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Patience is not my thing

So yesterday my attorney spoke with his and told her that I was open to negotiating a settlement as long as He understands that I am asking for sole custody and some restrictions on his parenting time

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Can you spot the photoshop!!!!!!

The smeared areas are a dead giveaway especially when everything else is a crisp picture. The curvy tile too. Tell me what you catch.

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Does anyone know where I can get concrete repaired in Kansas City? LOL!!

I swear to Dog, I don't know HOW these spammers choose their topics or venues.

Cracks me up!!!

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If I Ruled the World . . .

I was just thinking about Unfreakingreal’s son and what an effed up situation he’s in. How men really don’t have the same reproductive rights that women do.

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I wonder how common anti anxiety meds are in Step life?

Well, I saw my family doctor yesterday. Every time I see him I'm more impressed with what a good doctor he is. He actually spends time and listens and asks lots of questions.

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Maybe they ARE learning?

So I'm home alone today with SD8 (no school, DD11 at dad's, SD12 at a sleepover) and we are babysitting the exHs two rambunctious dogs.

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SO bit the bullet and sent a text to BM.

SO: "Is OSD driving the kids here or do I need to pick them up?"

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Here's a kicker -- Easter at MIL's

DH and I were supposed to be traveling on Easter. DH decided he did not want to go on the trip.

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It's So Simple!

Good Friday!

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I saw one of the engagement photos :/

I told y'all yesterday about the fact that I'm starting to feel a bit jealous of BM's big fancy wedding.