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small update again

wont post will try in comments i guess and see if that will work out for me this time, dont know why that happens sometimes

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Let's Talk About Obligations Baby!

Oh how far we fall when the wife has seriously tossed in the towel and there's no grey areas anymore.

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bitter sweet goodbye with nephew, makes me appreciate my Skids

I'm both glad we took my nephew21 in as a roommate and I'm also regretful of doing so if that makes any sense.

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Ok one more try. It just gets better

Posting in comments!! Agghhhhhhhhh this is frustrating! Won't post! So let me try again.

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It's a girl!

We found out Monday we're having a baby girl!

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Watch out SD, I found my balls.

Quick update: SD is gone. I don't want to put up too much (and SS stayed, so I need to play a game w/ him and reinforce positive behavior) but I had to update. SD left.

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It's my damn house too

I can update more later but I feel so good about myself right now. I just told off both kids for being awful to me and it felt so good.

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Skid bodily fluids

Does anyone else's DH/SO seem offended when you avoid touching your skids' bodily fluids? I don't care if my cat drools on me but I don't want to go near skid drool.

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Nothing is too low for BM. Not even bribery.

SDs just came back from two weeks at BM's. This was the convo in the car after school:

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Does anyone else do this?

I know someone posted a similar question awhile back, but I couldn't find it so please forgive any redundancies.