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Someday I hope SD5 realizes how much of a douche bag her mother is.

But for today, I get to listen to stories about how before daddy was in her life, all she knew was her mother's love, and oh how wonderful that time was!


Just FYI, her dad has been in her life for her whole life. I suspect it was a coaching from her mom since that is what her mom always does. Her mom tells her she loves her more than daddy, that daddy wasn't a part of her life when she was little, that her step dad is her real dad, that her daddy touches her. You know.. all the things she can say to alienate SD5 from her dad.

I really really hate that bitch. Ugh.

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Her mom is particularly

Her mom is particularly pissed at us right now because we started SD5 in counseling because of the nasty divorce and CPS case and all of that. She apparently doesn't want her daughter in therapy, even if we pay for it.