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Update on BM collecting CS for MSD and what DH was going to do about it

Update to this that I posted last week:

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The Only Thing DH is Consistent About is Being Inconsistent

I am convinced my DH is the biggest hypocrite to have ever lived.

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Letting kids dictate....

this is kinda a spin off of someone else's blog, but it just so happens to be what is going on in the Corn Flake household lately.

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Week 2: Some Good News and then Some Bad

Went to see the Dr. for my second week check up.

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SD14 Birthday Dilemma

BM gets her(and the other two) on the physical day of the birthday this year.

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Parajumpers Kodiak ikke at nævne flygte fra omsætning

Typisk Neoteric Mangel fabric- Polartec s NeoShell-kan fungere som en anbefalet oplysninger om en ferie resort hotel skijakke. Det er åndbart, dæmpet, fleksibel, for ikke at nævne helt vandtæt.

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SS ignoring me at events - is this normal? Should it be corrected?

At the end of SS's events, DH and I will approach him to say congrats etc. Even though I tell SS how awesome he did, he doesn't say thank you and doesn't even make eye contact with me.

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The Reason Why You May Need A Personal Injury Attorney In Kansas City

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Whats New in the X SAGA!!! Just Kill over already!

What's New in the world of Terrible BM's???

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SS15 Whines About Being Cold

Why did he crank up the heater in his room to full blast, so it was almost ninety degrees in his room?