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22 days left!!!!!

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The forms have been signed and submitted to the court!!! Child support will end!!!!
Steptalk partAY!

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Hey Trinkie!! we have 4745 days actually made me laugh. and not in a "haaahahaha way" more the "ha. ha." way. Blum 3

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Angel good for you YEY !! Go buy yourself something you have always wanted and the let us know what it is..

I would have never minded the CS if our BM had spent it on the Skids she did not.. Our CS payments ended a few years back when the Skids came to live with us... She had to pay us for 2 years and still bitches about that.. Isn't it funny how they want CS and much more from our DHs but God forbid they have to pay... Too bad bitch.. Meet my BIG BAD LAWYER }:)

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Me likey him too Smile }:) }:) Me likey him even more that he won all our cases!! And BM hates him.. awww poor BM Wink }:) NOT

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Better news yet! With the f money, he's taking me on a cruise! So this is what I have been missing out on?????

Hang in there dear ladies. If your man is a good & decent man and you think he is worth it, hang in there.

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Congratulations!! The hubby has 2662 days left, which does not seem too bad when put that way. Enjoy your cruise!