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I may be over thinking this

When your DH/SO/etc. asks you to do things for teen skids, do you consider it a favor to him or a favor to them?

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My husband and I met with the counselor this morning

It was frustrating but i guess its good we talked? Turns out that my stepdaughter has been telling my husband and his ex that she wants to spend more time here.

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LOLOL, You crack me up SO

I have mentioned a few times on other blogs that I’m leaving Sunday for a month long class in GA.

This class is known to be pretty difficult and is mandatory training for my position.

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Can't Find Willow's Blog on Gay Marriage Ruling

Saw a glimpse of it over the weekend on my phone. Not sure if this aspect was covered or not in the posts.

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Is all the compromising going to be worth it?

I am the type of person who is very indecisive. It drives me crazy. I feel like I never really know what I want or what I should do, in just about every single situation.

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OT- I'm in a food rut. HELP!

Anyone want to share some of their favorite meals for dinner and lunch?

I'm in a food rut. Tired of coming home and having to rush to cook dinner before we have to rush off somewhere else.

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A perfect weekend for DF and I and our pup (ALMOST perfect I should say).

My kids were to spend a week w/their dad, go to the beach a few days and then just chill with him.

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Don't want this to end

The past few days have been absolutely delightful! DH and I have been moving and setting up our new home with NO Thunderfoot. We left her with her gparents because I didn't want her in the way.

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. . .in which the ENTIRE school year of skipping classes and not doing homework will be made up by a few sessions of snacks during the summer. Miraculous!!!

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Maybe petty but need to vent

DH had to work this past weekend. It only happens about once every 6 months. SS12 had a double header on Saturday and a game on Sunday which was followed by a parents meeting at the coaches house.