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I committed a SP foul...

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I told OSS that ET and DH were still married when she started dating XH#2 and tried moving him in to MIL's house back in the day.

OSS: Huh...

DH: You never did the math, did you?

OSS: Nope...

FYI, what led up to this was OSS and I talking about XH#2 and his influence on their lives. OSS had not good things to say about him (can't blame him) but also was seeing ET as a victim in it all. With her recent repainting of history with her current DH (i.e. she told my DH that she told her DH that she wanted an open relarionship, he agreed but couldn't handle it and left, then she told the boys he accused her of cheating and then she accused him of cheating, but now they're back together like nothing happened), I just sorta snapped a bit on the inside and made a decision I shouldn't have. 

Oh well. What's done is done and neither seem upset by this revelation. It likely didn't shock OSS because ET openly cheated on XH#2, so...


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You didn't do anything wrong. He was going to figure it out eventually. SD honestly thinks SO and BM "fell out of love" aka BM was cheating. SD was only 3/4 when this was occurring so way to young to grasp. SOs dad said something to SS18 before about it. SS16 I'm not sure where he stands on the knowledge of the cheating. 

You can't always protect BMs forever. 

SD was just going through my phone last night and she was in my photos from 2018 and I guess never deleted a picture of BM harassing SO via text our FIRST F'N day on vacation in FL (in august that year and before school started) because my name came up im the school contact list when she logged into PowerSchool or something. That was after she called the schools and had me deleted in feb 2018. "I've already talked to you about this!!" etc etc. 

I quickly snatched my phone and was like oh BFF texted me. She tried seeing the picture. I kept it from her. SD isn't stupid though I'm pretty sure she knew it had to do with BM. 

Now..... if SD was 18 and saw that... honestly..I would let her read it. That might  just be my opinion but that's where I am at with my whole step life. 

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You most certainly should have and it is best for the Skid that  you did.

Kids need facts and when they have a lying POS parent that parent needs their ass bared with the facts.  

With the facts as the Skids get older they have the power to protect themselves from the lies of a POS parent.  Even more importantly, they have hte ability to protect themselves from that lying POS parent once they are adults.  These POS parents do not end their lies and bullshit when a kid becomes an adult. Unless.... it is too painful and publically humiliating for them to continue their crap.

My Skid is the poster child for how well this model can work. He is kicking ass as an adult while the manipulative lying POS individuals in his SpermClan are firmly kept in their place.  They will occassionally attempt to guilt him into sending money, etc... which he shuts down fairly brutally when they try it.  It is sad to me that he has to do that, but... I am proud that he recognizes their crap and is confident and assertive enough to end it when it surfaces.

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 (DH was the boyfriend and mom cheated) well known everyone knew. But SD didn't. She was always around the man who may have been her dad though. He ended up dying from drunk driving when she was 5 and to this day she wants a tattoo in his memory. And I told her who he was and she was only mildly shocked. Says she can usually tell which male friends her mom has been with now. But yea he isn't the dad and didn't act as one. She called him "uncle". It's obvious now that DH is her dad and they figured as much from the get go. But still baffles me she encouraged such a close relationship with him but not my DH. 

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You did nothing wrong BM did by feeling the need to share adult information with OSS to begin with. All you did was clarify the facts. Since he already knew, it's bets he knows the truth. 

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Their dad considering she played poor innocent bio mum who's exhusband wanted to divorce her. Even when it was bloody obvious days after divorce bio mum remarried whilst kids were in school and skids didn't even know bio mum was even datingnor seeing anyone, she waited for them to come home from school and say "i got married, you have a new daddy now"

even now they paint bio mum and stepdad and poor innocent victims and such awesome people when they kicked them out of their home when 18 & 8.

now daddy is married to someone 5.5 yrs after the divorce and its daddy replaced them with me and our 2 kids but bio mum and stepdad are all innocent. 
the hypocrisy and double standards is such bullshit!!