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so it's cancer and I was right.

And it turns out I was right all along. She admitted it. She's trying to split me and H up so he'll crawl back and take care of her. She's got surgery again Monday.

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OT: Good night

For the past couple of weeks DH has been out of town. I stay up late, trying to avoid an empty bed.

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"Mom on Strike"

Oh hell yes. Happy Friday night everyone. If moms can go on strike, then STEPmoms sure as hell can.

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Why yes I did and go ahead and throw your fit about it buddy...I.DO.NOT.CARE

And here we goooo.....

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Yes DH! Let's throw SD16 a parade!!

DH will look for ANYTHING to praise his precious perfect.

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Childish and petty...and I don't care

Work has been hell lately and it's really been running me down, so I took a sick day to recharge and refocus. I spent most of the day alternating between cleaning and doing little things for work.

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What's BM's Plan on this one?

Yesterday, dh gets an email from BM. SD has been having meltdowns saying that she hates her mom. BM took her to an emergency counseling session.

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Feeling like a failure?

I've slipped into some sort of depression over the last week. I think it's due to several factors.

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Sometimes I don't even know where to start

SD16 is missing a permanent tooth -- it never developed. So she still has a baby tooth there, but that tooth is starting to crumble.

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Poking the Bear

So I truly do hate communicating with BM but sometimes it's a necessary evil.