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And I'm the first to post! Anyone else a parent or SP of a handicap child?

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Something is mentally wrong with my SD, she is 15 and will someday get herself locked up if she don't change her ways. I have seen my SD push a child down who is younger then her and he is handicap, the stress parents goes through with having a handicap child of any age is a lot of hard work.

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My SS15 was diagnosed with Aspergers at 11 also--I too, thought it really didn't fit. His neuropsych took it off the table because, as he sees the definitions, a child can't have Aspergers and ADHD because an autistic spectrum diagnosis would encapsulate ADHD issues. His new diagnosis is Borderline Intellectual Functioning/ADHD/unstable brain/possible ODD. We are to watch out for paranoia over the next few years because he has several indicators that could lead to schizophrenia. He's incredibly clingy too, very strange in general, refuses to try in school, and has turned our life into a non-stop struggle. I stay because I love my husband with all my heart and our bio-kids would be lost without him.

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Don't be afraid of meds! I have ADHD and the meds have really helped. I would have done A LOT better in school if I'd had them. I know it's scary...but if you research Ned Hallowell, M.D.'s work (an expert in ADHD and has it) you'll get a lot of good info.

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My SS9 has ADD (no hyperactivity) and depression (although that seems to be lifting now). He's medicated for the ADD but not for the depression (although DH and I have had him seeing a child psychologist in the past on our time as his BM refused to help). In fact all diagnoses were made after we sought help for him as his BM refused to believe there was an issue so his teachers/school principle starting talking directly to us about it (confirming all we had believed). He's generally a good kid that doesn't cause trouble so we're lucky I guess - it's just that it's hard to bond with a child who is incredibly withdrawn, and I do try! Also, my DH and I are very active and upbeat people and we have a very outgoing toddler (DS2) together, so we do struggle with his 'way' at times.

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SD26 has multiple disabilities. I've been in her life since she was 12. The most difficult to deal with is her severe social anxiety disorder (BM has it too) and BM's inability to allow any sort of independence for SD (no schooling, no socialization, no expectations). DH has gone along with BM for fear of PAS. Consequently, SD uses her own PAS to try and control DH's behavior. It's sad and difficult and I don't know how to make things better.