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counting down the days

I am literally counting the days until PPIA (princess pain in the ass) goes home to her mother. Last night was such a disaster that by 11pm I had taken a sleeping pill and passed out.

I picked SD and DD up at their respective camps and went to the grocery store. They wandered off and I could not find them - I had them paged and the bag boys were running all over the store to help me. We found them on the hair accessories aisle - DD had a handful of hair bows she wanted and SD wants a plastic ball. I lost it with both of them - they heard the page and ignored it. NO treats to say the least. Silly Brats....

Anyway, we get home and I make tacos for dinner, more bullshit ensues from SD about not liking dinner - umm, ok SD, don’t eat. We finish up and I go outside to sit by the pool and read, and of course out they come. More BS behavior starts and continues all night. I decide to take away dessert as a consequence.

Holy shit, you would think they were going to die. They both say to me that they are starving to death. This was especially funny since SD has such a gut. FDH tries to negotiate with me to let them choose losing TV or dessert and almost lost it with him.

No, I chose the worst punishment for them and they need to live with it. If they keep bitching they can lose both. I was done with him too.

Finally, they went to bed and I did too. I have so had it with kids, mine, his, thank god there are no "ours". I may run away from home this weekend if this shit continues.

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I know how you feel. SD15 has

I know how you feel. SD15 has been gone all summer so far but my own kids (DD10 and BD4) are driving me insane on a daily basis. They want to be entertained. They want to eat all day. They want to buy something everytime we leave the house. I have had enough!!! I can't wait for school to start. I can't be with them every minute of every day. Its too much for me!!