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Gas prices & EOW pickups.

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The gas prices are astronomical & my dh is struggling financially. He picks up his 16.3 man/child EOW around 60 miles away, brings him home & returns him the next day.

My dh is REALLY IN A FINANCIAL BIND and this has got to be redirected.

I suggested that he still go visit the man/child, take him to lunch/movies/etc and then return home. This would be one trip up and back instead of four. This would cut down on the gas tremendously. I told him to talk to the man/child about it, and they both could resolve this without the man/child thinking anything negative about his father. My dh was receptive to the idea and said that he would talk to his son.

I think the Xwife is going to have a fit. She wouldn't agree to meeting him halfway or splitting the drop offs & pickups so he wouldn't even ask her to help out with this.

I think my dh is scared of her reaction. She won't have free babysitting every other weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.