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Yep...coming this summer! The prequel to TWD! At least that will give us something to watch until fall.

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Does your DH/DW/SO put you in front of the skids and, if not, how do you deal with it?

I don't ask for a lot from DH. I would say that I am pretty low-fucking-maintainence in the "asking for things" department.

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Uh oh. My DD10 is a *gasp* mini wife!!!!!!!!!!

So we were on vacation for Springbreak this past week. My DD10 kept taking my phone constantly to text and call her dad and check on him.

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Jerry Mouse just met his demise

E-mail from DH this morning...

"Caught the mouse. Looks like he'd been eating good."

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SS17 had a rough week, last week.

A battery charge (not at school) and then a failed drug test at school so now he's suspended.

The battery charge is on SS15. Probation, here we come.

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O/T - The Walking Dead - Season 5; Episode 16 - "Conquer"

Last episode for SEVEN ENTIRE MONTHS! That is crazy talk, I know.

Chime in!! Much to discuss!!!

SPOILERS! Don't click in if you haven't watched yet! Smiling

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Prayers please

Please pray for my sister ladies. I don't want to get into why, but she could use your prayers or happy thoughts, and I guess I really could too.

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Issues and reality

I've read this week-end on ST...... and some posters feels like they are being bullied.