment building and left a letter on our door addressed "To the Crazy Bitch".

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Saying hello!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself to the community here. I am a bio-child free SM with a SD14. I love love love my DH, but for the most part cannot stand SD.

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Another day..

Dh and I were in the car last night driving home from dinner and I asked what sd was doing this weekend instead of coming over. He said I dont know, I didn't really talk to her. I said did you call?

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Heart Breaks

OSS has and is having some emotionally issues that cause him to hold his bowel movements which in turn causes him to have accidents. OSS is 10 and in the 3rd grade.