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Naturally, SS is SOOOOO much better than a child who is equally as bad as he is.

DH brought up the visit with SS last night, and part of what he said was about his cousin's son, who is SS's age.

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I told Dh yesterday that I dont feel like I have my own family because he has 2 families.

SD and BM
MM SS's and DH

He stood there blankly for a few moments.
He said what do you mean?

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5th year senior... SCHOOL CLOTHES SHOPPING????

So, as we enter SD18's 2nd senior year, She informed me that she heeds to do some "serious school clothes shopping".

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you all suck and god is going to get you...hug a step child

I knew it...Cinderella was right...step mothers ARE all evil!!!!

oh wait....crap...I was channeling Step To Be and that lady from new York...H..NY.... something.

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Summer Fun Fun Fun!!!!

So much fun my heart could burst! -__-

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Nned help giving BM a nickname

What nickname goes best for a mother who steals from her own child, than sells the items, knifes people who will not give her a ride home, makes false written statements to police, says she is in reha

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Oooh BM.

Hip hip HOORAY!!

BM finally got SD off the dummy! (pacifier)

SD only turns 5 in less then 2 months.... sooo. About f@&%ing time, MOTY!!

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SD's after school activities

Within the last couple of months, my SO and I decided to put SD in Gymnastics. The night falls on our night, since we have every Thursday with SD, and I pay for it out of my pocket. Not SO's.

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And we accomplished something at counseling! Other than fighting!

Counseling this afternoon, wasn't really looking forward to it after the mood of DH and the deep issues with psycho MIL in the last few days but when I went alone last week because DH wanted "a week o

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Watching Teen Mom 2

For the fans here... what was your reaction to Kailyn demanding to see Jo and Vee's place?