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If I could turn back time...Part 1

To SD18,

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He is registered...

My BD9 and I went with DH to register SS15 for school yesterday.

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And yet another silent victory

Just had a conversation with DH the other day. He thought it

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O/T furbabies and visitation *update*

Last night was the second night since we had our kitty's brother over and our kitty was still down, still looking around for him even though we all tried to comfort and play with him.

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Oldest called DH last night. She called two phones. He only uses one of those. The other was used by my son for a while and will be cancelled soon. She knows he uses the one phone, but whatever.

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Step-parents financial responsibility to skid after divorce & not quite legal strangers

I was doing some online research and came across something that said some states may require STEP-PARENTS to pay child support if there is evidence that they contributed to financial support for the s

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Lord give me patience….

BS16 is pushing my buttons in a way that is taking me to a very dangerous level.

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My ex is such a loser

Which in turn makes me feel like a loser for the wasted 13 years. Supposedly, on the 28th he's going to jail until May for criminal trespassing.

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Only 2 more days!! Need to Vent

For christs sake the BM just will not accept when my DH says he is not doing something he is not doing it.....

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Kasem's wife, Jean Kasem, said she has been "blackmailed" by her husband's children for 35 years.