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There are 760 days left til the man/child is 18!

What is your count???????

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That's until the youngest turns 18. But he's got "issues" and will never be independent. Sigh.

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It never ends!! 18, 19 20,21, 22 Them kids will always be around - and I mean always! At least at 18 you can kick them out! At 18, they still have no clue !! And what is worst is that they make 18 year old decisions and end up right back at your doorstep.

I know that when that 18 birthday comes around, and for me I kept on counting down, counting down, etc, but for some reason dads don't see it that way. Makes me ILL.

Thank you Disney for portraying a positive image on all stepmothers!!!!

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7 years, 1 month and 20 days.

But she's in high school until she's 19.

Sometimes, I can't wait until she moves out.

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Only 369 days till the youngest turns 18. Of course though, CS will continue until they are out of high school, so tack on another 3 months. I think that still makes me the winner!

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is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not an oncoming train!

I know that for some people the light is an on-coming train and for those people, I am truly sorry.

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4,895 days for me until the youngest is 19.

I'm sure we all won't care about it as much by then after the 4 before her....

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Twin Ss's just turned 11 last week so 2549 days left.............
seems like such a long time when you conver years into days Sad

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my FH trouble child will be 18 March 22 but big deal, he has NO education and no job and no goals, for me there is no light not even a speeding train just darkness..... he might as well just be an infant.

“You will never be on top of the world
if you try to carry it on your shoulders.”

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Then all of the children will be out. I hope my marriage can survive this. Sometimes I feel very empty and drained having to dael with all that I do. Then throw in the fact that sometimes I worry to much about things and waa-laa recipe for insanity.

A glass of merlot would be nice about now...

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My SS is only 3 months how long is that? I only want to be rid of BM not him. He is a joy! My youngest is only 7 and I have a ways to go.

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I can't even do the math. But 5 and a half years, but then what? From what I've read here we can't just kick them out after high school graduation, can we?

My ex's oldest SD is nineteen. She still has stuff at their place but "crashes" at her bf's all the time. She only shows up occasionally for family dinner or to get something. My ex is pretty happy with that arrangement actually as it means she is costing them less money.

Peace, love, and red wine

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I will help out my kids IF/WHEN they really need it (so far they haven't), and his X will help hers. So call me a b....

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My step son turns 18 in July I'm stuck with him until July of next year because he's only a junior. So my count down is until 19. Can't kick the slob out because his mom don't want him but she'd take him for the child support. The CS is more than she makes working.

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She will have it made at our house as long as she wants, DH will never hold her accountable for anything.


If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders. ~Abigail Van Buren

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I still have 7 1/2 yrs until my SD is 18. Why doesn't that feel like a lifetime away?!! Probably because I already know even if she is 18, she won't leave....:(

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I've been counting down ....the months, what age she'll graduate...she's graduating at 17, but child support is until she's I guess that child support will have to go toward her college education...MORE Than enough....

7 years and 7 months....omg. It's been almost 4 years...I think I can endure 7 more, it's like counting down days when being pregnant. 7 years...OMG - I'm praying that she'll develop a social life and want to hang out with her friends in the upcoming years...meaning, skip visitation Smile

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my FH daughter now has a social life and spends the nights at her friends- it is nice..although I really like my FSD we get along well...I am pretty sure she will be non existent once she learns to drive.
now I really look forward to the youngest getting a life..

“You will never be on top of the world
if you try to carry it on your shoulders.”

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Man, I didn't think of it that way! My SD has like a 100 friends, and I will bet once she can drive, she won't be home at all. So now I just have to count down to 16..... 8 months and 5 years to go! Woo Hoo!!

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and work, FSD wants to get a job so bad!!
In In. some places will let you work at 15.5 some more time at work less stress for you!!

“You will never be on top of the world
if you try to carry it on your shoulders.”

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there is always a silver lining right!!!

“You will never be on top of the world
if you try to carry it on your shoulders.”

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I think your SS must be my FSS
I kinda asked one time if he thought ex cheated on him cuz this kid is nothing like his dad. kinky red hair, squishy face, chubby goofy just the opposite of FH (but exactly like BM)I got of course he's mine, even if FH got DNA he still would not change his feelings..but dang it he pays for CS for a kid that may not be his...he doesnt care.
oh well this boy does not have many friends either and the one that he does have is also kinda "slow" and has emotional issues (anger) ..I am not sure how he gets treated at school, but at least he is a good student.
maybe ex's got pregnant by the same dude??

“You will never be on top of the world
if you try to carry it on your shoulders.”

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467 days, 10 hours,36 mins and 47 secs until he's out I'm not anxious at all Blum 3