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Ugh. Small towns suck for steplife. And can you host a foreign exchange student with an active RO?

Yesterday, I got a text from an old co-worker. Said that the boss's kid was telling him that SO's daughter said that a foreign exchange student was living at her house.

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Do you ever wonder.....

Do you ever wonder how your SO willingly stuck his wanker inside a hell demon?? And successfully got his rocks off to boot?! Was he hypnotized?

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Totally O/T…but does this happen to you?

Am I the only one that goes thru my FB newsfeed and wonders how the F do people do it? By "IT" I mean…Take 3, 4 sometimes 5 vacations in a year? Go out to fancy restaurants a minimum of 3-4x a week?

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O/T Teen mom 2 last night...

Does anyone else get the feeling that Aubree has learned how to manipulate already??? That girl is smarrrrt.

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Brand New


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Bitch It Out Thursday...

Is coming to you all live from my hospital room where I have been since Sunday.

My bitch is to sinus infections of unknown origins.

I just want to go home.

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Bm and her shadiness

So recently Ss mentioned that they have 2 dogs and 1 cat in their small apartment.

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Completely OT - Film 'Into the storm' - Opinions

Thinking of going to see this film but I expected it to be in 3D. It's not. With that in mind, is it worth going to see?

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I know where I belong...

I made the mistake of venturing off into other lands of internet. Lesson learned.

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What do you think?

A friend of mine's DH has been paying an exorbitant amount of alimony for quite some time.