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Yep. She is in jail.

Looked this morning when I just got up. New mug shot. Still smeared up mascara and eyeliner.

DH is of the opinion not to tell his kids anything, When/if they are ever allowed contact with her again she can fill them in on how many times she got arrested for being stupid.

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All teenagers

All teenagers Sad


Not claiming the skids anymore, I am just his wife.

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Did you read her previous

Did you read her previous blogs? They all made choices (BM and Skids), now they're being handed the consequences. And if I recall, the court ordered the no-contact.


Sometimes you don't realize you're actually drowning when you're trying to be everyone else's anchor

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They probably will.

They probably will. Obviously DH is the disciplinarian (kudos to him!!) and IMHO did the right thing. The kids 'stole' a key, and gave it to someone who does not live in that home for their use. They are all old enough to understand right from wrong but were soooo caught up in the fact that they believed SM was "abusing" them by not doing their laundry or being a taxi service for them that they didn't care.

Sounds to me like they were already on their way to turning. Hopefully this incident, as uncomfortable as it is, will turn then back around on the right road.


Sometimes you don't realize you're actually drowning when you're trying to be everyone else's anchor

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Spoiled: I will be brutally


I will be brutally honest here. I don't give a shit if the kids hate me. I have a responsibility as an adult who is forming their future to ensure the kids know right from wrong, laws, rules and how to fulfill expectations. It may not be 'popular' these days to raise kids into being law abiding productive members of society, but tough, that is what these kids are being raised to be.

Their BM has pas'd them for years. We had issues LONG before any of this started. The root cause being BM and her firm belief that the entire universe revolves around her wants and desires and should automatically produce whatever she wants or desires on demand just because she wants it.

Will they eventually know their mother got herself arrested AGAIN because she made threats to a cop regarding their father and myself? Yes. At that point we will hand them a copy of the police report and let them read for themselves how stupid their mother is. All while reassuring them there is a chance that during conception they did NOT inherit the strands of DNA that cause such a rabid case of imbecillia. (if that is not a word, it should be!)

What the kids wont know about from DH:
The 5 times their mother cheated on him, including the VERY real possibility that the oldest and youngest aren't actually his children. (Middle two look just like him, other two do Not look like her OR him)

They will never know of how many times DH came home from work to find 5 kids in the house and their mother out partying with her friends. The last time this happened was right before the divorce and the oldest was all of 11.

They will not know that their mother ran up 75K (yes $75,000.00) of debt in their fathers name by forging his signature on credit cards, oh and the new BMW she bought 6 months after they divorced.

They will not know of the 2 times she was Baker acted while they were married. Neighbors called the cops because they could hear her screaming that she would f&)*& stab him in his sleep and collect his life insurance.

What they will likely find out:

She demanded and won in the divorce the right to "administer" their college education funds. She drained them. When it comes time for college these kids will be taking out loans instead of having it prepaid.

The inheritance they got when their great grandmother died, that was kept "in trust" for them? Yeah their BM was the trustee, hope they weren't planning on that money because it is gone too.

Their mother is a POS. Eventually they will either figure it out or they will become just like her. All DH and I can do is hope like hell the latter does not happen and work our asses off to attempt to counter their defective DNA.


Not claiming the skids anymore, I am just his wife.

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That BM is cut from the same

That BM is cut from the same dirty cloth the BM here was cut from, same type of criminal, even down to the forgery and the stealing from her kids' college funds.

I would probably tell it all one day. We all know the kids will have their chance to defend her and mirror her or rise above it all and be good citizens. We are 0-2 against evil BM making clones of herself so far. The last 2 are looking better.

I am so glad to hear that the courts did the right thing with her. What a sick freak.

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WOOHOO!! Glad she's behind

WOOHOO!! Glad she's behind bars again. People like her don't need to be walking around free to cause harm. She's nutso!

What will happen with your small claims suit now that she's behind bars?


I don't cater to crazy.

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OMG your BM is out of her

OMG your BM is out of her mind!! Jawdropping!

I really do hope the courts address this firmly now considering she keep breaking the restraining order and harassing you all, her job is history btw.

I agree it is up to your DH whether to tell the skids about the BM. Right now, its probably best for YOU that they don't know because the last thing you need is yet more attitude and blaming you (am sure they have got that down to a tee, what with the great example BM sets). However, I do think perhaps you need to mention to DH that in the future he should be the one who informs them of what has happened, when or if its likely they commence contact with BM again because he wants to ensure he gets HIS story in first before BM puts her warped version in (you know the drill).

Its likely they would believe BM anyway given their dysfunctional attitudes to date but I would try and minimise any attempt to poison them further.

May I ask whether the skids are receiving counselling?

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They have been in and out of

They have been in and out of counseling for years. It does no good since BM has them convinced that the therapists are quacks, stupid, only in it for money etc.

Of course she thinks this way because the therapists believe the kids need what? Structure. Responsibility. Both parents. Boundaries. Realistic expectations. Consistency. All those big words that BM a) does not understand and b) would not provide because it works against her number 1 rule in life: "I come first."

DH has been doing his very best to ensure these kids are getting deprogrammed. Twice a week he sits down and has family meetings with them. Praise for what they have done, re-enforcing rules and expectations and slowly allowing them to 'earn back' privileges.


Not claiming the skids anymore, I am just his wife.