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WEIRD 50th Birthday Dinner

Well for those who remember, my SO was an idiot and invited his Ex-wife, BM1, to our family 50th bday dinner.

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Emergency Appointment with Therapist Today

My blood pressure shot up to 200/90 last night.

I called my therapist and she got me in later this afternoon.

Something has to give with SS15.

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Hello! (Formally)

I've been a long time lurker probably out of embarrassment.

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A year later...(This is a long read)

So, Steptalk has had to take a backseat for awhile, as my workload doubled when our accountant left at the beginning of the year.

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SD14 is in a theraputic home she gets her calls on monday and wednesday.

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Did you close on that house yet???

Inquiring minds want to know!!

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Bitch It Out Thursday!!

I have nothing today. I had the day off yesterday and today I get a skid-free dinner with my husband, thanks to my MIL.

Of course, I am back at work today and the day is still young, soooo...

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That it explains it. Now what?

DH hit bm with a contempt of court about a month ago. It was for her failing to pay the mortgage on time And according to the court order it would force her to put up the house for sale immediately.

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DH finally realises he is not SS 24 hour taxi services -miracles never ceases!

SS12 is very good at soccer -mainly thanks to DH encouragement and ferrying him to and from practice.

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Entitled Goes Beyond Adult Skids.

DH and I have been taking care of his mama's care and expenses for over 4 years. DH was doing it before I came in the picture. His 2 other brothers do nothing...much less visit their mama.